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New stuff in comes first in the list, so you know what's fresh in at At War Towers. Everything else after that is ordered by format in the following order: LPs, 7"s, CDs, tapes, CDrs, DVDs, zines etc.

You can search for stuff by clicking CTRL+F. Easy! A lot of folk have moaned that this list is cumbersome and annoying to read but you know what? Tough shit. I've spent ten years now listing distro up on here and I hold the idea of actually listening to stuff I get in and giving an opinion on it very dear. Hardly any other distro in the world does this, cos nobody's got an opinion on anything any more other than how many units they can shift and how cool they look posing in daft leather spiky outfits. I spent my youth going through distro lists I got in the mail, reading about bands I'd never heard of and sending off for stuff based on what some guy on the other side of the world thought of it, and this distro list is an unapologetic continuation of that idea. This is underground music, we should be ENCOURAGING communication, I kinda like getting to know the people who buys records off me. I don't want to just see a Paypal payment in my inbox then ship yer gear out. If you want some middle-class fucking coffee-table vinyl boxset and the ability to pay via credit card without actually communicating with a human being, stick to the Nuclear War Nobs or Hell's Ballbangers.



BOLESNO GRINJE - Chronicles From The Tomb LP [Power From Hell & many more]

Excellent grindcore from Croatia. Shamelessly old school, very similar to these ears to the great MACHETAZO! Slight seam split to top of sleeve (one day all labels will figure out that they should take more care to ship their packages PROPERLY!!!!) so price reduced accordingly. £3

BOLESNO GRINJE - Grd LP [Grindpromotion]

Quality blasting deathgrind, reminds me of Misery Index. Some wear to sleeves. £4

CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Live To Hate People LP [Haunted Hotel]

Reissue of a great live set from these grind legends. £8

DARK AGES - Rabble, Whores, Usurers LP [Legion Blotan]

Dunno what you'd call this, "medieval dark ambient"? It's pretty cool. Sometimes goes into kinda fruity territory, but I guess by the very nature of this sort of stuff, a wee bit of fruit is no bad thing. Dungeon synth guys (and there's a genre which is inexplicably popular now!) will be all over this. From the guy who fronts Drudkh and Hate Forest, apparently!£10

OOVERNMENT ISSUE - Joy Ride LP [Dr Strange]

Classic early hardcore here, debut LP from GI. I always felt GI were quite an overlooked band; maybe it's cos I was obsessed with DC HC when I was a kid but they were always in the top tier for me. If you don't have this LP yr missing out, simple as. Blue vinyl reissue on Dr Strange. Talking of which, Dr Strange is a real dick. I always love when I get hunners of emails from labels trying to sell me their gear, and I always reply (politely) with "well man, I run a distro and release my own stuff so happy to trade" then inevitably get ignored. After the 4th time of this happening I usually find it quie annoying and tell them to fuck off and stop bothering me if they're not gonna support the underground. In this instance, I got a big "my label is more successful than yours and you're just jealous" email from the good doctor. Aye, very good mate. Still got a wee cock and no pals though, eh. Stick FOAD Records in that category as well, total "I'm bigger than you wee man" patter, fuckin JOCK tactics. These cunts wouldn't know punk if it slapped them in the face, which - some day in the real world and not behind the safety of their keyboards - it very well might. So.....erm don't bother supporting this jabrone's releases, send the tenner to me, please. Don't even know where this came from, cos he certainly didnae trade it with me, ha! £10

HARROWED - Chaotic Nonentity LP [Superfi/Feast of Tentacles]

Muscular, very angry hardcore. Simger sounds like he's gonna pop a vein. Comes in a smart red poly bag. £8

KLEISTWAHR - The World Is Not My Home / Over Your Heads Forever 2xLP [Fourth Dimension]

After reading the Ramleh book (sorry sold out from me in a day!), I've come to the conclusion that gary Mundy is maybe the coolest guy in music. Everything he says in that book (hunt it down, it's amazing) is just bang-on the money and he just seems like a total dead-on guy. Plus everything he has ever recorded is fucking great. This is a reissue of two recent CD-only albums; Over Your Heads is a totally ecstatic noise blow-out which is in a very similar vein to what Skullflower have been investigating this past decade, whilst Over Your Heads intersperses that sound with pieces of more convential melodious, almost kosmiche-sounding tunes. It's absolutely great! £17

MASSGRAVE / SUFFERING MIND - Split 9" + DVD [Behind The Mountain]

Behind The Mountain certainly seem to be a label obsessed with awkward vinyl sizes. I'm not really one for gimmicky stuff like this - it just makes the record more expensive to produce for no real tangible benefit other than it's got an inch less of diameter - but fair play to them, there's a million labels out there and you've got to differentiate yourself in some way really. You get around ten minutes from each band; Massgrave have a really rough dirty grind sound with a totally tinny drum sound, whilst SM play top-notch old school grind. I've had tons of gear in by them in the past year or so, I guess you'll know the score by now! This release also features a DVD which has a live set by each band on it. Great value package! £6

MORPHONGENESIS / CLIVE GRAHAM & KOMMISSAR HJULER UND FRAU - Keine Direkten Erlaeutererungen Zu Geschlossenen Organismen In Der FLUXUS-Musik LP [Psych.KG]

This is pretty much just the sound of a bunch of posh, priveleged twats dicking around, not doing very much, probably funded by government grants. And's recorded at CAFE OTO! The home of the posh, priveleged twat and a safe space for them to dick around with impunity. Honestly....I just cannae cope with this utter guff patter. If someone doesn't buy this in a month it's just going in the bin. If I had anything about myself I'd take it with me next time I'm unfortunate enough to have to go to London and deliver it back from whence it came though Cafe Oto's letter box sandwiched between two dug jobbies and I'd have made more of a valid artistic statement than whatever the fuck these wet quinces are attempting to do here. Utter pish. £1

NASDAQ / MOTHERTRUCKER - A Bulletin From The Department For Transport And Finance LP [Superfi]

Nasdaq: great quiet/loud instrumental metal. Has a bit of Gary Arce's amazing heavy-reverb noodling guitar sound to it. The terribly-named Mothertrucker are thankfully well better than their monicker suggests, and play kinda post-rock instrumental stoner metal. Definitely not typical "stoner rock" though. Definitely a split well worth giving a listen to, two new ones to me who I'll be checking out more of. £7

PARANOID - Kind Of Noise one-sided 12" [Viral Age]

Comp of 2019's Kind of Noise 7er and the Kaos flexi which I think came along with a double-LP retrospective thing. 6 ace tracks of total chaotic metallic punk, and the last track is an almost-noise rock tune with Moto from Kafka on vocals. These guys have the highest bar! I got quite a lot of these, but their gear always goes quick and there weren't many pressed, so grab while you can! £10

SCREEN WIVES - Husbandry LP [Superfi]

Angular, jaggy post-rock. Is this Mathcore? I dunno, I'm surrounded by maths all fucking day. Maybe that's why I find this kind of music quite annoying. £7

SCREEN WIVES - Women In Love LP [Superfi]

Debut album from this London-based post-hardcore/emo/?core band. I think Kunal sends me stuff like this in trades cos he knows it'll confuse my heavy metal brain. I've got a couple of Braid LPs, I quite liked them when I was a teenager; that's the only thing I can vaguely compare this too, but my frame of reference is fucking miniscule for stuff like this. Google them rather than wait the 5000 years it'll take to get an informed opinion out of me. £5


I've had this on CD for a while, good to see it on vinyl! SRS is pretty much Sigullum S here as Ernaldo Bernocchi is involved, and it's properly intense, overdriven power electronics. Iugula Thor gives us a side of grimy industrial PE. A very unappreciated act. After being an absolute DICK over the rights to the Atrax Morgue back-catalogue (he doesn't have them, never did), I don't support anything to do with Urashima any more and find his instant-collector's item, pseudo-deluxe, low-quality, often edited re-releases distasteful as fuck, but found this doubler so here it is for cheap. Goodbye! £10

SUFFERING MIND / H.407 - Split LP [Grindfather/Zaraza]

Decent quality punk/grind meets crusty grindcore. £6

COSMONAUTS HAIL SATAN - Bizarre And Torturous rituals Of The Primitive World 7" [Secret Devil]

Pre-Filthy Turd/Soar Throat from Darren Wyngard, old stock from mid 90s. Creepy dirty noise/ambient. £2

DUNGEONHAMMER / PURGATOR - Split 7" [Bestial Invasion]

Dungeonhammer: quite Hellhammer-sounding metal here, great buzzing guitar tone and mighty viking vocals. Purgator are more thrashy black metal style. Nice gatefold sleeve. £4

GAD WHIP - Ward 24/Trademark 7" [X-Mist/Fourth Dimension]

Minimalist post-punk rock stylings. Reminds me of later Fall stuff but maybe a bit more polished sounding. £4

SUBCUT / FUCK THE FACTS - Split 7" [Buncho Discos]

Heavily death metal influence grindcore from FTF and straight-up intense and fast old-school grind from Brasilian masters Subcut. £3

ABIGAIL - Best Of Black Metal Yakuza CD [Bestial Invasion]

Excellent 20-track primer for one of the most enduring Japanese metal bands ever. If you always quite fancied getting into Abigail but didn't know where to start, get this, then the flexi I put out, then remortgage your house on the way to Nuclear War Now. £5

AEDH - Au-Deala Des Cendres CD [Dying Sun]

Catchy, fast black metal with some decent stacatto riffing. £3

BC - The Day And Night Of The Body CD [Lumberton Trading Company]

BC is Brain Conniffe who you probably don't know but who has collaborated with Nurse With wound in the past. Anyone who's collaborated with NWW instantly gets time for a listen from me and I'm glad i did, cos these two lengthy tracks are really good! Shifting drones and tones of texture and mood, with the second piece featuring the voice of the late, great Simon Morris. It's quite nice to just hear his voice again, to be honest. £5

BLIND SPITE - Extinction Event CD [Legion Blotan]

Blind Spite blend the styles of the first four Morbid Angel albums here pretty well, but with a modern sound and an over-riding hardcore sound. It's really quite strange. I'm not too keen on the know when metal vocalists just try a bit too hard and do about 20 different "styles" in every song? It sounds kinda lame I think. These guys defo listened to tons of Converge a couple of years ago. £5

CULVER & CATHAL RODGERS - Terra Incognita CD [self-released]

Very bleak-sounding droning ambience from these two masters. £4

HIRVEA - Tuska Ja Pakokauhu CD [Dying Sun]

Absolute racket here from a guy from the excellent Oksennus....this is sort of drone-doom with bits of frantic explosion. It's quite like a less-boring Bunkur at points. £5

LIMBS BIN - Compassion & Vision CD [Fourth Dimension]

This is harsh screeching noise with massively over-blown vocals interspersed with blasts of drums. Apparently there's two drummers here, don't really see the point. In fact, the howling feedback is usually pushed far further into the mix than the drums anyway so they'd be as well not being there. There's an improvised feel to it, I think they just turned up and dicked around, really. It sounds better than I'm making it out to be honest, I reckon with a better mix and some more thought put into it these fellas could come out with a belter. £4

MISTY GREY - Chapter II CD [Topillo]

It's doom metal, it sounds like Black Sabbath. There's nothing new here and they don't have the interesting proggy songwriting know-how of the amazing Blood Ceremony, but if you like standard doom metal then this will serve your needs well. £4

NUNSLAUGHTER / PAGANFIRE - Split CD [Bestial Invasion]

Paganfire do another split with another band who do absolutely tons of splits with people. Live tracks from both! £5

OBSKURE TORTURE - Nythra Death King CD [Dying Sun]

Amazing final chapter in one of the most unqique death metal bands of the last few years for me, this one sees Obskure Torture play two incredibly dark, dank tracks of ritualistic dark black metal. Brilliant! £3

PISSBOILER - Att Med Kniv Ta En Kristens Liv CD [Dying Sun]

What a great but stupid name, love it. In that most folk utterly boil my piss, I'm surrounded by Pissboilers every single day of life. I'm gonna start a tribute band to these guys called KNITTING RIPPER. These guys are ok....trancey drone doom with heavy gutteral death metal vocals. I quite like it. Couldn't eat a whole one though. £5

SABBAT / PAGANFIRE - Split CD [Bestial Invasion]

Five live tracks each from these two masters of metal. £5

SAVAGE GRACE - Master Of Disguise CD [Hooked On Metal]

This is one of the most essential underground speed metal albums ever, receiving a timely reissue here on CD. Cannot recommend this enough, is just total savage POWer from start to finish. Great tunes. Absolute top recommendation from me! £7

THORNS OF GRIEF - Anthems To My Remains CD [Dying Sun/Satanath]

Atmospheric death/doom. £4

WAPENTAKE - Madrigals CD [Legion Blotan]

I like this loads, it's an instrumental mix of neo-folk and metal. I'm loathe to say black metal, but it's black metal in guitar tone and has a kinda post-rock feeling to it. Which usually I'd hate but it really works well. I like the neo-folk elements best, and this guy uses the same two or three chords that Death In June and Sol Invictus have been mucking about with for the past 30 years, which gets a thumbs up from me. It could maybe do with not having the samples of cows and birds and stuff at the beginning of every song. I get it, you live in the country and want to hark back to a simpler time and re-connect with the land. Got it. So...skip the first 20 seconds of every song and this is cool. £6

WHITE MEDAL - Jorviking/Division: Yorshire CD [Legion Blotan]

This is a comp of EPs I think; best UKBM. £6

WHITE MEDAL - Elmet CD [Legion Blotan]

The most solid BM going right now. No frills, no bullshit, no stupid political or fruity psuedo-intellectual concept: just BLACK METAL. I'd get Lyke Wake as a starting point on vinyl, but this is also a big recommendation from me! £6

WILL OVER MATTER - Normalcy Restored Through Enemy Castration CD [Turgid Vermin]

Christ, here's a heavy-duty title here. I can't imagine that my enemies' nads are causing anyone's life to be really abnormal, but noise guys like to be dramatic, don't they? Have a wee seat and a cup of tea boys, calm down. You spend too much time online. So what is this? It's Harald Mentor of Ride For Revenge (and a bunch of other stuff) making some dark power electronics with drawled spoken-word vocals. I don't know what he's saying, but it's probably something unpleasant about all his enemies. £6

WODDREA MYLENSTEDE - Collection 3xCD [Legion Blotan]

Three demos (I mean what's the difference?!) from this great, weird and off-kilter BM act. I've become kinda fascinated by this stuff since I got a bunch in a couple of months ago and can't stop listening. Think it's driving me fuckin mad to be honest. Three CDs worth of even RAWER material? Go on! Nice DVD case packaging. £6

WODDREA MYLENSTEDE - Cwylmendeap CD [Legion Blotan]

This is essentially SUMP (ie Gaz and George) but doing really lo-fi and creepy black metal. It's kinda weird cos I know both of these guys as happy, friendly fellas, and this genuinely sounds like the kind of music that a dying plague-ridden peasant from the middle ages may record as his final epitaph if he could. And I mean that in a positive way!! £6

WODDREA MYLENSTEDE - Creda Beaduewealm CD [Legion Blotan]

More difficult-to-pronounce ctyptic black metal here. This stuff really rules. I've given quite a negative appraisal of some ultra lo-fi stuff elsewhere in this update, but I feel this really proves my sounds like it was recorded underneath a bog by some trolls, but I can still hear what's going on! Superb stuff. £6

ABSAVA - Varahtelyja Kynnyksella tape [Legion Blotan]

Really weird, sparse drum-machine sub-industrial black metal from Finland. I like it a lot! £4

ACID - Acid tape [Hooked On Metal]

Tape reissue of one of THE cult Euro metal albums of the 80s, the first ACID LP! I'm sure I've stocked some form of a reissue of this great album at some point in the past 20 years, and I'm sure I waxed lyrical about how it's ten tracks of absolute banrstorming heavy metal mania. If yr into heavy metal you need to get this, stat. ACID....IS THE NAME! HEAVY METAL.....IS THE GAME! Correct, mate. £5

BOOTLICKER - Burial Practices tape [Brachliegen Tapes]

Varied noise that seems a bit directionless a lot of the time but has plenty of interesting sounds. it's definitely harsh, but unfortunately seems to have that kinda modern really clipped sound to it that I find really unsatisfying (and why I think most HNW artists fail). There's something in there though! £4

BURROWING - Weight tape [Superfi]

A very interesting one here! Total genre-shifting, proggy collaborative band centred around the drummer from the ace Nasdaq. Sometimes it's heavy, there's bits of introspective indie rock, dream pop, 70s synthy bits, crushing doom passages. Total genre-defying stuff. I can't say I'm wholly into it myself, but should be commended for it's sheer scale and ambition. £4

CULVER / GRIM MACHINE - Split tape [S.E.C.T.]

Heavy electronics split. £4

FANGFOSS - Stell Toe Cap Iron Will tape [Legion Blotan]

Not sure you really need an iron will when yr wearing steel toe caps, you can just kick every one who stands in your way in the dome! I used to wear steel toe cap boots all the time, i think I thought I was in an Oi! band or something. I sacked them off when I was denied entry to a Mark Lanegan gig and as a result I either had to enter without shoes or run home to chane into a more sensible pair of Adidas Sambas, and as a result I missed the first couple of songs. Which is fuckin annoying cos I really like Mark Lanegan and had no intention of treading upon anyone's feet at the gig. Anyway, lesson learned. Soft shoes from then on. Another boring and pointless anecdote from me aside, this is absolute ILDJARN worship. It's done really well! If you dig Forest Poetry (and if not, why not?) I cannot conceive of how you wouldn't be really into this. can't be sure but I suspect this is George Proctor cos a) it sounds like loads of his stuff, b) he put it out, c) the artwork's the same as loads of his stuff and d) well, it's clearly him innit! £4

THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA - Negative Evocation Rites tape [Dying Sun]

mentioned the band below as being a "less boring Bunkur". These guys equally boring Bunkur! I mean I'm being quite flippant there, but this is pretty standard drone/doom with black metal tremelo picking. I dunno, Sunn did it on Black One and blew everyone else out of the water as far as I'm concerned, that particular sound should probably be retired. £4

HIRVEA - Tuska Ja Pakokauhu tape [Dying Sun]

Absolute racket here from a guy from the excellent Oksennus....this is sort of drone-doom with bits of frantic explosion. It's quite like a less-boring Bunkur at points. £4

PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING - Dying In The Darkness tape [Dying Sun]

"New" album from PiM....I know this isn't "new" and in fact a decade old cos I was originally slated to release it. Was gonna be on vinyl, then I didn't have enough money to do that and it was gonna be on tape in a kinda old VHS box style thing, then I spent about 6 months of my life making that happen for the Repeated Viewing boxset, then it kinda fizzled out cos I'm a slack goon. Anyway, Andy never gave up and Dying Sun have stepped in so kudos! Listening to it again years later I wish I'd just remortgaged the house or something and sorted it out at the time cos it utterly rules. It just sounds really jarring and WEIRD. I love the incredibly grimy tone PiM has, and an ability to put sounds in there that average death/doom bands would never have the balls to. Some people might call it "experimental"; it's not really, it's just original and forward-thinking. High recommendation from me! £4

RIMETHURSES - II tape [Legion Blotan]

This is one of those demos which is so lofi it really just sounds like vocals and maybe something else happening in a bin somewhere else in the room. But mostly vocals. And you can't really hear them either. If you consider Dawn Of The Blackhearts to be a classic Jim Steinman-esque production, fire in! £4

SAVAGE REALM - Nocturnal Savagery tape [self-released]

Saw these guys a few years ago (must've been around release of this tape) and they were cool. Not sure what the hell you'd call's got black metal goblin vocals, crushing heavy sludge guitars, tremeloe morbid Angel guitar lines and a definite power violence turn-of-pace. The front cover is a total "back of the Geography jotter" illustration of the Grim reaper which is my favourite thing about it. £2

SKRAVL / WAR IS AER - Split tape [Legion Blotan]

SKRAVL: epic-sounding lofi black metal. The mournful synth bits are the highlight for me. War Is Aer (what's Aer?) is more produced. Keys are more to the front of the melody here; not quite as full-on in the front as, say, Summoning, but defo not just an ancilliary bit of atmosphere at the start. It's quite all-over-the-place but not without its charms! Think both bands are danish, and I cannot think of any other BM bands from Denmark off the top of my head! £4

THUNAR - Hamerslag tape [Legion Blotan]

Epic-sounding black metal. Very much demo-sound, it has the quality of being played through a radio in a house over yer back door. Tunes are good though, quite like Urfaust. £4

VINEGAR TOM - The Pattern Under The Plough tape [Brachliegen Tapes]

Real heavy-duty, swirling digital noise. I've never been a big fan of digital noise but this works pretty well. Really oppressive. I don't think I could manage the whole album in one go, mind. £4



CREVASSE / V0NT - Split LP [Stoned To Death]

Stoned To Death is a cool label. I might not be into everything they put out, but then why should I be? I really like a label who just puts out tunes they're into, in their own way, without letting anyone else fuck about with their business. Respect. This LP is totally unlike everything else in this update. Crevasse is snail-paced industrial doom. It's really sparse, kinda like a mechanical Burning Witch. V0nt is like some ultra-sinister techno-influence industrial metal. You know who they really sound like? GGFH. And I love GGFH! Brutal. £7

FOTBAL - Moon Landing Revival LP [Stoned To Death]

Shoe-gazey dream-pop with a Krautrock sensibility from Czech. Another winner from Stoned To Death! £8

INDIA - India LP [Stoned To Death]

Decent stuff; this comes across like a kinda motorik krautrock-informed post rock. Imagine the guys from Neu! playing Spiderland. £7

YACOPSAE / IRATE ARCHITECT - Split 10" [Haunted Hotel]

Face-ripping fastcore assault! £7

ATAVISTIK DEATH POSE - Atavistik Death Pose 7" [RRSS]

Grotty metal from London; can be pacy but it's not really grind or death. Just sounds like some cunts who probably like Celtic Frost getting together to make a racket. Is good! £4

DINGO - Children 7" [Stoned To Death]

Fuckin hell, this is wild man. I mean, on the surface it isn't; it's kinda alt-country sounding. It really reminds me loads of the kinda thing that would be on the soundtrack to a 60s biker or Spaghetti Western film....the kinda stuff that Paul Weiber used to hit out with. I LOVE that kinda thing, so to hear some Czech guys do it some 50 years later, with one side being an ode to crap british food sung in broken english...well, I'm sold. 98 copies only, get one! £6

POVODI OHRE - Rakovina/Vasek 7" [Stoned To Death]

FChrist knows what you'd call this. Like everything on Stoned To Death, I suspect it of being really weird (the cover art is), but it's sung in Czech, no info about the band, and the music is....well, very normal. It's kinda borderline alt-rock. The vocalist is pretty gruff and the B-side gets a bit punky but other than that....dunno. I'm outside my comfort zone here, nothing to report. £5

CHAZEV - Katatonia CD [Narcolepsia]

Absolutely essential piece of early death industrial, resurrected from the archives by the always reliable Narcolepsia. Manuel has one of the best ears for a good record of anyone I've ever known, and if he's gonna reissue something, you know it's gonna be something fuckin worthwhile! This is some of the coldest industrial you'll ever hear, an absolute churning mechanical hell throughout it's half an hour duration. I'm sitting on a relxaing Sunday afternoon listening to this and I feel like society as we know it is slowly collapsing. is. Perfect soundtrack to these dismal times. £6

CISFINITUM - Monochrome CD [Zhelezobeton]

Conceived (or rather reconceived) as a eulogy to Dmitry Vasiliev of the Monochrome Vision label who very sadly passed away in 2018, this is a haunting tribute to a great guy. Shimmering, glistening tones and choral washes build layers of ambience, offset by jarring, off-kilter beats. I never knew Dimitry all that well, but like a lot of similar underground label owners, traded with him a few times and had the odd chat. He'd definitely be chuffed with this record. £4

CYCLOTIMIA - Regnum CD [Zhelezobeton]

Another new release from the incomprabale Zhelezobeton and it's another belter. I know the "synthwave" resurgence is a bit passe now, but fuckin hell this is dead good. Less well-known but better in my opinion than more lauded exponents like Umberto, say. This record absolutely nails the 80's direct-to-video soundtrack vibe with a hefty dollop of cheese spread over the top. Class. £5

KHARA-KHOTO - Lunar Abyss Deus Organum CD [Zhelezobeton]

Magificent abstract collage ambient here; tapestries of drone, field recordings and pulsing rhymthm make up a really compelling piece of experimental music. £5


Not entirely sure how you herd fact do you ever even get sloths in a herd? It'd take fucking ages, and where would you want them to go, don't they die if they're not in trees or something? Important questions for David Attenborough should I ever meet him. Sloth Herder are a pretty good frantic black metal/grind hybrid...lots of teremlo picking and rabid vocals and pummeling all-over-the-kit drums. Horde Of The Eclipse start off with a despondant acoustic guitar track that made me think they were ploughing Steve Von Till territory, until suddenly came blasting some intense black metal. These guys remind me quite a bit of early Carpathian Forest or maybe Gehenna, melodic without being naff and a nice blend of atmosphere and decent riffs. As with a lot of US black metal I hear a punk influence in there, but I guess everyone doing BM these days is probably from the hardcore scene innit blud. £3

TAETER WITH SEKTOR 304 - The Hermeneutics Of The Hunt Has Come Full Circle CD [Narcolepsia]

The "Hunt Has Come Full Circle" 7" was a real favourite of mine when it came out a few years ago and I gave it a glowing review on this very page at the time; so to have the two tracks from it remastered along with a bunch of further tracks re-explored by junk noise master Sektor 304...well that can only be good, right? Rather than ADD to the original material, Sektro 304 actually pares back the original tracks and allows them to breather a bit more; the more spare approach actually sounds more sinister. Biarrely it had me thinking of the genius sparse approach of the second KHANATE record, which is still the best "noise" record parading as a metal album ever made! Anyway.....this fuckin rules; get it! £6

JASNOVIDEC - Jasnovidec tape [Stoned To Death]

Minimally structured drone/ambient with some lovely melodies going on. Enjoyed this one a lot. £3

METADEVICE - Aesthetics Of Disappearance tape [Narcolepsia]

Droning synth, bleak industrial. Abandon all hope! £5

RABBITS - S.O.S. (Singles, Other Shit) tape [Stoned To Death]

Sludgy noise rock, formerly on Relapse records. This is a collection of singles, and other shit. The other shit is where I'm mostly interested in, cos it's mainly covers of hardcore tunes by Discharge, Cro Mags, Minor Threat, Rudimentary Peni, DRI, Black Flag, Negative Approach, and Poison Idea. These bands are all the absolute business, and I can't say Rabbits do them much justice to be honest. It comes across as a bit snide really. I'd never heard of these guys before, if you want to hear the noise rock equivalent of Monarch then dive in. Can you guess if I do? £5




An utter CLASSIC power violence record here. If you need to know what the MITB sound is: this record is what it's all about! That churning, ultra-heavy bass tone, weird off-kilter rhythms, time signatures that make no sense to any human, vocals that sound like a bear having a stroke. THIS is power violence. Bleeding Rectum can't compete with that but their side still totally rules. I think they were from Belfast but they played a kinda thrashy so-cal style fastcore. Reall raging, razor sharp stuff. This reissue comes on blue vinyl and features an insert with full art for each band just like the original, but comes in a proper sleeve rather than just a folder-over. Never understood why this record had that crummy boring cover art when two utterly AMAZING Morbid Mark illustrations for each band got stuck on posters inside. Ah well, no record is perfect! £10


Wow, these guys have stepped it up! I've had a few of their records over the past few years but this one really picks it up a few notches in terms of intensity, production value, and sheer face-shredding FORCE. Excellent grindcore that rarely lets up. £8


I can't lie, when I saw these guys' stupid logo I instantly thought "fuck this, I hate wacky music", but to be fair this is really pretty ripping fastcore. They do kinda come across like a fast Lawnmower Deth most of the time, but in spite of myself I've always liked Lawnmower Deth. I suppose it's refreshing to have a band just be stupid and not pretend to be right-on to gain some worthiness points. Also gets a bonus for the utterly bizarre cover art, which seems to be a crochet globulous mass of various "geezer's" heads, including Jim Bowen, Frank Butcher from Eastenders, Jeff from Byker Grove, Mr T, and Jordan. £8

SKUGGMORKER - Harskare Av Den Svarta Natten / Forgangen Tid LP [Rotting Misery]

Ultra-obscure mid-90s black metal from Sweden here. Have to confess I shamefully wasn't aware of Skuggmorker at all, and boy was I missing out! Both these demos have a real obscure mysterious aura about them: very atmospheric and grim sounding. For a demo the recording quality is okay, whoever mastered this to vinyl did a great job as there's definitely no degredation in sound and any "deficiencies" (I believe BM parlance is "necro") are entirely down to recording standard and lack of musical ability. This is mainly mid-paced black metal, with a lot of tunes in that kinda galloping, half-a-beat-off style that Graveland were so good at. There's even a total amatuerish long solo keyboard tune. This will never be regarded as a classic of early black metal, but if you (think you) know the genre inside-out, this is an essential curio. Limited to 200 copies on black vinyl, so gettit! £12

ATAVISTIK DEATH POSE - Atavistik Death Pose 7" [RRSS]

Punky metal which sounds like a kinda Celtic Frost-inspired Septic Death, with maybe a bit of 90s metalcore in there too. £4

ATOMCK - Never Work CD [RRSS]

Powerful and brutal grindcore with a dual-vocal delivery (I think) and a wee bit of a complex hardcore edge. Mad screeching vocals and PV-style barks. CD version features a full live set as a bonus! £3


An album with a pun title is almost always gonna wind me up the wrong way, so I'm kinda inclined to think this is shite before listening. The fact that UK Hategrind have perhaps the lamest name I've ever seen doesn't make things any better. Anyway, maybe the music's inspired. BSB are ok, they play that frantic grind where the singer sounds like he's always totally losing the plot. It's not bad really but I'd heard it a million times by 1999 to be honest. UKHG sound like a bunch of beefy blokes who were dead into Pantera in the 90s and never really moved on much. They now play grind but you know the Cowboys From Hell are where it's really at for them. They lived up to their name for sure. £3

HUMAN CULL - Stillborn Nation CD [RRSS]

Crusty-ish grind. Their new album is better in my opinion (and available on vinyl above!) but this one still rages, and is only 3 quid. £3

KTT / VOMIR - Espace CD [Narcolepsia]

I've never heard of KTT before but apparenty he plays his own instrument which I think is processed bass; this adds some extra texture to Vomir's walls of dense noise. £5

VMS ELIT - Quark tape [Narcolepsia]

Raw, primal, violent blasting harsh noise. £5

ZONA INDUSTRIALE - Neutro tape [Narcolepsia]

Classic obscure industrial from mid-80s Italy here. Sparse with plenty of room to breathe, it sounds kinda like someone constructin a factory in space. ZI is a totally overlooked name in 80s euro noise and should be considered amongst the likes of Maurizio Bianchi, Giancarlo Toniutti or Mauthausen Orchestra. £5



ABIGAIL / AKASHA - Split 7" [Darker Than Black]

Excellent 7" from the always solid sleaze BM machine Abigail and some excellent epic euro-metal-stroke-black metal from Akasha. Ridiculous nurse/nun with big breests ripping out Christ's guts artwork too. Limited to only 300 copies, get em while you can! £3

BAIXO CALAO / SRAM - Split 7" [various]

Pretty groovy almost-grind (not fast enough) from BC, ultra-rough no-fi gorey grind from Sram. £4

BANGSAT / EXOGORTH - Split 7" [Grindfather +]

Bangsat provide little variation on Napalm Death's "Scum". Worked for Rot, Agathocles and about a million others so no judgement here! Exogorth aren't too diffrent, maybe a bit more hardcore but they have really annoying screamy vocals that just go right through me. Clear vinyl lim 100. £4


Breathilizor is Food Fortuna and Poopy Necroponde from Sockeye and this is very similar in terms of utterly retarded surreal humour, but much more metal than Sockeye's tard-core. Everything these guys released is brilliant. Brody's Militia is really competent hardcore/grind but for me doesn't even live in the same universe as anything by Breathilizor. £4

CLEAN SHIRTS - Marginal 7" [Kids Of The Lughole]

This band name reminded me of that bit in Peep Show where some wee neds call Mark "clean shirt" and he's confused cos he doesn't accept it as a valid insult. These guys are from NY I think and play a kinda garagey punk rock. Reminds me a bit of a more snide and less urgent Nation Of Ulysses, but if I'm honest my sphere of reference for this kinda gear is reasonably narrow! £4

COLUMN OF HEAVEN / RADIOACTIVE VOMIT - Split 7" [Feast Of Tentacles]

Column Of Heaven continue to amaze me to be quite honest. If you thought The Endless Blockade were perfecting their craft, CoH continually manage to go steo after step further. So often I get records in here for distro and can't think of anything to say about them cos they're just fucking boring and sound like everything else. CoH are so far ahead of the game I can't think of any easy things to compare them to at all. Do me a favour and just get this and make your own mind up! Radioactive Vomir are great too, actually. It's always difficult when you follow such a top-notch band on a split record, but they do so with aplomb, their primitive black/death metal providing a good foil to CoH. £4

DISPEPSIAA / SAKATAT - Split 7" [Darker Than Black]

Old-style grindcore. Particularly good is the Sakatat side, just recently got their live tape on BoG and it's brilliant. Good solid grind. £3

EXPO 70 / I AM SEAMONSTER 7" + 3" CDr [Small Doses]

Superlative immersive synth drone from Expo70. Usually a purveyor of long-form, slowly-evolving shimmering notes, he knocks it out the park on one side of a 7" and the limited run-time of a 3". I remember iamseamonster as being a really cool wee uy who used to post on the DFFD forum years ago, and I always thought he made cool tunes, so Im glad he got to put this record out with a "name band". He makes really nice slowly-shifting, dreamy soundcapes. Reminds me loads of my good pal and ambient genius Cheer. This is a really limited version of this with an extra CDr which I recently discovered I have two copies of! Going for loads more on Discogs! £10

FIST-A-FERRET / SLAVES TO THE GRIND - Split 7" [Simmering Noise]

So the kids I teach at school know I run a record label, they know the name. At some point one of them is going to discover that I stock a release by a band called Fist-A-Ferret, and I'll have to explain myself. I have no valid explanation for this. I'd maybe ask the band, "why did you think this was a good monicker to represent your tunes?", but I can only hope that they themselves are 12 years old, cos that's the only excuse I'd accept for such an utterly rank band name. Actually I'm not even gonna listen to it. You know it's probably gonna be utter shite. Slaves To The Grind: sorry, but you're guilty by association. £0

GIRL POWER - Girl Power 7" [Richter Scale]

Am Rep-ish noise rock/HC. £3

GALL + TOOTH DECAY - Collaboration 7" [Nerve Altar/Heavenly Vault]

This is cool! Not often enough do the worlds of hardcore punk and experimental music meet, and when they do it's usually not massively successful. Merzbow has a kinda 50% hit rate on his collabs for example. This one's getting a similar ratio, modular synth tones meeting primitive hardcore blasts. Sometimes it comes together beautifully, sometimes it sounds shoe-horned in a bit. The recording quality sometimes detracts but it's a noble experiment. Nice die-cut packaging too. If they spent a bit more studio time and did a full album I reckon this would flesh out really well. £3

GODSTOMPER / TERSANJUNG13 - Split 7" [Fat Ass]

Long-running PV/trashcore meets top grind from Tersanjung. £2

IRON BORIS / PIGEON HUNT - Split 7" [Ramekuukkeli]

Quite raging hardcore from both bands. Pigeon Hunt are quite 90s-style screamo; vicious, tight stuff. Iron Boris have more of a groove going on. Decent pairing! £2

IRON KIND / VOODOOSHOCK - Split 7" [Game Two]

Old school, no bullshit doom/heavy metal here. I really miss Game Two loads. £3

IRRITATE / BUD JUNKEES - Split 7" [Vulgar]

Two great weed-worshipping bands from Finland; Irritate playing groove-based grind and Bud Junkees sludgey stoner. £2

KARANTEENI - Haluan Toimintaa 7" [Svart]

Restock! Melodic Finnish punk rock, this is their second 7" from 1979. £5

LOST BOYS - Work. Life. Regret. 7" [Trabuc]

Old school melodic hardcore from France. £ 2

MOLOCH / GROAK - Split 7" [Feast Of Tentacles]

Sludge/drone doom. £4


Raging PV from Leicester vs long-running rabid HC from AOBW. Bonus points to AOBW for: 1) Negative Approach Cover (which isn't "Ready To Fight") and 2) rip-off VOID art. £3

NOTHING CLEAN / HIGGS BOSUN - Split 7" [various]

Mostly sub-30 second blasts of violence from NC. HB give us.....mostly sub-30 second blasts. They've got a much more crossover sound though, really good gear actually. £3

PANICSVILLE - New Directions In Creative Nihilism 7" [Turgid Animal]

One of the original "junk noise" purveyors hits out with two sides of creaking, clattering, squeeking and smashing. It's pretty difficult to do this stuff well I think without it sounding like someone just fixing a bike, and honestly, I don't think anyone's ever come close really to the first New Blockaders LP. This'll definitely annoy yer neighbours though. Limited to 100 copies in really cool dayglo-inside-printed covers. £2

RAW NOISE APES / SLAUGHTERDAY - Split 7" [No Fuckin Labels]

Old school raw grind from Apes meets death/thrash from Slaughterday, who also do Venom's greatest tune, "In League With Satan". £3

RUINEBELL - Demise In Disgrace 7" [Doomentia]

Dopi from Machetazo and Lasse from Hooded Menace join forces and make some utterly apocalyptic metallic crust. This definitely takes Monolith-era Amebix as a template, right down to the really subtle synth and intonation of the vocals. Great chunky, driving riffs. This is proper crust, not fuckin children with dreadlocks playing hardcore with deliberately low production values. Insane hardcover-book-style packaging too. Utter bargain! £4


Dictaphone-level noisecore stupidity from SMS. There's tons of good riffs going on here though, these guys defo know what they're doing. UDM have one of the harshest sounds I've heard in ages. There's this weird high-pitched squeeky sound over it. Is it a theremin? It's really annoying. The drums sound like they just found some old bins and battered them for a bit. I dunno, it's kinda cool I guess. When I was 16 I'd have been all over this! Actually when I was 16 I'd have probably recorded this. A wee bit better. :-P £4

SETE STAR SEPT / MADRE COCA - Split 7" [Bringer Of Gore]

Total unevenly-recorded noisecore attack from SSS here, drums way up in the mix, rough as fuck. Cool! Mare Coca is a really old school blur assault that could've been recorded in the early 90s. Bonus points for some of the best cover art I've ever seen on the SSS side, rotting Sesame Street characters....My Heroes! £3


Ridiculous, over-the-top screaming noisecore from SSS, Fuck knows what Umbilical Tentacle is all about. Sounds like a kinda 50s schlocky go-go-band with vocals which are just a lassie bein attacked in a horror film, then blasts of incomprehensible grind. It's really stupid. £3

SENSUURI - Kaupunki Nukkuu 7" [Svart]

Restock! These Finns have a bit more of a post-punk bent than the others of the scene. 1979. £5

SENSUURI - Kirjoitan Seinaan 7" [Svart]

Restock! This one is a little more abrasive than the "Kaupunki" EP but still sounds a bit to me like Gang Of Four played on 45. 1979 £5


This is a really old one, I know this cos I found one of my old distro lists with this on it! And I charged 2 quid for it 15 years ago and At War With False Noise does not recognise inflation as it's an insidious capitalist construct, or summat like that. Total solid thrashcore from SAT and noisey violent PV with slugey bit from SNK. This version comes with an extra sleeve, maybe came from one of the bands. £2

SUICIDE BID - This Could Be The Final Chapter 7" [Runnin' Feart]

Punk/reggae collective featuring members of Ex-Cathedral, Snoc Boom Six, King Prawn, The Filaments, and hunners more! £4

TORTURING LOVE - Cock Pig/Unoriginal Macho Energy 7" + III tape [Turgid Animal]

Thoroughly unpleasant collab between Torturing Nurse and Fecalove. Grotty harsh noise. £6

WIDOWS - Wall Of Berlin 7" [Svart]

Maybe the only Finn punk band who performed in english? I guess maybe they were having a go at trying to match the english sound because they have a very oi! style (love those R'n'R guitar leads). Excellent! 1979 £5

YPO-VIIS - Me Myytiin Itsemme 7" [Svart]

Second single from 1979; quite brit-punk influenced driving punk rock swagger. Clear vinyl. £5

VARIOUS - Saastaa Suomesta 7" [Obscurex]

Excellent noisecore comp from the best country for this kind of thing right now: FINLAND! Featuring: Nihilist Commando, Aunt Mary, Funeral Mongoloids, Anal Barbara, Musta Oksennus, ProDeath, Chains Of Death Command, Luostari, Pahoinvointi and Unpeace. A pure 12 monute ravaging of the senses! Includes a wee booklet. Very sorry for the high price but the wholesale price on these was bloody ridiculous. DIY or don't, eh. £4

BLACK LEATHER COP - BLC tape [Matching Head]

What's a black leather cop? There's so many things that could be. The mind boggles. Anyway, this is droning noise from Newcastle. Tonally pretty gritty and not too savage upon the lugs. £4

BLUE SABBATH BLACK FIJI - Glasgow Pussies tape [no label]

This must be an old yin! Total freeform screeching feedback, joyous guitar stupidity. BSBF were the last really great band to come out of Glasgow in my opinion. And they didnae even really come out of Glasgow, ha! £4

BORE & COCO AND FIEND FRIEND - I Wish I'd Held Your Hand tape [Turgid Animal]

Coco & Fiend Friend I think is George Proctor and Nicola Vinciguerra (who both collaboratively ran Turgid Animal between the UK and Italy back in the day!). I've no idea who Bore are. This has a real raw, old industrial feel to it. £4

CHILDREN / ??? - Split tape [Vile Noise]


CHRIS "PAUSE" RICHARDSON - Slick Flicks Tricks And Licks tape [Nostromo]

Field recordings (dictaphone?) of cars? I don't fuckin know any more man, my heid's wasted with some of this nonsense! £3

CSB - Auld Rags tape [self released]

So obscure it doesn't even have a Discogs entry! Harsh and violent noisecore from Gaz Howells of Sump/Iron Drugs/Barbarians etc etc. £3

ENCOFFINED - Encoffined tape [Till You Fukkin Bleed]

Old school death metal (think Grave, Dismember etc) from Argentina. This is their first demo. £3

FEMALE BORSTAL / NIHL - Split tape [Matching Head]

Lee Stokoe, George Proctor and Jerome Smith combine to make something which is very much a sum of its parts, closest maybe to Lee's genius ex-band Marzurran but not a million miles away from Haikai No Ku or even the "rock" era of Skullflower. Nihl are a great complement, with some really comelling dronescapes. £4

LES HOMMES CHIENS - Tetramorphe tape [no label]

Really amazing ultra-heavy drone here. Similar in terms of heavy tone to Culver, but much less static and more progressive. Absolutely SUPOIB! £3

LET THEM HANG - Blood Illuminated Grave tape [Till You Fukkin Bleed]

Comp of two EPs of dirty death n' roll a-la mid-late 90s Entombed. Good! £3

RORO PERROT - Musica Pressentindo Vol. I tape [Nostromo]

Total unlistenable "shit folk" from Vomir. I love it!! £4

SERPENTS COVEN - Snow Covered Graves (Demo 2012) tape [Bizarre Intoxication]


SSYNDROM - History Hysteria tape [No Name Records]

Tape version of 7". In-the-red raw punk. Metallic punk barrage! £3

UNDIGNIFIED CAVE - Obliteration Of Mankind tape [Death Voice]

What the fuck is an undignified cave? Can you get a dignified cave? I suppose the amount of dignity furnished upon a cave is very dependent on whomever resides within. I don't hang around many caves though really so possibly no the best guy to ask for comment. Anyway. Top class crawling funeral doom from Brazil here. It's ultra-simple, but that's what makes it so good: no flowery shit, just grinding, painfully slow doom. Very much in the old style. Perfecto!! £4

VYBOR VEREJNEHO BLAHA - Vraha Hledej V Sobe tape [KAZ]

I have no idea what the fuck this is. It's like Eastern European hiphop, sometimes like Casio-keyboard punk, with weird radio samples throughout. I dunno how I come across some of this stuff man. £4

WINTERS IN OSAKA / NACHT UND NEBEL - Split tape [self released]

This sounds like the skulls being crushed under the wheels of those big robot tanks at the beginning of Terminator 2. £2

WOLFPACK - Allday Hell tape [Rotting Chapel]

This one definitely has been sitting around un-noticed for years cos this was in my distro list when I was still at school, and I left school 20 years ago! £4



AKTOR - Placebo LP [Full Contact]

Supergroup trio of Jussi and Tomi from Circle etc and Chris Black from High Spirits. I saw this described as "heavy metal Devo", which isn't a terrible description. It's VERY 80s sounding and the synthesisers can get a bit much for me but the tunes are good. If you're into really polished cheeseball metal with a modern production, then this may very well be the greatest record you'll ever own. £18

BIZARRE UPROAR - High-Risk Lifestyle LP [Filth And Violence]

Similar in style to Sikioasento below, but with half of the running time, not quite as an edurance test. I really love the churning bass sound...the first track is perfect! Anyone discussing "heaviest albums ever made" need only to listen to Bizarre Uproar to have any slow DOOM absolutely fuckin trounced. £17

BIZARRE UPROAR - Sikioasento 2xLP [Filth And Violence]

Bloody hell this is intense stuff. BU have always been at the forefront of harsh noise in terms of sound, and it's often been a new direction from them acts as a bit of a lightning rod to the rest of the scene. This record feels like it might be another one of those moments, and if it is, crhist almighty some unpleasant sounds are coming our way. It's utterly punishing from start to finish. One of my greatest triumphs when I die may be that I can say I listened all the way through to this record whilst making up a third year trigonometry homework exercise. In hindsight, I might have preferred to be water-boarded. The core of the sound here is some ultra-heavy bass, augmented with ultra-distorted vocals, screeching feedback and clattering metal junk. It's the idea that every sound in the composition is as harsh as the next; there's plenty of texture going on, but absolutely zero room to breathe. It's total torture music, but that's the point, and I find it really pretty compelling. In fact I think I might fire it on again, my class need some Pythagoras practice... £20

BLACK STATE - Hlose LP [Filth And Violence]

I dunno if it's everything that's been happening lately, but I'm kinda finding shit like this to be just kinda fuckin annoying. Black State is another band whose previous records have bleak covers of Nazis and pictures of anonoymous black murder victims with titles like "Guns From Black People To Kill Them Later". I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is made by some middle-class white man who's probably got just a wee bit of a pinger that I'm getting riled up by it. I'm not really, just think it's lame. If you want to have conviction of your stupid beliefs, at least a) don't be anonymous and b) state your beliefs up front. It's very easy to make vague allusions to stuff and say it's "artisticlly investigting" something. Very few have ever got away with that with any degree of validity, cos most are just daft wee boys. Musically this is pretty minimal, bleak power electronics. It's ok, but it's also incredibly easy to make if you have an amp and a few basic effects pedals. Moment of revalation: noise cunts aren't very talented! Another one for folk to buy on Discogs who don't read these reviews. £15

HEADS AND HEADS - Heads And Heads one-sided 12" [La Agonia De Vivir +]

Urgent-sounding, pretty melodic screamo. One-sided 12er with a screen-printed B-side. £4

MASATO TANAKA / POCKET GALLOWS - Split LP [Square of The Opposition]

Masato Tanaka are really weird: they're like a kinda screamo band but with loads of 50s-sounding hokey keyboard. I'm not into the more conventional hardcore-y bits but I love the keyboards! It's utterly bizarre. Pocket Gallows are all over the pace stylistically, each of their three songs being quite different, gioing from frenzied mathcore to ambient to sludgey slow-mo doom. This is definitely a record for folk who appreciate schizophrenic sounds, and comes in a really smart screeprinted sleeve with cool inserts. Worth a punt. £6


I put Charles Hayward on in Glasgow years ago and he's one of the coolest guys I've ever met. I've loved most everything he's done for years: This Heat obviously, but that MASSACRE record, CAMBERWELL NOW...fuck! Anyway, after the tour he phoned me up to tell me that nicking about Glasgow eating chips with me was his best memory of that tour and that's maybe the best thing I've ever been told by another person. What's that got to do with this record? Well nowt, but I just wanted to tell the world that I spent the day with Charles Hayward. This is great post-punkular improv that I saw described as being influenced by Tuxedoomon and Negativland. I can definitely hear the former going on here! Hayward's distinctive percussion serves as a backbone as the other guys (Mika Taanila and Jussi Lehtisalo) at turns lock into the groove or go wild. Great stuff! This was recorded live at this planet's Ground Zero of conceited, glib pretentiousness Cafe Oto, but don't let that put you off too much. £18

PARIS VIOLENCE - En Ettendant L'Apocalypse LP [Gradeur Et Decadence]

This is a real weird one. I'd never heard of these guys but they're apparently an incredibly influential French Oi! band who have been going since the early 90s. That only tells a bit of the story though cos these guys' sound is well beyond the pretty narrow parameters of Oi! Like a lot of classic French punk bands they employ a drum machine, but whilst the vocals and basic tunes are very Oi!, they also use keyboards liberally and there's a definite metal edge to their guitars. Kinda brings to mind The Blood. A pretty unique sound. Also went to put these on Discogs and it turns out I got copies of the original press and they regularly go for an absolute feckin fortune (has sold for 80 quid!), so grab yerself a bargain! £15

PHARAOH OVERLORD - #1 2xLP [Full Contact/Hydrahead]

Ace to have this on vinyl! Got this on CD not long after it came out...nearly 20 years ago. Whit?! PO started off as a kinda less experimental version of their sister band Circle, with the same underlying principle of repetition at their heart, but with some of the most great fuzz tone heard since Welcome To Sky Valley. Quite how people from such a cold place can play tunes like this is beyond me. If you dig the sound of stoner and the nature of psychedelia, then Pharoah Overord are 100% FOR YOU. £18

PHARAOH OVERLORD - 5 LP [Full Contact]

I always kind of thought of Pharaoh Overlord as being a sort-of more straightforward "rock" Circle sideproject but as the years have gone on the two bands seem to be crossing over in sound to the point I often can't tell the difference between the two. And I don't really mean that as a criticism. What's this one like? Total fist-pumping soaring synth chords, ringing guitar amps and a driving motorik beat. I wish I'd got this on CD so I could listen to it on a drive! Superb. £18

PSYCHO / EMISSARIES OF SYN / MxAxMxA - Split LP [various labels]

Psycho: still at it after what, 35 years? They donate about 5 minutes of totally stupid grind punk, very raw. They actually seem to sound less professional now than they did on their first record! EOS - very old school-sounding grind punk that reminds me quite a bit of Unseen Terror. MxAxMxAx: manic death grind. £9

SCREW 32 - Unresolved Childhood Issues LP [Wingnut]

Old stock find! Great melodic punk rock from 1995. I remember these guys went on a couple of years later to be on Fat Wreck and were one of the original spiky hair/bowling shirt bands who I guess were pretty influential on all the Blink 182's and all that in the late 90s. I was a teenager in the late 90s and the only "alternative culture" that anyone accepted was that kinda stuff and so I utterly fuckin hated it of course. Not these fellas' fault mind and this is a more than decent slab of punk rock. £8

SNUFF - III LP [Filth And Violence]

This is the last record of this update I've written about, and I feel like all I've done is fuckin gripe about everything. I think I'm just sick of "edgy" stuff and he really weak justification of it. This is Pasi Markkula of Bizarre Uproar and Xenophobic Ejaculation and Pekka of Gelsomina, Sick Seed etc, making much more stripped-back stuff than their day jobs. This is very stark, with the first 20 minutes really having very little happening at all. When it gets going and isn't just samples it's mainly vocal/feedback-based and I'm sure the lyrics are all very unpleasant. I really dug the first couple of LPs 10 years ago but I dunno, I'm not too fussed for anything like this now. If you're gonna be into this you'll no doubt have an idea already. £15

AARON TURNER - Repression's Blossom LP [Full Contact]

Isis frontman and Hydrahead main fella does solo stuff, who knew? It's pretty different from most of the tunes he usually hits out with, being what I think is layered guitar with loads of effects. It's realy abstract with little in the way of song structure, and I can imagine the Hyrdhead crowd would utterly hate it. I think it's really pretty good! It's treading similar ground to the last SCHALKEN tape I put out, albeit not quite as atmospheric. And it'll sell 100 times as mny copies cos of cool points. £18

VINTAER / TIME OF MY LIFE Split LP [various labels]

Screaming riff-a-rama metallic hardcore from both bands. £5

WERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - Hungertod LP [Filth And Violence]

Very minimal but devestating power electronics that seems very much to be a tribute to the early says of the PE scene where the theme of glorification of death through the ultimate atrocity of the holocaust seemed to be de riguer. You'd have thought by now it had probably been explored enough - or even explored in a way with a little more intelligence than Ramleh or Whitehouse managed - but sadly we're still just getting images of camp victims and fascistic titles. The music is prime minimal PE, the aesthetic is tired teenage cliche that I personally cannae be fuckin hooped with. £15

WHITE MEDAL - Lyke Wake LP [Legion Blotan]

New album from George Proctor's Saxon-influenced black metal project. This is very Darkthrone-sounding, vocals are fuckin amazing; TONS of reverb! I really like this project. There's pretty much nothing new going on here, but in a world where I don't really care about what Darkthrone are hitting out with now, I know that White Medal are hitting out with epic fuckin riffs every time. £10

AXNAAR - Crawling Misery 7" [All Dead Tapes/Legion Blotan/Filth & Violence]

Ultra-scuzz lo-fi punky black metal. Basicaly, if you know Gareth Howell's other stuff, this is very much on brand! £4

CIRCLE - Kummitus 7" [Full Contact]

Excellent example in miniature of Circle's mix of Neu-eqsque motorik kraut leading into grandiose heavy metal choruses. Top! £4

IRON DRUGS - III 7" [Kugikano]

I THINK this is a Gaz Howells band (Gaz, if you're reading this, is this your band?) who I see to remember my pal telling me were asked to put a recod out on Phil Anselmo's label at some point. Fuckin weird. Maybe it never happened cos Phil was just too busy saying stuff that just SEEMED to be really racist but actually was fine. Repeatedly. Anyway, I don't care about Phil Anselmo but I do care about this ace 7 inch! This is really grimy, scuzzy punk that really does sound like the kinda grotty scumrock that Gaz would come out with. Music to listen to whilst consuming a steak bake and a 2 litre bottle of Irn Bru outside a Gregg's. Limited to only 100 copies and in smashing foil-printed sleeve. £5

MARIA JA MARSIALAISET - Ei Voi Kertoa 7" [Full Contact]

Absolutely rockin all-girl 4-piece from Finland here. They've got a real hard-as-nails sound and great hooks. If Man's Ruin were still a thing they'd absolutely have done a 10 inch, and this is one of those you'd pick up on a whim and be well chuffed with! £4

NEONDERTHAL DEATH - Neonderthal Death 7" [Full Contact]

SYNTH WAVE OF SWEDISH DEATH METAL is the tagline for this. Jesus. So this is pulsing squishy 80s beats and Hi-NRG disco synths mixed with crunching early 90s death metal riffs and vocals. I don't really know where I am any more! £4

SUMP / SESSO VIOLENTO - Split 7" [Legion Blotan]

Ace raw oi/black metal from Sump and punk with a BM edge from SV. £4

WHITE MEDAL / DOMMEDAGSSALME - Split 7" [Legion Blotan]

Raw, uncompromising BM from White Medal and dissonant, melancholic BM from Dommedagssalme. £4

ANGERSEED - Forever Burning Hatred CD [Metal Or Die]

Powerful mid-period Morbid Angel-style death from Hungary. £4

ATOMIC - Separate Races CD [Metal Or Die]

Long-lost second full length album from Atomic that should have been released in 1996 but never did, until now! This is very typical of the time; the riffs are more mechanical and chunky, drums are more punchy and industrial-sounding. It sounds quite like Fear Factory, basically. Now the Nuclear War Noobs contingent may scoff at this, but the mid-90s was a time where pretty much all bands were effected in some way by this tidal change in sound. As someone who was unfortunate enough to be a teenager at that time, I kinda felt like I just missed out on all the cool stuff of the late 80s but it encouraged me from a really young age to be foreced to explore the underground more. Anyway, I rambling...I LIKE the first couple of Fear Factory albums. They still stand up! And a band who knows how to write a good riff, still knows how to wrie a good riff if they're playing mid-paced groove metal or priitive thrash. So this gets my approval, for what it's worth. £4

AUNT MARY - Sessions of Extreme Nihilism 1989-1992 CD [Filth And Violence]

Recordings from between 1989 and 1992 from this pioneering noisecore act. If you're into this band you'll probably have this stuff already; it came out on a tape originally and has been recently also reissued on tape. The CD contains a late 90s session that is totally savage which I don't think has come out before. It might be from the Bleeeeeurgh! 7" but fuckin hell, my ear for the differences between 90s noisecore recording sessions isnae what it used to be. Anyway, do you like noisecore? If the answer is yes and you don't have any Aunt Mary, then I'd suggest getting this. £6

BIZARRE UPROAR - High-Risk Lifestyle CD [Filth And Violence]

Similar in style to Sikioasento below, but with half of the running time, not quite as an edurance test. I really love the churning bass sound...the first track is perfect! Anyone discussing "heaviest albums ever made" need only to listen to Bizarre Uproar to have any slow DOOM absolutely fuckin trounced. £6

BLACK PRIEST OF SATAN - Element Of Destruction CD [Deathstrike]

Ultra-distorted evil black metal. Nice digipak. £4

CHAOS CASCADE - Son Of The Void Chapter I & II CD [Dunkelheit]

Ultra high-fidelity power electronics here from Germany. I feel like this is very influenced by black metal, and the lines are somewhat blurred at times between the incredibly distorted vocals and feedback of this and a lot of modern BM. In both genres my personal preference is the much more lo-fi approach of the early proponents BUT I can see the merits of this kinda gear. £5

ENTER OBSCURITY - Poser Terminator CD [Cavernous Records]

I went down to Newcastle with these boys and Vuil a couple of years ago and had a great time. Pretty wild guys, one of them utterly decimated a toilet with what could only be described as a tolly from Hell. Anyway, enorous jobbies aside, this utterly rules. Raging deathrash of the highest order. Very similar to our own Vuil in fact! Extra points for some of the most terrible cover art I've ever seen, looks like a guy with an afro sitting on a shopping trolly, weilding a big toothbrush. £4

FILTHDIGGER - Damned By The Living Dead CD [Cavernous Records]

Old school death metal from Norway with a pretty thrashy edge. Vocals are cool, kinda not very death metal at all, remind me a bit of the weird tortured howls on early At The Gates. Think this is Johannes from Enter Obscurity's "other" band! £4

FROST - Deathtree Mystery CD [Metal Or Die]

New album from Hungary's longest-running (I think) black metal band. Their demo "Strom Above The Carpathians" from 1997 is one of the greatest underground mainland European BM recordings in my opinion, and you never hear them talked about at all. They've got more technically adept as time has gone on, as well as a bit more "symphonic" I guess, and I can definitely hear a heavy mid-period Emperor influence here. Recommended. £4

LEPILLANTOKULLO - Mese-Metal CD [Metal Or Die]

Re-recordings from their sole 1990 demo from this under-the-radar Hungarian crossover legend. This is cool stuff, the tunes are top class. It's not greatly technical, but if you dig crossover that doesn't take itself too seriously you'll dig this. £3

MARADANDO KAROSODAS - Husdaralo CD [Metal Or Die]

Old school thrash with elements of both US and Euro 80s styles. £3

NECROPLASMA - Gospels Of Antichristian Terror CD [Isengard]

Dark occultish thrashing black metal. £3


CD version of a 7" by the most ubiquitous death metal band around and Hatevomit, who play quite slow death metal with great gutteral, brutal vox. The disc is really cool, is like printed with the band logos on the underside. £4

PARASITE CROWD - Feasting Parasites CD [Metal Or Die]

Death/grind from Hungary who apparently released a demo in 1993 (which I've never heard of!). Anyway, this isn't a full on speed-fest, soe decent riffs and good production. Vocals are gonna be pretty much love or hate though I reckon, sound a bit like the guy from Lack Of Interest but more stupid. £3

RXAXPXE - Death Trance CD [Dunkelheit]

I know, I know....fuck sake. And I also know I once released a CD by a band called RAPE X, and every time I remember that I think to myself "man, what a dick". Anyway, I'll attempt to see past the band name which could only have been conceived by someone who's definitely never had sex with another human before. It's actually good. First track is built around a basic beat and sounds pretty Throbbing Gristle. The rest is more standard PE fare, pretty directionless with black metal-ish vocals. It's definitely brutal stuff but it doesn't sound very well-composed in the way that say, a lot of the acts on Unrest are. £5

REGLER - Regel #3 Noisecore / Free Jazz 2xCD [Turgid Animal]

Early Regler here, playing both genres as an exercise in absolute human edurance. It's interesting the absolute intensity of it, and you can feel when it's getting a bit too much when the pace changes. Much like the HNW recording they did (or most Regler), casual listening just doesn't work, and enduring with this really allows for more appreciation of what they're going for. Top marks!! £6

SARCASM - Crematory (Anthology 1987-1994) CD [On Parole]

Reissue on CD (Nuclear War Now did the vinyl) of this obscure Yugoslavian act. If you dig a bit, Eastern Europe is an absolute treasure trove of great heavy metal from the 80s, and I've bagged countless amounts of solid gold over the years just by taking a punt on a random metal band from a forer Soviet territory. Anyway, this is superb speed/thrash with a real ear for melody. You might imagine this might be lo-fi and more death metal-influenced, but these guys were definitely listening to 80s hard rock, as a lot of contemporanaeous bands from the region were. This realy rules, highest recommendation from me. Bonus for the excellent cover art, where the band's own "Eddie" has decpitated Freddie Kruger with his one glove! Good lad. £4

SCATMOTHER - Sadotantra CD [Dunkelheit]

Dunkelheit definitely have a particular MO going on here, bloody hell. I was hoping that the "scat" in this act's name would be referring to it maybe being a power electronics acts but with a vocalist going "skebaa-skebiddy-bee-ba-bo!", but it's not. It's just more power electronics. Sorry I'm bein a dick. This is decent. I like it more than the other more "metal"-sounding things on Dunkelheit cos it is definitely more traditionally "noise" in it's aesthetic. Very all-over the place in its construction like a lot of Japanese noise, the only thing that maybe lets it down for me is the vocals. It's got that kinda macho delivery that the 90s US PE acts had, and I always thought they totally missed the point. Hmm. £5

SKULLFLOWER - Pure Imperial Reform CD [Turgid Animal]

The first of the Skullflower albums to come out in the "new" style. Augmenting his ranks with Culver's Lee Stokoe and Harm's Sam Davies, this introuced a black metal-influenced sound with grim tremelo guitar and layers of blackened feedback. Great stuff. £5

SKULLFLOWER - Purity CD [Turgid Vermin]

Matthew Bower seems to have become a bit of a provocoteur in the past couple of years, making cryptic allusions to mystic fascism via his frankly baffling blog. Enough in fact, to have the Facebook mob ensure that Skullflower now joins the ranks of those bands DELETED from the list of stuff it's acceptable to like. I listened to an interview with Jon Ronson lately where he talked about this weird thing these days where there's a zero tolerance in the echo chamber of social media for anyone making a mistake in something they've said, but also the idea that once someone's said some bullshit, it only takes a few people to jump in on it for it to - to all extents and purposes - become FACT. I think having your own mind and opinion is pretty much one of the most important things a human being can ever do, and that's why I entirely defend for example, selling say, Burzum records on this site. The world has become a black and white place, and you're either defined as a good guy or a dirty fascist. I'll tell you what, I've never met anyone who's proclaiming loudest that they're either who isn't a complete and total CUNT. Still here? Aye, new Skullflower record. Well, it's called "Purity", so despite being over 50 years old and after all the accusations, Matthew still wants to give a kinda ambiguous, facisty-soundin title, but don't worry there's no hidden speeches by David Duke or that in there far as I can hear. Musically this is stellar. Opening with a 20 minute track of squalling guitar which could've been lifted from a mid-70s Les Rallizes Denudes gig, we have three lengthy tracks where synthesisers take the fore; it's epic in scope, and has a cinematic, grandiose feel. The last and shortest track is some of the most beautiful, evokative material I've ever heard Skullflower come out with. So in summation: I think this album is great. Buy it or do not. If you choose to do so, it won't make you a Nazi you fuckin dummy. £7

SNUFF - Anonymous/Male Supremacy/Dresden CD [Fith & Violence]

Minimal power electronics. Image on the front is the band playing live, a guy with a massive gut and flabby tits wearing a pair of joggy bottoms. I'm not quite sure how such a specimen of wretched doughiness could honestly be held up as a figure of "male supremacy", cos my mum could definitely batter him. £6

SPUOLUS - The Final Conclusion CD [TDP]

"Atmopsheric funeral metal" is how this is described by the label and that's a pretty bang-on description. Slow, ponderous with plenty of mournful synth and great, monosylabic vocals intoned without a hint of tune, augmented with rasping death growls as the 42 minute (!) single track goes on. I haven't listened all the way through (come on, I've got about 100 new records in this update and I just got in the new Brainbombs album for myself!) but it's decent stuff. £4

WHITE MEDAL - East Riding Cart Burial CD [Legion Blotan]

White Medal continue ploughing the furrow (was agrarian farming what society was built on in Saxon Yorkshire?...was Yorkshire even a thing in Saxon times?) of Transilvanian Hunger with some utterly fucking demonic vocals that sound a bit like the guy from RDP who only records while he's stuffed his face full of cake. In this case it'd be the Saxon equivalent of cake, which would probably just be some form of oaty mush. As ever, White Medal rules! £6

WHITE MEDAL - Guthmer's Hahl CD [Legion Blotan]

Absolutely superb primitive but atospheric black metal. £6

WITCHER - A Gyertyak Csonkig Egnek CD [Filosofem]

Incredibly grandiose (read: ultra pompous!) black metal from Hungary. If you think a band like Summoning are maybe a wee bit over-thet-top, you should defo check these guys out. It's soaring keyboards with that kinda "angel chorus" effect on them all over the shop and power chords a-hoy. They even finished the album with a Tchaikovsky tune. I mean I think it's fuckin class and have been listening to it all morning. £5

AXNAAR - Anart tape [Legion Blotan]

Crikey, proper gutter-level black metal swill here from Gaz Howells. £4

BAHKAUV - Der Lavenstein tape [Dunkelheit]

Incredibly fruity-sounding dungeon synth. Listening to this took me right back to the bit in Golden Axe when you're in the level that's got all the wee mad elf guys in it. Bit floral for me, defo doesn't make me think I'm in a dungeon, which I think really dungeon synth should do. £5

BRAHMASTRIKA - Excarnastrial Commencination tape [Dunkelheit]

Like Kapala below, these guys come from India and play a similar style of ultra-lofi war metal. I don't know if it's cool in India to record your music on a dictaphone in a bin, but based on both these bands that's defo the current trend. When you don't just hear DRUMS, you can often make out gruff vocals and some guitar. There may be guitar riffs being played but I can't be entirely sure. Like Kapala, I find this oddly compelling, but it's not harsh enough to be "fuck....that's harsh", or good enough for me to think "fuck....that's good". I base the complexity of thought which goes into these reviews entirely on the complexity of thought which has gone into the music in discussion. £5

CHURCH BURNER - Live At Dronehenge 3 September 2016 tape [Legion Blotan]

Blast-furnace pitch-black noise/drone, great stuff. £4

CULVER - Blind Bird Of Prey tape [Inverted Inhumation]

New cold void emminations from Culver. £4

GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE - Wisdom Of The Dead tape [Dunkelheit]

Ultra-basic death metal from Germany. This is total mongo death metal, riffs played into oblivion, drums playing the most simple of beats. But it works! I like it in the same way that Legion Of Andromeda are effective: it just bats you into submission. Sometimes being fancy isn't necessary. Plus these guys are from Aachen, and I went there on holiday a few years ago to check out Charmlemagne's palace, and it's one of the coolest places on Earth! Top marks. £5

KAPALA - Termination Apex tape [Dunkelheit]

Bloody hell this is harsh. It's a total rip of stuff like Revenge, Conqueror etc bit not quite so well-executed. It's ULTRA-distorted. I mean really, really distorted, to the point where everything just sounds like an absolute fuckin mess, and it's really poorly recorded which just adds to the aural soup. It's like a noisecore band during the slow bits, but without any memorable riffs cos...well you can't hear them. This sounds like a really negative review but I kind like this in a bizarre way. I do find it astonishing that someone would shell out proper dosh for something like this on vinyl, but then I don't understand why half you cunts do the things you do. £5

LEPILLANTOKULLO - Nesze! Metal tape [Jancsibohoc Rekordsz]

Well this is a really weird one. Lepillantokullo are a Hungarian thrash band from 1992 who released one demo that saw a CD release last year. This is their first material since then and it's well worth a listen, I kinda like how they seem to have existed in a bit of a time capsule. Not sure whether the bizarre cover art is praise-worthy or not: it features a fish leaping out of the water with a massive human erection, and a fist at the end of its penis. I wonder why these guys never achieved mainstream success. £3

LOUSBERG - Wintergemalde tape [Dunkelheit]

Cold, atmospheric synth soundscapes. It's a bit minimal to be called dungeon synth bt has a similar vibe. I like it! £5

MORBID SACRIFICE / VOMITMANTIK - Necromantik Sacrifice tape [Inverted Inhumation]

Diabolical black/death from both bands. £4

PACT OF ASH - Demo tape [Legion Blotan]

Well here's something that took me by surprise! Here we have Lee Stokoe aka Culver having a go at black metal. There are no drums, vocals or guitar riffs here but a minute in and you know you're listening to black metal. It's almost like a lofi bedroom take on Sunn's (largely successful) Black One LP, with minimal synth and stacatto guitar lines. Excellent stuff. £4

PEASANT - Demo MMXIX tape [Legion Blotan]

Great driving black metal with George Proctor (White Medal/Sump/every other fuckin band in the world) on drums. £4

VARIOUS - Northern Retaliation tape [Legion Blotan]

Why does metal music and that always have to have titles that are about fighting against folk and being in conflict? It's stupid. I should've called my label "In Tolerance Of Nice Noise". This is a three-way split with EP's worth of material from Pact Of Ash, Unkerd Wood, Gamal Sed AKA....Lee Stokoe, Jamie Stuart and George Proctor. £4

WITCH KING - Celestial Desolation tape [Cavernous]

Filthy-sounding death metal with some truly unpleasant vocals. Guy sounds like a baby with croup. £4


What are you up to right now? Self-isolating with fuck all else to do? Watched every episode of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix? Made a loaf for the first time and felt well chuffed with yourself? You have haven't you. I know you have! Well your loaf didn't prove for long enough and I bet you feel like ending it all yourself cos 13 Reasons Why is pish, so instead let's go back to a simpler time and do a crossword. But not one where you need to have a large vocabulary or word power: nope, you just need to know the name of the second Sarcofago LP. And don't use Google ya big cheat! £4

VINYL: LPs, 12"s, 10"s


ABBOT - Between Our Past And Future Lives LP [Bloodrock]

Retro rock/heavy metal from Finland that sounds really like Uncle Acid. There's a tiny wee bit of the Hellhound sound going on here too. Not too sure about the vocals, which are delivered in a knda Southern states drawl, which sounds kinda stupid knowing that these guys come from a country which sees the Sun for 3 weeks a year. If you can get over that this is decent retro-rock. £10

ABORTION - All You Need Is Hate LP [Rodel]

Long-running (since 1989!) grind veterans' new LP. £6

A CASA - Escaleras Abajo De Los Arbelos LP [213]

This is described on the sticker on the front as similar to Popol Vuh, Neu and Nurse With Wound. Advice: never over-egg the pudding in yer hype stickers! I know that they're called that for a reason, but honestly, this doesn't sound anything like any of those bands. Which isn't to say it's not probably influenced by them - fair enough - but if you're expecting some wild, free-form, anything-goes exploration of the boundaries of sound implied by existing in the same Ur-world as the aforementioned acts, then yr gonna be gutted when you plonk this on your turntable! So what is it like then? Well it is actually ok. The first track's pretty boring Low-esque guff (which I think is what put me against it from the start) but it soon gets going to some nice driving, rhythmic analogue-synthy sub-Kraut jams that aren't a million miles away from a futuristic Neu! I guess. The second side's kinda cut-up noisescapes with some synth overlay. I dunno about this, it's all over the place really and doesn't fit together as a coherent piece of work at all. Check it out on Bandcamp, don't let me be yr almighty music Magi all the time. £7

ACTIVE MINDS - The Cracks Start Appearing LP [Looney Tunes]

2014 album of raging, intelligent hardcore punk. £5

ACTIVE MINDS - Turn Back The Tide Of Bigotry LP [Looney Tunes]

Personal favourite of this batch of AM LPs. First tune is an anti-EDL song and has one of the best lyrics I've heard in years: "This nation is what it’s become – it doesn’t matter where we all came from". Bang fuckin on! £5

ACTIVE MINDS - The Age Of Mass Distraction LP [Looney Tunes]

Great new album from long-running punkers. First tune particularly took me by surprise...a 7 min+ kinda mid-paced rocker. Ace. £5


Third album of heavy rockers here. These guys don't push many boundaries, but they do a decent Budgie/Motorhead/Sir Lord Baltimore send-up pretty well. They're definitely doing their best vintage store shopping to look dead like heavies from The Professionals too, fair play. Bonus points awarded for the wee "From the makers of...." bit on the back of the LP, and if you don't get the reference, get off my website, poser! £14

AFTERLIFE KIDS - Morgengauen LP [Vendetta]

Frantic screamo/hardcore from Germany. £3

AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN - Afternoon Gentlemen 12" [Dead Heroes]

Great full-length (well, it's still a 45 but their songs are dead short!) from one of the UK's best proponents of fast. White vinyl. £8

AGATHOCLES - Abrir Las Puertas LP [Bringer Of Gore]

Superb recording from a TV show (!) AG played on whilst on their South American tour a couple of years back. Mix of old classics and newer stuff, very high quality recording. Can't beat Agathocles really, you know the score. £6

AGATHOCLES - Commence To Mince LP [SMG]

New album (not the same re-hashed tunes or shit rehearsal tracks) from AG. They're also grinding and not doing that weird drum machine guff any more. It's decent! £7


Ultra-obscure death/doom demo time! This came out in 1993, at a time where I guess death/doom had probably already reached its peak, so they were most likely strongly influenced by the early records of My Dying Bride, Anathema, Paradise Lost etc. This is a great mix of haunting doom and crunching death metal; it feels like a demo in that different songs feel a wee bit divergent in terms of style, but that's kinda part of the charm with demo recordings innit! I reckon if these guys had got a full album together it would've been a belter. Really nice package with an interview on the inside and three different colours to choose from: black, orange smoke and brown smoke. Limited to 100 of each colour, and I have copies of all. Be quick, this'll go fast! £10

ANTIGAMA - Depressant LP [SMG]

Progressive, complex grindcore from Poland. Some decent riffs in here. £7


Odd pairing here: Relapse avante-garde grind from Antigama meets 70s soundtrack style stuff from Anima Morte. See my comments below for my thoughts on modern bands trying to be like bands from the 70s and failing miserably; this is kinda one of those occassions. Embarassingly shite cover art, better music, but not enough to convince me personally to shed any coin on it. As ever, of course, I am not the boss of you! £7

ANTISECT - Demos / Live 82 LP [Antisociety]

Earliest material from one of the most important anarcho bands. Antisect have always been a very special band to me; they never had much material but the evolution of their sound is totally fascinating and totally engrossing, and their message one of the strongest. While honestly I don't think much of the new record (note it's absence in this update) or the nonsense going on with the band's membership, the message is nevertheless still strong, and I wish more bands would subscribe to the idea of eschewing that message! Anyway, the demos here are really pretty rough and they were clearly still finding their sound, but the tunes are still great. The live set on the flip actually sounds well better, and is a great early listen in on a legendary band in their formative years. £10

AORTAORTA - Violent Meditation LP [Ramekuukkeli]

After dominating sludge for so many years, Finland seems to be a breeding ground for the recently-resurgent noise rock scene. These guys are maybe a little more sluggish than most the AmRep bands for example, but there's a metallic heaviness to them and a definite punk swagger also. Comes in a huge Crass Records-style foldout sleeve, limited to only 300 copies. £2

ARMAGEDOM - Sem Esperancas LP [Insane Society]

Armagedom have been going for years (check out their first LP from 1984, Silencio Funebre and be BLOWN AWAY!), and they've never gone away, releasing records every few years to little fanfare. As a label who's been releasing records to little fanfare I can totally respect that! This just sounds like it should: totally old-school and with none of the crappy new production a lot of older band favour; raging vocals, razor-sharp's magic! Highly recommended. £8

ARMAGEDOM - 10 Mil Anos De Terror LP [Insane Society]

Great raging fast hardcore from Brazil. Raging stuff. £8

ASHTAR - Ilmasaari LP [Throne]

Really dig this! New to me, Ashtar are a duo from Switzerland and play a real amalgamation of various metal styles, and listening to it now I don't think they're a million miles away from new At War band Heavydeath. Driving, repetitive riffs form the backbone to the tunes, with melodic black metal guitar lines and sinister rasping vocals mixed with ethereal singing. Actually it's got a real Bergtatt vibe to it (best Ulver by far by the way!). Majestic! £8

A STORM OF LIGHT - Untitled LP [Latitudes]

This is the band formed by Josh Graham, a guy who I believe makes possibly the most terrible art in metal. Quite how he's managed to make a living Photoshopping forest animals onto backgrounds of big buildings with a stormy sky in the background is beyond me. His stuff looks like the kinda images you see middle-aged american tourists wearing on their jumpers. Anyway, he's a long-time collaborator with Neurosis, and his band sounds pretty much like the boring, post-rock bits of later-period Neurosis, with none of the intensity or heaviness. Luckily, this record comes in a generic Latitudes "company" sleeve so at least you don't have to look at his gash artwork. £8

ATLANTIDE - Atlantide LP [Replica]

Stonking french obscurity here, futuristic sci-fi prog characterised by complex arrangements and jarring off-beat sensibility. Like an alien YES crash-landing to earth during the interval of a FOCUS concert. Brilliant. £9

ATOMCK - Every Room In Britain LP [SuperFi + more]

Great catchy, quite chaotic grindcore from this long-running UK band. Some of the weirdest vocals I've ever heard. I once accidently saw my cat murdering a frog and the noise it made was this really horrible wee shriek, and this guy's vocals sound like that frog. I did save the frog, so it's possible he just hopped away and became the singer in a grindcore band. £8

ATOMIC ROAR - The Warfare Merchants LP [Crush Until Madness]

Brazilian supergroup (featuring members of Apokalyptic Raids, Iron Fist and the excellent Whipstriker) who play ultra-retro early 80s-style thrash, with a heavy punk influence. Raw guitar sound and the production is bang on like a dusty old garage recording, this one could've came straight out the back of a tape trader's manky old sock drawer. Fans of old Venom, Razor and anythig remotely resemlbing Motorhead or Discharge will dig this. Regular edition on black vinyl with poster. £5

AUTOPSY - Fiend For Blood 12" [Peaceville]

Reissue on vinyl of this odd wee EP that came just after Mental Funeral. It's been ages since I listened to this and in my head the songs were shorter....I seem to remember the CD single I had of it lasting for about 4 minutes but there are a couple of decently-lengthed plodders in here amongst the blasts. Doesn't have the grotty stoner sound of Mental Funeral but does have Steve DiGiorgio absolutely tearing it up on the bass, thumping the twisted guitar lines into the dust. Love the simple, bloody artwork too. £13

AUTOPSY - Critical Madness: The Demo Years LP [Peaceville]

Both pre-album demos and a couple of extra tunes, these recordings have surfaced under several names over the years (my favourite is the CD with the Mike Diana artwork from the 90s). This is still dear for a collection of demos but better than spending 30 quid on the middle-class gimp-fest that is the Nuclear War Now diehard LP. It's like the metal nerd equivalent of going out for a kids' McDonald's meal. £16

BACKSLIDER - Motherfucker LP [Feast Of Tentacles]

A real mish-mash here, these guys initially seem like a grind band but there's really prominent sludgy parts, some definite power-violence nods, and even the odd wee bit of heavy rock riffing. Not too sure if it's really my kinda thing, but if you like an ecclecticly-influenced take on grind, then this is fer you! £8

BASTARD NOISE - The Progression Of Sickness 10" [Deep Six]

Warehouse (my garage) find! £8

BATHORY - Twilight Of The Gods 2xLP [Black Mark]

The final chapter in Bathory's second trilogy (this being the first "viking" records), "Twilight.." was somewhat aptly-named as Quorthon would go into a period of artistic hibernation for a few years after its release, possibly seeing nowhere else he could take the epic, soaring sound he'd so brilliantly cultivated on this and its two predecessors. Masterful, epic, driving, emotive metal: another masterpiece from one of the greatest metal musicians to ever have lived. £16

BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP - The Radiophonic Workshop LP [Music On Vinyl]

This one's from 1971 and is the most synth-based of their compilations. Excellent! £14

BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP & PETER HOWELL - Through A Glass Darkly LP [Music On Vinyl]

Brilliant late 70s Radiophonic Worshop record, this one isn't a collection of themes but more of a concept album, with one side-length song. Pretty much a prog rock album, with a rock band backing. Cracking stuff! £14


BERKOWITZ - All Hell Broke Loose LP [Rodel]

It's nice to come across something in this update that isn't "crusty grind", or maybe even "grinding crust". These guys play kinda slow-mo industrial metal that seems to have gone out of fashion, and for the life of me I can't understand why, cos it's infinitel more interesting that crust or grind. Reminds me of the brilliant and short-lived Tom Choi band IT IS I. Ditto if you like the first Godflesh album dig in. £8

BILLY BAO - Communisation LP [Fuck Yoga/Insulin Addicted]

Absolutely impossible to tie down to any one sound, this latest record from Billy Bao starts off with a side of repetitive, raw AmRep-via-Brainbombs punk and is soon interjected by electronic bursts and frazzled tones. The 20-minute second side begins like a disco party and soon succumbs to what sounds like some sort of industrial experiment in a prison yard. It's completely unfathomable and pretty great! £8

BIRDFLESH / PLF - Split LP [Haunted Hotel]

Never been too into Birdflesh, they sound too bouncy and fun for my liking. It's competent grind, but quite how they're so poular I can only attest to so many grind fans being kinda roasters. PLF are much more like the thing, dead filthy sounding with death metal inflected guitar bits and rough vocals. Even their art is cool as fuck. Worth it for their side alone I reckon. £8

BiSKAIDAN - BiSKaidan 2 LP [Specific]

Second album of this bizarre meeting of Japanese all-girl pop music crossed with power-drill electronics. Honestly, I'm still not convinced. I know there's a kinda big thing in more highbrow circles these days to enjoy J-Pop and all that, y'know the "it's all just good fun" brigade. Like, it's an undisputable FACT that everyone inherently likes all pop music with a catchy tune and if they don't it's just denial on a grand scale. Well, I spent my time in Japan avoiding this crap cos it's irritating. I spent most of this LP trying to ignore the pop bits and listen to the Hijokaidan parts, but even then they've got riffs and that. Wacky novelty: not what I signed up for! £8

DE BLENDERS / SEDEM MINUT STRACHU - Split 10" [Various labels]

Manic noisecore split. £5

BASTARD NOISE / BLOODRED BACTERIA - From Zero To Hero And Blackwards one-sided 12" [Streaks]

Restock! Excellent reissue of a long-gone CDr which features one track by each band cross-fading in the middle. Expansive electronics meets savage grindcore. Nice silk-screened B-side. £6

BLOODY HEAD - Freedom/Mobility/Speed LP [Viral Age]

Absolute amazing dirge punk from Bloody Head, whose stuff I've been all over since their first tape hit a couple of years ago. Real grotty stuff that brings to mind Kilslug (I cannae be the only one who got the reference in the title, right?) and is easily the equal of contemporaries Drunk In Hell. New 7" coming very soon on At War/Viral Age!! £10

BLOWFLY - Oldies But Goodies LP [Weird World]

Blowfly takes on rock and roll here. Suck Around The Clock! Every single song is about sex in some way, absurd but great. £9

BLOWFLY - Rappin', Dancin' And Laughin' LP [Weird World]

Excellent proto-rap record from the maestro. £9

BLUE SABBATH BLACK CHEER - Catacombs LP [Urashima]

Droning heavy noise. £10

BODY VOID - You Will Know The Fear You Forced Upon Us 12" [Dry Cough]

Pretty standard ultra-slow doom with the odd "core" fast bit coming in and shrieking Iron Monkey-ish vox. I like the horrible guitar tone, very heavy. £8

BOOKWAR - Bookwar LP [Bookwar]

"Avante garde hip hop". Not for me, fella. Some sleeve damage (one corner bent on all copies) due to snide packaging on its way to me. £2

BOOKWAR - Five Bayonets Of Happiness LP [Bookwar]

Quite different to the other Bookwar stuff, this is pretty post-punk. I actually quite like the 80s-electro-meets-guitar distortion sound going on here but the rap vocals totally put me off. Some sleeve damage (one corner bent on all copies) due to snide packaging on its way to me. £2

BRATAKUS - Target Grrrl 12" [Screaming Babies]

When I first heard of this two-piece they were described as "straight-edge veggie punx from the North of Scotland". I mean that's every box ticked for me and I hadn't even heard them yet! Having seen them live a few times now (and just back from seeing them last night actually), these guys are the best punk band going right now for me, just total raw attitude with fuckin great tunes. I totally admire how they're just going for it, sticking out their own records at such a young age, playing gigs and channeling the rage into PUNK. Which is what punk should be, innit. Sound-wise, songs are usually 2-minute melodic blasts with great terse raw/singy vocal interplay. Main touch-points would definitely be early 80s US hardcore, 77 punk and Riot Grrrl (obviously). They use a drum machine, which actually works ace and keeps the songs high-tempo/abrupt end blasts. This also gets a final bonus point for including Rick's poem from my favourite TV show ever, The Young Ones. Get on this! £10

BRETUS - On Onirica LP [Bloodrock]

Great solid doom metal. There's absolutely no quirk to this at all, it's just total no-frills doom metal like has been coming out of Europe since the late-90s and which most cunts don't give a shit about but the folks who know the score will pay attention to. "Alright now!". £9

BRITO / GRINDING HALT - Split LP [SNCL/De Graan/Shove]

Terse noise rock from Brito, has a nice 90s sound to it. Grinding Halt have a bit of noise rock going on there too, but with a tight snare, borderline grind style coming through frantic riffing and vocals. £2

BUZZOV.EN - To A Frown LP [Behind The Mountain]

One of the greatest sludge bands, always thought Buzzov.en had a bit more of an accessible sound than say, Eyehategod. I remember when I first got Sore as a teenager being a bit gutted and thinking it sounded like Alice In Chains or something in comparison to the brutal nihilism of EHG, but you've got to take this in context of the late 80s/early 90s, think about Pessimiser bands, noise rock, stuff like 16 etc and you can see the massive influence Buzzov.en had. Listening to this now for the first time in absolute years it's still absolute fuckin class actually, would defo recommend picking it up. £9

CARDINAL'S FOLLY - Deranged Pagan Sons LP [Topillo]

These guys are from Finland and play doom metal. They are NOT Reverend Bizarre but if you were to walk into a room and here this playing you'd be forgiven for thinking they were. It's decent stuff that makes me think of a heavier COD by Saint Vitus. Decent gear; if you like punchy doom metal then this will be up your strasse. £8

CARPATHIAN FOREST - Black Shining Leather LP [Peaceville]

My review above (of "Chasm, Caves....") should maybe be redacted somewhat cos I listened all the way through to this, Carpathian Forest's first full-length, and it's not too bad. Have to say the riffs are really memorable, catchy songs, decent dark atmosphere. It's got a much more "modern" black metal sound that I hear TONS of bands these days nicking, but for me doesn't have the same enveloping evil tone of the first classic EP. Still, if you like fast, memorable riffs this is defo worth a purchase. £16

CATHETER - Southwest Doom Violence LP [Dropout/Zaraza]

Third full-length (though these guys have done about a gazillion split 7"s along the way) from these grinders. 17 tracks in just 28 minutes of pretty beefy grindcore, with the odd slowed-down sludgy bit and nod to power violence structures. Really nice thick-spine gatefold sleeve. £7

CAVERNICULAR - Man's Place In Nature 12" [Rodel]

Dual vocal punk-grind. £4

CELEBRATE HATE - High Gain, Low Budget LP [self-released]

Really decent raw grind/death metal. Very old school sound that brings to mind Blood. £5

CELLGRAFT - Cellgraft one-sided LP [RSR]

Very intense, focussed and RAW grind. Short. Sharp. Shock! £8


Reissue of the early 90s 7" here on the bigger format from these two noise legends. Bunch of short tracks of creeping, organic noise from MITB and a long blown-out blast from Bizarre Uproar that's a perfect conduit from the Aunt Mary noisecore to the power electronic assault of today. Recommended of course! £8

CLOVER - Raika LP [Death Crush]

Raging hardcore from Italy that has a bit of the classic Italian hardcore sound but with total thrash riffs. Good stuff. £5

COIL - Astral Disaster LP [Prescription/Acme]

So, the story of this record was Gary Ramon of Sun Dial convinced Coil to come in and record in his studio, which used to be an old gaol and which was owned at one point by Iron Maiden (!). Always on the lookout for a macabre and weird vibe, Coil turned up and recorded what would be their most free-form, spontaneous record....possibly becuase of this it was ensured that it would com out in a tiny edition and be deleted forever as per the bands' wishes. Of course, years later they remixed it, added bits in and the "new" Astral Disaster was a much more cohesive record, and is the one I'm familiar with. with the stuff on Cold Spring, now that both members are deid, everyone's taking an opportunity to cash in and this reissue of the original release is back in the public domain again. I kinda have mixed feelings about this one....absolutely the band clearly did NOT want this reissued in this form, or they'd have done it themselves, so from that point of view I kinda think this is a bit full of shit. From a fan's point of view, well it's fuckin ace to hear this properly and own a copy. I dunno, tough call. Anyway, the tunes are absolutely ace, and if you can't get onboard with the Sun Ra rocketship-to-yr inner-mind of The Sea Priestess then I doubt you have a soul. £16

COMMITMENT CREW - What Are You? LP [Crucial Response]

These guys are from Sweden but have a pure Boston sound. Total steamroller duh-duh-duh-duh-da---da----da----daaaa! If you dig the 80s Boston crews this will definitely be up yer alley. Great! £6

COMUS - East Of Sweden 2xLP [Rise Above]

Decent live recording of this reunited group who released the all-time classic acid-psych record, "First Utterance". They play most of that album here, and smartly avoid anything from their shite second album. I'm not entirely convinced by the addition of the cover of Venus In Furs, think had I been there that might have a good juncture for a toilet break, but overall this is a pretty decent reunion record. Still not heard the new album, but on the strength of this one they might still have it in em to come out with a decent record. £10

CONAN - Monnos LP [Peaceville]

Second (I think?) Conan LP, reissued by Peaceville. These guys have fallen off my radar lately; when they first came out I thought their ultra-distorted driving doom was pretty cool. It wasn't really reinventing the wheel (first High On Fire album eh!) but they had some decent riffs and I loved the cartoony Warrior At The Edge Of Time artwork. I'm mostly acquainted with them now via daily Facebook posts from main guy Jon telling the world that if you work really hard and are as dedicated as him then you too can be as cool as he is cos he's in a moderately popular band. I think he might be my hero! £15

CONTROLLED BY FEAR - The Only Good Cop Is A Dead One LP [Hate Ape]

This is great! Pre-Rupture (Gus when he was still plain "Andrew"), this is well, pretty right-on and not what a lot of people would imagine given the very out-there lyrical sbject of much of Rupture's stuff. Though anyone with a brain could see they were always the absolute masters of piss-taking anyway eh! So anyway, this is great heavy and sloppy hardcore with a definite grind sound, impressive given this was recorded in 1989! Highly recommended. £8

CORRUPTED - Felicific Algorithm LP [Cold Spring]

New Corrupted LP, and it's gone right under the radar. Possibly cos it's not available to listen to and the promo from Cold Spring is so vague that it doesn't in any way describe the tunes (Corrupted have been a band for a while and they're heavy!), plus it's also one of those "plays at 33 or 45" records, which gives most people the fear. So, let me do what Cold Spring failed to do and attempt to describe it! I guess this one will turn off tons of Corrupted fans cos, well it's not doom. But then, they did a double album once that had like half an hour of solitary piano on it, and they've collaborated live and released collaborations with Solmania several times over the years. Corrupted's message, sound and aesthetic has been a constant, but the style of music they play has been constantly evolving. This ight be their most esoteric release yet, but it's still very much Corrupted in tone, and any fandan hitting out with "aaaah this isn't's not heavy" doesnae have a clue. 33 is where I've been listening to it most. Side one starts in almost silence, building up layers of deep tone and low end in a way that the band have been doing in a more "rock" format for years. This is suddenly blown away by screeching feedback and white noise wipeouts over a bass sound dangerously threatening the needle of my turntable. I mentoned him earlier, but this sounds like Solmania could be involved again! This violence gives way to some really beautiful shimmering drone to end the side. Second side is a much more minimal affair of building tones and textures throughout; again very heavy. Reminds me a bit of Nurse With Wound's Spiral Insana actually. Been listening to this loads since getting it and it gets better and more immersive on every listen. 100% recommended, brilliant! £15

CREATION - This Is Creation LP [Klimt]

Amazing direct-to-tape (and thus essentially live!) album from 1978 from these Japanese psychers. The raw energy of the early Blues Creation days is gone but there's still that inimitable spark of far-out creativity (pun intended) that really set these guys apart fro the rest. Highly recommended. £10

CRITICAL CONVICTIONS - Divisions LP [self-released]

Raging, pissed-off hardcore with that real angry, urgent Boston sound. Ultra raging vocals. Great! £6

DARKTHRONE - A Blaze In The Northern Sky LP [Peaceville]

The album that really set the benchmark to the general public as far as Norwegian black metal is concerned: after a couple of years of playing decent death metal, Darkthrone took their cues from the scene going on around them, stripped it back a bit (more than a bit on the next couple!) and came out with their take on the genre. The results of course were beyond successful and Darkthrone became one of the leading bands of the genre, with Blaze... rightfully being considered a seminal work since. If you don't have it, why not? Here's your chance! £17

DAVID EXPLOSION - A Bright To-Morrow LP [Acme]

Very obscure stuff here: this was originally released as a private press in Belgium in an edition of 300 copies. These guys are a kinda Beligan Doors, with plenty of Mellotron, but with a grand Sgt Pepper psych-pop sound. Cool! £10

DAYS OF DESOLATION / TRAVOLTA - Split 10" [various labels]


DEAD INFECTION - Brain Corrosion LP [SMG]

Reissue of 2004 album from these gore grind legends. As always, stellar work. £8

DEAD INFECTION - Corpses Of The Universe LP [Haunted Hotel]

Restock.....apparently this record is 10 years old (!). Jings. Anyway, as I've probably said many times on here, I love early Dead Infection. Some of THE most filthy, rotten grind ever recorded, and their first LP is absolute pinnacle for me. This one is much cleaner sounding (though this is very much a relative term!). I feel the grinding, ultra-heavy bass sound is lost a lot here to the guitar, but the riffs are generally absolute banging so I guess it's swings and roundabouts. Well worth checking out if you don't know them or want some proper good grind. £8

DEAD IN THE WOODS - The Sign Of The Son Of Man LP [Winter]

Pretty spacey sludge with some hardcore leanings. £4

DEADMOCRACY / HINFAMY - Split LP [Absurd Records]

Deadmocracy play really fast grind with that really tight snare sound, top stuff. Never heard of Hinfamy, turns out they're from as far back as 1990 and their side of this record was recorded in '96. Best bit is the bonus tracks on their side though, real lo-fi and is that bang-on mid-90s grind rehersal tape sound! £4

THE DEATH OF MONEY - Ghost Pains LP [SuperFi]

Superfi's write-up of this describes it as "sort-of Neurosis-meets-My Bloody Valentine-meets Can" and whilst I don't think these guys hold a candle to any of those bands, it's a good description! Heavy but melodic, driving and repetitive but catchy, I think it's not bad. £7

DECOLLATION - Cursed Lands LP [The Crypt]

A weird one this. This was originally released as an EP on CD only in 1992, but as a record cut at Sunlight Studios it doesn't quite have that Swe-death sound that we're all accustomed too. There are certainly elements, but this record shows a near-schizophrenic amalgamation of styles, with black metal-ish termelo picking, death metal riffing, classic metal stylistics and the odd gutteral vocal. It's maybe not avante-garde in the way that say, Pan-Thy-Monium were, but it's bizarre enough to be of interest to anyone into extreme music which is a little left-of-centre, and before genre boundaries were so rigid and restrictively boring as they are today. Recommended. On red vinyl £12


Doom with crusty hardcore blasts from DeNo meets clasutrophobic, lofi doom from WOTH. This is a restock and I got tons so I'm doing them really cheap. Total bargain! £3

DEVISER - Unspeakable Cults LP [Floga]

Reissue (and first time on vinyl) of this classic Hellenic black metal album. Released in 1996, this is one of the high-points of the Greek black metal scene and embodies much of what stands that wave from the mid-90s apart: majestic, sweeping choruses, melodic riffing, savage vocals, excellent use of keyboards; all creating a truly haunting atmosphere. Highly recommended to anyone into Rotting Christ etc! £10

DEVISER - Transmission To Chaos LP [Floga]

Second album and a worthy follow-up to the classic debut "Unspeakable Cults", this is grade A Greek black metal. Almost melodic death-style guitar riffs are contrasted against an often gloomy tone and neo-classical style synthesiser leads. It sounds bizarre, but if you're into the Greek black metal sound you will definitely get this! First time on vinyl also! £10

DEW - Live At The 2nd All Japan Folk Jamboree 7th August 1971 LP [B13]

Live project of Fumio Nunoya (vocalist of Blues Creation), this is a live set of his insane shredding, gruff vocals over some slow, pondering heavy blues riffs. Brilliant stuff and could only have come from the wild early 70s Japan scene. Green vinyl and screeprinted clear sleeve. £8

DHARMA BLUES BAND - Dharma Blues LP [Klimt]

Amazing debut LP from Dave Brock's first band. There's not much by the way of psychedelia on here, but this is top-class gritty blues rock. The electric blues revolution had happened a few years previously, which of course went on to form "rock" music, but these guys took a purist approach, playing a more roots-50s style of blues. Absolutely great stuff, and worth tracking down for the interested Hawkwind fan of course! £12

DHK - La Krudeza No Muere LP [La Vida Es Un Mus]

Absolutely amazing hardcore from Peru. Got their demo a wee while back after being introduced to the excellent Alta Intensidaz tape label by a pal. These guys play very rough hardcore, pretty sloppy but the total intensity and feeling is there. Some of the best raw punk I've heard in ages, maybe only second to the astounding SENTENCIA. £8

DICTATOR - Dysangelist 2xLP [Aesthetic Death]

Epic funeral doom with a black metal production and aesthetic here. If you liked Nortt then you'll definitely be into this. Really grim stuff which sounds like it could conjure a Tolkein ring wraith. Double vinyl in a really heavy-duty package, usual ultra-high standards of presentation from AD. £14

D.I.S. - Critical Failure LP [Deep Six]

Simplistic, Swe-beat thrashing hardcore here from ex-members of PHOBIA. Marbled purple vinyl. £5

DISCHARGE - Why LP [Let Them Eat Vinyl]

Debut album from one of the most influential punk bands of all time. Direct, pounding beats and metallic riffs with simple, to-the-point, brutal lyrics. This is where it began! £14

DISROTTED / IRN - Split LP [Feast Of Tentacles]

Plodding, droning sludge from both bands. £7

DISTURBANCE PROJECT / RAS - Split 10" [Corrosion Cerebral]

DP: ex members of DENAK playing non-stop old school grindcore. Ras: ultra-fast pummeling grind with maybe a bit of a gore-grind edge to it. £3

DOOMRAISER - Reverse (Passaggio Inverso) LP [Bloodrock]

Heavy duty doom metal that is at both turns crushing but quite trad-sounding, but with a definite commercial rock vibe. Vocals are a bit weird though, the singer sometimes sounds a wee bit like the guy out of the Deftones in quiet bits. When he gets going he's quite like Kirk Windstein of Crowbar. Not really into it to be honest, but it may float yer boat. £10

DREAM DEATH - Dissemination LP [Rise Above]

Third full-length (second since their recent reformation) from Dream Death, and oddly it actually features the exact lineup of Penance's classic Road Less Travelled lineup. I thought their last album was absolutely storming, and one of the very few examples of an old band getting back together and coming out with something informed by the past but still looking forward and trying something new. This one....hmm, maybe a bit less so. Don't get me wrong, it's still good, with some absolutely cracking Frost-ian riffs and their trademark tempo changes, but comes across to me as a pretty straightforward, predictable album compared to the last one. I kinda found listening to this like checking out a new Autopsy album: it got a couple of listens and then got filed away, and when I next want to listen to Dream Death I'll seek of Journey Into Mystery and that'll be that. Red vinyl, lim 200. £17


Drone Throne play heavy stoner doom in the vein of Sleep and Eyehatgod whilst Toad play Murder City Devils-style melodic punk. £4

DRUGS OF FAITH - Drugs Of Faith LP [Fast And Furious]

Great, ultra-catchy grindcore! This is from a few years ago, old stock found! £6


These guys sound like a faster Extreme Noise Terror. Cool! £6


Top class lo-fi grind from ED meets great and pretty original power violence from Scotland. EXCELLENT cover art too! £5

THE ELECTRIC MORMONS - Ainsi Soient-Ils LP [Mormons Records]

Top class garage/punk/pub rock-style stuff from France. Reminds me of stuff like early Hives maybe, pretty rockin stuff. No bullshit, just bang-on rock n roll. Sung in French too! Slight wear to sleeves, price reduced accordingly. £3

EMBALMING THEATRE - Unamused Rancid Flesh LP [Haunted Hotel]

Let's get the title out of the way first: what exactly is UNAMUSED rancid flesh. Can rancid flesh be unamused? If, say, rancid flesh were able to have sentient thoughts, given the fact that it's rancid and no longer part of a living being, would it be anything BUT unamused? Further to that, woud unamused really be the right verb to describe the situation the flesh had found itself in? I kinda think that grind bands these days are either really fucking stupid, or just gave up trying cos they're so entirely devoid of ideas. It makes me totally unamused. This is ok gore-grind which is neither amusing nor unamusing. Brown/green marble vinyl. £8

ENCOFFINATION - O' Hell, Shine In Thy Whited Sepulchres LP [Selfmadegod]

Absolutely astounding, driving death metal here. This is some of the most atmospheric stuff I've heard in some time....utterly oppressive in sound and tone; it doesn't rely on riffs, rather the soul-sucking black atmosphere. Recommended! £9

ENEMY INSECTS / RADICAL DICHARGE - Split 12" [Unholy Anarchy]

Fast and furious thrashcore from Enemy Insects, kinda thinkin somewhere near Charles Bronson but a bit more metal-sounding, meets party-thrash from RD, think Municipal Waste etc. Smart graphics on the front, guy with a fly's head chewing down on a minging-looking pizza. £6

ENSYNC - Ensyc LP [213]

Now, I'm sure you're reasonably intelligent but just in case you're not: this isnae an LP by that 90s boy band. I like to pride myself on the diversity of stock I atake in but that would be a step beyond. So what is this? Well it's a French duo; one guy on drums playing really rudeimntary basic beats with another guy utilising deep feedback, sub-bass drones and synth lines. It's great, meditative mantra music and I realy dig it! Lim 213 copies. £7

EUTHENASIE - Prison Pain (Demo And Live 1988/9) LP [Looney Tunes]

Superb reissue from Looney Tunes from a band who I'd never even heard of before. Euthenasie were a German anarcho/peace punk band from the late 80s: this record includes their demo, two comp tracks and a live set. Lyrics in German and English. Cracking stuff here, defo worth the measly 3 quid! £3

EVIDENCE SMRTI - Demo 2008 one-sided 12" [Insane Society]

Raw crushing crust metal. Great packaging with a die-cut sleeve and a cool screen printed B-side showing through. £8

EVIDENCE SMRTI - Evidence Smrti LP [Insane Society]

Great stuff which builds on their excellent demo (above). Dark, raw crusty hardcore with a real metal sound. £8

EXIT 13 FEATURING BLISS BLOOD - Smoking Songs LP [Behind The Mountain]

Subtitled "13 Songs Of Refer Madness". Love how they didn't change this spelling error on the reissue; unsure if the label also don't know how to spend "reefer". I guess if you smoke a lot of funny fags it impedes yer ability to spell cos you're too busy talking endless boring incomprehensible shite and eating Monster Munch. Anyway, Exit 13 were a great grind band from the 90s featuring all manner of premier league grinders amongst their ranks, and this one features Pain Teens vocalist Bliss Blood. ON PAPER, and excellent prospect. This however is not a grind record and instead is a kinda comedy loungue album of covers of songs about weed. You may have gotten this from any comments I ever make on stoner culture, but I find it entirely tiresome, find spending time with stoners incredibly irritating, and any form of stoner comedy makes me want to smash everyone involved over the head with a Youth Of Today LP. So honestly, I find this to be one of the most annoying things I've heard in ages, and presumably I never got it when I was a kid because I wasn't a childish fucking idiot like anyone who might gain any enjoyment from this plop. That said, if yer a personality-free smelly loser who loves talking about how much they smoke, knock yerself out, hippy! £10


RESTOCK! Extortion: you know the score by now, raging grind/PV in the vein of Siege and Infest, these guys have been mega-prolific in the past couple of years and this is another good split to add to the collection! Cold World have been going about for over 20 years now and still come out with old-school fast thrashcore with the odd PV bass lead and fist-pumping chorus. Good stuff! Clear vinyl. £8

THE FALL - Totale's Turns LP [Let Them Eat Vinyl]

The first Fall live LP, and in classic Fall style, they released a record recorded mainly in working men's clubs where the audience weren't into it, included a tune where MES has a right go at the band for "showing off" (playing a drum fill) and includes two studio tracks, one of which was recorded in Smith's kitchen. It sounds mostly like shit and is absolutely fucking brilliant in every way. £14

FANGS OF THE MOLOSSUS - Fangs Of The Molossus LP [Italian Doom Metal Records]

Anything that comes out on a label which just calls itself ITALIAN DOOM METAL RECORDS cannot be bad, right? And y'know what? It's not! In fact, it's really pretty great. Very dense and heavy doom with pretty sparse vocals which sound recorded in a room down the hall a-la Sleep's Holy Mountain. In fact, that record is a pretty good comparitor to this, and while it doesn't scale the heights of (in my mind), the greatest stoner-doom record ever made, it does a not bad job of paying tribute. £9

FCDN TORMENTOR - Dungeon Days 1982-1985 LP + CD [FOAD]

Somewhat of a misnomer here on the title: this is NOT old stuff but a re-recording of their early gear which was never released previously. That said, it's dead good, ultra-fast thrashcore. The drummer from NO COMMENT was in these guys, nuff said! Comes with a CD of the original rough-sounding material too. £14

F.D.S. - Planeta Terra S.A. LP [Rodel]

Old school hardcore from Brazil, bit youth crew-sounding. £4

FELLWOODS - Wulfram LP [Svart]

Absolutely brilliant retro rock that was originally released on this very label! For a better description see "Releases" page! £8


Fetus Eaters play manic grind with lots of really strange samples and "funny" song titles. They are worth a listen mind. Borstels Rache are absolutely top notch oi-influenced hardcore with dual rasping/oi vocals. They bring to mind early Bohse Onkelz (in sound not attitude!). Wear to sleeves. £4

FETUS EATERS - Manticore LP [Deep Six/Haunted Hotel]

Ultra-fast grind in the vein of Yacopsae, but with a shit sense of humour. £7

FINAL EXIT - Seasons Are Going And Going...But Lives Goes On One-Sided LP [SPHC]

Totally unique, crazy noisecore from Japan. This was originally a mini-CD and SPHC has steped up to put it out on vinyl. It's got a really clean production, about a million musical styles going on, it sounds completely all-over-the-place but also totally cohesive at the same time. Definitely a head-scratcher, but one of those which you find yourself constantly coming back to. Basically, the band members are both credited as "hand-craps" in the liner notes, nuff said. £6

FISSURE / SHACKLES - Split 10" [Dead Heroes]


FLESH WORLD - Flesh World LP [La Vida Es Un Mus]

La Vida hit out with another belter here...these San Franciscans play a lovely fuzzed-up post hardcore with a definite C86 sound. Some great memorable hooks: maybe the most "pop" thing the label has put out, guarentee these guys will make a name for themselves. £8

FLEUR DE LIS - Facing Morning LP [Valhalla]

Not the british freakbeat band but an obscure Danish psych/prog act from 1972. These guys aren't all-out space rock or prog, bringing to mind the first Hawkwind album or the less out-there stoner Kraut bands. Some great fuzzy guitar and organ going on here. Cheap cos I cannae sell it on Discogs any more as they deem it a bootleg so I want shot! £7

FORTRESS - Unto The Nothing LP [Unholy Anarchy]

Massive death-doom here from this new US band. These guys were most certainly brought up on an unwholesome diet of WINTER and GRIEF and this is a despondent dark trip of grave-robbing menace from start to finish. Really heavy but with riffs to back up the chest-baring of the feedback, this is one of the strongest doom/sludge records I've heard in ages. Recommended. Lovely Stoughton gatefold sleeve, clear vinyl with black splatter. Lim to 100 in this colour. £10

KIM FOWLEY - The Day The Earth Stood Still LP [Klimt]

Counter-culture icon he may very well be, but Kim Fowley was a rapist so fuck him. Cheap. £8

FREAKNATION - 7x3 10" [various labels]


FUCK GEEZ - Once Upon A Time There Was Fuck Geez... LP [Social Napalm]

Excellent early Japanese hardcore here. These guys take many of the same influences of a lot of the Jap punk bands (ie Disorder, Chaos UK, Discharge) but also have a prevailing 77 sound, and are as a result much less reliant on the super-distortion of many of their contemporaries. This comp features 7" and flexi material from the early 80s and comes with a download for two full recent live sets. £7


New album from these long-running Japanese fast-core legends and it.....sounds exactly the same as their previously LPs. Which honestly isn't really a bad thing, cos these guys rule. Got their first record when it came out near 20 years ago now from Slap A Ham and they're still as intense as ever. £8

FUNERAL MARMOORI - Volume 1 LP [Bloodrock]

Ace doom metal with a strong Italian influence and heavy psych sound. The first song just sounds totally like a beefed-up version of "Black And Violet" by Death SS. Focus is very much on the creeping tones of the farfisa organ. Total horror metal! You don't get shit like this anywhere but Italy, thank christ for Bloodrock Records! Another winner! £10

FYNN MCCOOL - Fynn McCool LP [Prog Temple]

Decent UK prog here from 1970. Has the odd shade of the Dr Z album, with quite a lot of key-led parts. £8

GALLOW GOD - False Mystical Prose LP [Psychedoomelic]

Epic-sounding doom metal, emphasis on the "metal"! The label describes this as "the record Sabbath should have made after Technical Ecstacy", which sounds like a decent description to me! £6

MARIO GARCIA - Sr. Cisne LP [Golden Pavillion]

Very under-the-radar obscure latin-infused psych prog from 1982 with plenty of fuzz guitar and wild Sanatana-esque solos with complex time signatures and some great crazy percussive parts. £8

GERK - First Discography LP [Crapoulet/Ravachol]

Speedy, grinding crust-punk from Argentina. This LP features 32 tracks from various splits and EPs. £4

GERM BOMB - Gist Sucked Out LP [Insane Society/Inverted Inhumation]

Thought this was gonna be a thrash record but nope, this is total dirty rock 'n' roll, very firmly in the later-Motorhead vein. It's pretty decent stuff: good choruses, heavy and dirty sound. Cool! £8

THE GEROGERIGEGEGE - The Gerogerigegege 12" [Scrotum]

New Gero, first vinyl since the "reappearance". The A side is a stolen Japanese disco track with a bit of huffing over the top and the B side is wee excerpts of the same track repeated a few times. The back cover has a press release lifted completely from some US hip-hop live 12. I guess most people would consider this one of the worst and most pointless records ever produced; for me it confirms that Gero is the best fuckin band who isn't The Fall to have ever existed. I kinda hope everyone hates what he's coming up with now, cos I saw a lot of folk jump on the "oooohhh a ker-azeee LEGENDARY Japanese band are back together....yeaaaaah!!!" without having half a fucking clue what Gero is all about. Here's a story actually: a guy got in touch with me about 10 years ago asking my then-band to submit a track to his Gero tribute album. I guess he'd seen we were little more than a tribute band and played sort-of noisecore. So I said "yes, of course", and proceeded to tape a conversation of some workies out my back door having their lunch. I submitted it and he was like "erm this is not what The Gerogerigegege sound like", to which I replied, "YES IT FUCKING IS YOU IDIOT. I DON'T WANT TO BE ON YOUR POSER CLOWNSHOE COMPILATION ANYWAY". Track remains unreleased. It's a belter. £10

GHOSTRIDER - Mayhemic Destruction + Rehearsal 1984 LP [FOAD]

Absolutely cracking demo from 1984 here. These guys definitely share the Italian horror metal sound of Death SS/Sacrilege etc but are way more extreme! There's a big Venom influence here: songs all have heavy occultish leanings and the recording is incredibly lo-fi. In fact I can hear the nascent sound of the South American bands very strongly here! Tons of bonus tracks are also included, best of all a brutal cover of one of my favourite ever metal bands: Omen's "The Axeman". Comes with a poster with loads of info, limited to only 150 on orange and black splatter vinyl. £10

GINNUNGAGAP - Nejsi Vitez LP [Phobia]

Nope, not that kinda boring acoustic band Stephen O'Malley briefly did, these guys are Czech and play pretty standard crust-ish punk/HC. I dig the raw vocals, make me think of one of my favourites, Terveet Kadet. Musically, it's pretty melodic, raw hardcore, sounds pretty angry. £5

GODSTOPPER - What Matters LP [Insulin Addicted/Milgram/City 17/AOTU/Absurd Eposition]

Really heavy but also incredibly listenable, hook-laden sludge. These guys even remind me a bit of a properly heavy doomy version of Fugazi or something, there's certainly a very post-hardcore element to it (but not in a pure boring way like all those shite bands who sound like a Tesco Value Neurosis). Would definitely be the business for fans of mid-period Melvins, early Torche, Floor etc. £5

GRAAL - Realms Of Fantasy 2xLP [Bloodrock]

Double LP reissue of these Italians' debut album, this is decent heavy rock. It's incredibly un-trendy, but if you like the lighter end of say, the NWOBHM, then this will appeal. Has a good beefy production and decent rousing choruses, and the gatefold packaging is lovely. £12

GRAND MAGUS - Triumph And Power LP [Nuclear Blast]

Now on their seventh album (it really doesn't feel that long since I saw them supporting Orange Goblin just after releasing their debut!), Grand Magus are 100% 'eavy metal these days and have settled into a sound that's gained them a huge army of loyal fans. They're pretty polished these days, but really powerful sounding with a total 80s sound that nevertheless never sounds willfully "retro". Total chest-pounding, longboat-rowing stuff! If Priest weren't quite so prog these days (not a bad thing by the way) they'd sound like this. Excellent art from the man of the moment, Tony Roberts. pound;12

JUSTIN GREAVES - The Devil's Business OST LP [Death Waltz]

It's not often that a modern horror film does much for me but I really enjoyed The Devil's Business. Reminded me a lot of the excellent films of Ben Wheatley. The soundtrack (by Crippled Black Phoenix/ex-Electric Wizard/Iron Monkey drummer Justin Greaves) is excellent...going from sparse almost post-rock to moments of palpable creeping tension, and certainly befits the otherworldly demonic atmosphere the film evokes. Top marks. £7

GUFONERO / LA CUENTA - Split LP [ZAS Autoproduzioni plus more]

Gufonero: marketed as sludge/doom but this is way more interesting than that and honestly not doom or sludge in any way at all. I'd say it's loads more noise rock, led entirely by some of meanest-sounding bass lines I've heard since Unsane. Definite AmRep sound going on here, and they may even have listened to more modern stuff like Throat (see elsewhere this update). Great stuff!! La Cuenta do one long side of droning doom. It's not bad, but you've probably heard it before. I kinda like the ranting vocals buried in the mix, mind. A weird pairing, made probably because no cunt knows what doom is these days. Anyhoo, highly recommended for me, and more Gufonero in future thanks! £5

HAAN - Sing Praises 12" [Kaos Kontrol]

Debut 12er from this NYC noise rock band. Theese guys aren't reinventing the wheel here. They're not even refining it to be honest....but if you've worn out your Unsane, Helmet and 16 records or just proper love that muscular, ultra-riffing/screeching feedback sound then this is worth a listen. £7

HARPON - Beji LP [Kaos Kontrol]

Gotta be honest, this one appealed to me immediately well more than the Haan record above. It's still noise rock I guess, but it's much looser and less METAL sounding, with tons of dissonant, sub-gothic guitar wails all over the shop. There's still stop/start tempos and gruff vocals but I love how it just comes across as an absolute fucking mess. Cool! £7

HC MINDS - The Beginning Of The End LP [Streaks]

Powerful and punchy sludge metal from ex-members of Corrupted and future YOB guys. £5

HEADLESS DEATH - A Hideous Warning LP [RSR]

Rough grind. £7


Hellbastard made maybe the quintessential crust demo, "Ripper Crust", their debut Lp was an absolute classic dank punk/metal hybrid and their second album "Natural Order" was a face-ripping violent thrash belter. But you know what? Nobody gets a pass for life, particularly in punk - a genre which came about from rallying against complacency and musical conservatism - so I'm not gonna crawl up their arses just cos I love their early material, and frankly, this stuff is pretty balls. The music is kinda ok. Stupid intro track aside, it's just standard thrash, maybe a wee bit stop-start Pantera in places, but not a complete disaster. The lyrics are abysmal, just total moron "I hate the system, me" crud. Opening chorus: "We're all bitches now, Nobody gives a shit, Locked on 100 targets, Nobody gives a fuck". Whoa. Somebody overturn the government right now. Herida Profunda play pretty boring hardcore with a crust bent and kinda grind vocals. It's on a picture disc, but rather than put all the info on one of the gazillion inserts that come along with this thing, they've jammed it all on the record, along with the fucking gash new Hellbastard logo, which features skulls, wings, AND GUNS. Thinking I've maybe been too harsh here, but christ, just seems amazing to me that so many people involved in reformed bands these days can be so out of touch with what the score is, probably cos they're surrounded with sycophantic arse candles who tell them everything they come up with is class. Get the Endless Grinning Skulls record instead, guys who've been at it for years who are actually still relevant. £4

HELLISHEAVEN - Abyss Of War LP [Zaraza]

Rough, crusty grindcore from Poland. £5

HIDDEN MASTERS - Of This And Other Worlds LP [Rise Above]

Excellent debut album from this Glasgow three-piece who have been gracing stages here for the past few years, so chuffed to see them get a bit of widespread recognition at last! Given that Rise Above have been plumping for reasonably safe Tesco Value Sabbath kids of late, it's nice to see them release a record by (an albeit very retro-influenced) band who are both diverse and ecclectic in tone and influence. I guess at base is a late 60's psychedelic pop sound but there's electric blues, soul, early 70s prog rock, the odd heavy metal riff and I'm sure I heard a bit of surf guitar in there at one point, all held together with some really sublime vocal harmonies. Really cracking stuff! £17

HIJOKAIDAN - Emergency Stairway To Heaven LP + CD [Cold Spring]

New album from one of the all-time heavy-hitters of not just Japanese noise but noise in general. This new album sees them at their free-form, caustic best...full-blown guitar feedback blowout, screeching electronic tones and mental vocals. As a bonus this comes with a full recent live set of them performing this material. Hijokaidan are definitely a live band (I saw them play Glasgow a few years ago and it was the loudest thing I have ever heard!) and this disc captures them perfectly. Smart picture disc that actually sounds ok. £12

HIRAX - The New Age Of Terror LP [SMG]

After 20 years this was Hirax's comeback album, and it's an absolute rager! Not quite up to the ultimately high standard of the first two LPs but this un's still a topper. Gatefold sleeve. £7

HORSE BASTARD - Giraffetermath 10" [Dead Heroes]

Wow! Really raging and non-stop speed grindcore from Liverpool. Never heard of these guys before but they've probably been in loads of other bands before. This is definitely total paint-stripping stuff and will appeal to fans of UK heroes The Afternoon Gentlemen. Best artwork of the week here too; a great drawing of "Terminator horse vs 50% black metal Robocop"! £4

HOW / VIOLENT HEADACHE - Split LP [Parade/Mundo Mejor/Kremon]

Violent grindcore split. £3

HUMANS THE SIZE OF MICROPHONES - Human Crop Circles LP [Superfi]

Good stuff here, metallic hardcore that has that really massive sound where it's as if ten bands are playing the same thing at the same time. Great! Apparently were due to do a split with Electric Wizard at one point but I cannae see it myself. £6

HYPNOSIS - Moon Of Death And Other Recent Works LP [Urashima]

Sewer Election meets Skull Defekts fro some really minimal cold tape drones. As with all Urashima release, this is limited to 99 copies and apparently comes in luxury packaging, but it actually comes in the cheapest packaging possible: blank labels, printing on one side of a sleeve, insert out a home printer and snide thin plastic wrap. £10

HYPO-CHRISTIANS - Terror During Prayer LP [Haunted Hotel]

Raw, very old-school-sounding grindcore. £7

IC REX - Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia / Lunar Possession 2xLP [Ahdistuksen Aihio]

Absolutely exemplary black metal from Finland, I know absolutely nothing about these guys but the sound is total Burzum demo...real fuzzy, abrasive guitar sounds, desperate vocals and a truly haunting atmosphere. Another of my all-time favourites, Ildjarn, definitely springs to mind when listening to this too. Comes with a bonus LP with the bands demo on too. Highly recommended! £7

IMD'A - In Mancanza D'Altro 12" [ZAS Autoproduzioni plus more]

Incredibly earnest hardcore/fastcore from Italy. The track I'm listening to at the moment has the most out-of-place theremin I've ever heard, but it's not too off-putting. Ace screen-printed packaging. £6

INJEKTING KHAOS - Injekting Khaos 12" [Temple Of Flesh]

Ultra-violent, primal black metal from Greece. A real face-ripper this one, at close range it could definitely flay the skin right off yer chops! Very good, and nice screenprinted packaging to boot. £6

THE INSECT TRUST - The Insect Trust LP [Phoenix]

Excellent debut (from 1969) of exploratory psych/folk/progressive from the US. Sharing a sound maybe with contemporaries Jefferson Airplane, this is often quite acid-tinged but with a definite blues, roots feel. Their second album I think is even better but this is great stuff! £8

INSULTERS - We Are The Plague LP [Trabuc/Equinox]

Members of Graveyard and Morbid Flesh come together to pay tribute to the old guard here with an unapologetic take on thrash/death. It's not going to win any awards, indeed songs like "Dynamite The Mosque" are likely to have them stoned in certain countries, but subtle these guys are not. If punky death metal with songs about putting priests to death whilst drinking beer and fornicating with loose women are your thing, welcome to your new favourite album. £5

INTRO5PECT - Realpolitik! LP [Looney Tunes]

Odd mix of techno and anarcho punk. Featuring members of Leftover Crack. £3

IRON FIST OF THE SUN - We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps LP [Cold Spring]

Great new album from one of the best modern PE acts around. Had the pleasure of coming out of gig retirement to put IFotS on last year and his set was the highlight for me: absolutely brutal and meticulous in their planning and delivery. Played a few tunes of this too I believe! If you're into PE and haven't checked this guy out yet, yer missing out big time pal! I have coloured and black vinyl copies. £8

IZUKAITZ - Otsoa Dantzan LP [Guerssen]

Second (and very slightly more progressive) album from this late-70s Basque folk band. Straddling the early Steeleye Span/folk-oriented Fairport line, this will definitely appeal to 70s folk fans. £8


Dunno about this...electro-pop-sounding stuff, Bookwar has some rapping in Russian on it? Erm aye. Some sleeve damage (one corner bent on all copies) due to snide packaging on its way to me. £4

JESUS CROST - 1986 LP [Rodel]

The 1986 World Cup is memorable for Maradonna's brilliant goal against England and also the one where he beat loads of players single-handedly then scored (see what I did there?). It's also noteable for yet another instance of Scotland being drawn in a pure fuckin brutal group and getting knocked out very narrowly despite definitely deserving to get out their group. It's now also the subject of a grindcore album. Jesus Crost play really catchy grind with dual vocals (one a kinda death rasp and the other that really annoying pig squeal thing); it's often start-stop stuff but sometimes a great riffs kicks in and it's proper good. Each song I assume is meant to be named after a player who played at the World Cup, except John Fashanu never played at a World Cup. Should've named it Gordon Strachan instead. Amateurs. £8

JOTNARR - Jotnarr LP [Superfi]

Black metal speed and tremelo picking meets soaring post-hardcore choruses and up-tempo screamo hardcore bits. I mean I can't think of anything more horrific than fusing these genres and this is about as far from what I'm into as I can think, but don't let that stop you. £8

JOYTHIEF - Crooked-Edge Carnivores 10" + CD [RRSS]

I'm completely baffled by this: the art is a pair of fists with a line of cocaine and streaky bacon making an X on each hand. Are they taking the piss out of straight edge people? Are they straight edge themselves? Are they taking the piss out of lapsed edgers? Why would anyone care? As someone who doesn't smoke, drink, take drugs or eat meat, the idea of defining yerself by what you don't do seems absurd to me now I'm not a teenager, and the idea of criticising someone else for something they don't even more stupid. The cover art is fucking terrible either way. So what do these guys sound like? Ok grind, pretty gnarly. Plenty of pop culture samples taken right out the Spazz book of "how to use a funny sample out of the Simpsons", Chapter One. £4

SUSAN JUSTIN - Forbidden World OST LP [Death Waltz]

This one's a belter, an 80s synth score with a real driving new wave sound to it. Great later Corman space-based splatter film too! £10

KALLOUSED - Damn You Believer LP [Feast Of Tentacles]

A bastard child of doom, sludge and post-hardcore. Might be cos I was listening to Neurosis earlier today but didn't do much for me. Clear vinyl. £8

KATAKLYSM - The Prophecy (Stigmata Of The Immaculate) LP [Animate]

2000 album and I'd lost touch with these guys by this point so this is my first-ever listen to this album. I seem to remember them getting like a hardcore guy in to do vocals but there's no trace of that here, it sounds class. So much so in fact, that I'm keeping one of these for myself! The sound is tempered and more "mature" (ie it's not just all going in totally different directons madness, but it's still ultra-techy and intense. Great! £10

KATATONIA - For Funerals To Come... LP [Peaceville]

An excellent companion piece to Brave Murder Day, this EP came out before it I think and features a whole B side of extra tracks (well two of them!). Superb goth-infused black/doom. £15

KEITZER - As The World Burns LP [7 Degrees]

Grind with a crust/hardcore edge and a definite early Florida death metal influence (some of these riffs are very Altars Of Madness!) going on. £4

KIND EYES - It's Ok, It's Not Ok LP [Superfi]

Congratulations are due here for having the wettest band name AND album title I've ever seen....and both on the one record. I can almost hear these guys giving a mumbled apology for it and I've not even listened to the record yet. Haaaaaa.......take that back! Was expecting a pure sissy weep-fest but there you go, don't judge a band by their poofy name, this is alright. Two piece guitar/drums, very stripped back and reminiscent of mid-90s Dischord I guess, maybe a bit of Kill Rock Stars sound say in there too, good riffs. I dig it. Sorry for making fun of your name. £7

KISSING SPELL - Los Pajaros LP [Essex]

One of the most legendary of the South American early progressive albums, this is a classic of melodic, beautifully-crafted compositions with the odd killer fuzz lead and a transcendental otherwordly atmosphere. Remastered from original master tapes in stereo sound for the first time. £12

KOBORY / METRALLETA - Split 10" [Khhapspmch]

Kobory: very lo-fi (all hi hat and drums way high in the mix) grindcore with great vocals like Oscar Garcia was coming out with on that first Terrorizer record, before everyone tried to be more "extreme" than each other and just ended up sounding stupid. Great stuff! Metralleta: fast screaming hardcore. £4

TAKEHISA KOSUGI - Studio Improvisations, Tokyo 16th and 17th September, 1974 LP [B13]

Debut solo recording from Taj Mahal Travellers man Kosugi. While maintaining the spacey, psychedelic improvisations of THT, this record (which is essentially just a reissue of his debut album Catch-Wave under a different name) is instead two tracks of deep, probing drone. Excellent minimalist music that sits alongside western contemporaries like Cage, Conrad etc. Clear screenprinted sleeve, red vinyl. £7

LAHDON AIKA - II LP [Ramekuukkeli]

Crushing, heavy sludge with a strong crust/dark hardcore influence £5

LAMORT - Jus LP [various labels]

Great new album from one of my favourite nu-sludge bands. Actually, that's not a fair term cos they're not really sludge. They take their cues from Kilslug/Upsidedown Cross, maybe played at a slower pace. Theye've definitely been listening to stuff like Eyehategod in their time, but it's got none of that fucking guff southern-fried riffing that let's face it, fuck all bands except Eyehategod are any good at. Anyway, this is proper twisted stuff love it!! £8

LAST MOVEMENT - Bloove LP [Bloodrock]

These guys are a weird one for me: they're clearly going for a kinda shoegaze/psychy sound but the production is really tight, it really lacks any sort of flow or feeling for me. Know what it reminds me of....Boris! Like that real sterile production psych like the "Pink" album they did, which is the point I got totally fed up with them. Dunno, judge for yerself. It's not really bad I guess, but defo not my thing. £10

THE LAZE - Phantom Of The Opera OST LP [One Way Static]

I'm not sure about this one. On one hand, it's an absolute fuckin' BELTER of a soundtrack...taking in heavy-riffing bum rock, 80s-synth, cheesy guitar, atmospheric ambient parts....but as a score to the original silent 20s classic I don't think it works at all. I just don't really get the motivation behind it really, they could've essentially re-scored ANY film with this soundtrack. So, in summation: get it cos the music's good. Don't listen to it with the film on! £8

LEDGE - Year One LP [Feast Of Tentacles]

Crushing doom/sludge. £8

LEFT FOR DEAD - Mass Media Distortion LP [Looney Tunes]

Melodic old-school punk with an aggressive edge. £4

LIVE FAST DIE FAST - Keep Your Fingers Crossed LP [Full Circle]

Was hoping this band were named after the GG song but I doubt it...this is total 90s NYHC style hardcore. Lots of songs about how hardcore will never die, how everyone's brothers, and gan choruses on every song. If you like 90s-era Agnostic Front, big man with tattoos who wear shorts no matter the weather, bandanas, guitar breaks where everyone jumps at the same time, circle pits, Biohazard, the vocalist pointing his microphone into the crowd a lot, videos with guys walking pitbulls don the street, the prison drama OZ, buttoning yer shirt right up to the top along with really white socks.....then you'll dig this brah! £5

LOADED FOR BEAR / BIZARRE X - Split LP [Dead Heroes]

Raw, savage PV from Loaded For Bear (good name, I still dig The Nuge if no-one else does). This is pretty loose but I really like the savagery of it. Bizarre X should need no of those bands who by accident I manage to have about 20 7"s by. Going since the mid 90s these guys are one of the best of the German grind/thrashcore/PV bands and their side of this LP is top-class stuff, very much in the vein of the early US power vilence bands, with those vocals that sound like the singer's in the middle of eating a huge cake while in the recording booth and plenty of stop-start tempos. Recommended! £3

LOIA - Nodo Alla Gola LP [ZAS Autoproduzioni plus more]

Rough, crusty and dark hardcore. £6

LOST BOYS / IRRADIATES - Split 12" [Impure Muzik/Insulin Addicted/Dangerhouse/Brazos Locos]

Lost Boys give us a couple of tracks steeped very much in the early-80s USA punk/HC style. Think early DOA, JFA and Aganet Orange. The Irradiates play punky surf rock not a million miles from Man Or Astroman? etc. £3

THE LOWEST FORM - Personal Space LP [Harbinger Sound]

Pretty chaotic stuff here, I dunno honestly if I'd call this hardcore. It's probably closest in sound to the more quirky Finn bands of the early 80s. Not bad stuff. £6

LYOTO MUSIC - Lyoto Music LP [Urashima]

Creeping, sparse collaboration between Pietro Mazzocchin (The New Sadism, Observation Clinique, Swastika Kommando) and Pierpaolo Zoppo (Mathausen Orchestra). Great. £15

MANSION - We Shall Live LP [Streaks]

RESTOCK! Another entry into the seemingly-endless tide of "occult rock" bands hitting us like a never-ending late-night Channel 4 Friday night showing of Hammer Horror films, Mansion are neverthless not bad. Hailing from Finland, their riff-heavy stern female-vocal approach isn't a million miles away from countrymen/women Jess And The Ancient Ones or maybe Seremonia. There's a heavy NWOBHM vibe going on here, with precise riffing and a lot of doomy passages. Overall a really solid slice of doom rock with great vox and a stellar production. One to watch out for! Limited to 500 copies only on clear vinyl. £7

MASSGRAVE - Massgrave LP [Haunted Hotel]

Raw, chaotic grind from Canada. £7

MASSGRAVE - The Absurdity Of Humanity LP [Haunted Hotel]

Rabid, crusty grind. £7

MASTER - Command Your Fate: The Demo Collection LP [Animate]

This is A demo collection rather than THE demo collection, which in my mind would imply the band's first recordings. This is in fact a kinda random selection of bonus tracks seemingly picked out the air. It includes the Follow The Saviour EP from 2001, the "Everything Is Rotten" demo from 2005 (which appeared previously as bonus tracks on Slave To Society), and a demo called "The Final Word2 from 95. All good stuff (it's MASTER innit!) but seems like a cheap cash-in to me with no artistic coherence at all. £9

MATTIN - Songbook #6 LP [Crudites]

Mattin is one of the coolest guys going. I love his total dedication to pushing boundaries, his ceaseless energy, and the fact that he thinks the Lou Reed/Metallic LP is the best album ever. This album sees him bring together a bunch of musicians (none of which I know but I'm sure have done stuff somewhere else) and make some cut-up-sounding (but not cut up) OUT-rock. I guess a lazy comparison would be Boredoms or maybe Buttholes at their most non-linear, but this doesn't really sound like anyone, which is really what Mattin's work is all about. Every so often they'll hit upon a TUNE though that shows they're not just fucking about. Ace. £6

MATTIN - Songbook #7 LP [Munster]

I'm not gonna try and dissect the ART behind this cos I'll be honest, I've not given it more than one listen and I feel much of Mattin's stuff requires you to really get inside it and think about what's going on. Musically, there is a lot of spoken word here and the lyrics often seem to be political allusions/confusing rhetoric ("Liberals listen to Leonard Cohen", "Dark....Dick Cheyney.....SATAN!"); musically we have a stellar cast of improvisors channelling the words with some blasting skronk. As with all Mattin's work, this is a difficult one, but his stuff always endures! £6

MAUTHAUSEN ORCHESTRA - Murderfuck LP [Urashima]

Brutal early power electronics from the master. £17

MEAT SPREADER - A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot LP [Behind The Mountain]

Perfectly serviceable grindcore, reminds me a lot of the early 2000's Razorback bands, kinda bouncy and up-tempo. I do think if you're gonna have a manky collage and talk about rusty pots your music should sound a bit more foul. Or really foul in any way at all. Try harder (less hard?) on the next record please, boys. £10

MEDICINE NOOSE / SPEWN - Split LP [Heavenly Vault]

Grotty snail-pace sludge from Medicine Noose. I really like SPEWN. Think they're maybe Russian (their titles are in cyrillic). They remind me loads of Corrupted: they have that really off-kilter plodding style and the vocals rule, tons of reverb and a raw throaty and gruff howl. Sludge rarely does much for me but when it's done well it's great.....and this is done well! £8

MEDICINE NOOSE / DISGUSTED GEIST - Split LP [Heavenly Vault/Dry Cough]

Total Grief worship from Medicine Noose, another success here! Disgusted Geist are much more death metal and have a great early-90s sound with vocals that pretty much all just go "UUUUUUUURGGH....UUUURGGGHH.....UUURGGHHHH". They have slow bits too which gives some room for excellent riffage. Love the artwork for this too, it's just a really abstract picture of something disgusting. Maybe it's like something's innards, maybe it's just a microscope image of a plate of chips. Dunno, looks cool. £8

MELVINS - Stag LP [Music On Vinyl]

It took me a while to get into this one. It was my pal - and ultra Melvins fan - Leckie's favourite Melvins album, and my teenage self should've listened to him, paid more attention and not dismissed the "weird songs that aren't music", cos that's what makes the Melvins GOOD. The idea that they joined a major label (it seems purely on the basis that they were pals with Kurt Cobain) and made music that was probably less viable than the already not-very-commercially-viable gear from before, is very cool indeed. This album was the final straw for Atlantic, and it's pretty obvious why. It's schizophrenic as fuck, with brass, sitar, heavy tunes, ambient tunes, white noise. It's fucked! It rules! Side note: a Funeral Mongoloids album was recorded featuring Pasi from Bizarre Uproar, me, George Mutant Ape and Pekka Gelsomina. We recorded it on a tape machine but I couldn't find any blank tapes in my house, so I just took my copy of Stag on cassette, recorded off a CD in the 90s. Dunno why, but it only recorded over one channel, so that album should be in mono. (might have been even better if the Melvins songs had been kept in one channel tbh!) £17

METRALLETA - Metralleta 12" [Chaos 666]

Powerful, angry hardcore with pure rabid shredding vocals. £4

MICHEL ANOIA - Plethora LP [Underground Pollution]

Savage, caustic and raw grindcore from France. £4

MOKSHA - Sang De Roure LP [Odio Sonoro]

Raging punky metal/hardcore that has elements of HHIG and definitely mid-period (ie To Ride...) Entombed to it. Pretty good!! £5

MORDGRUND - Omnia Intereunt LP [Black Devastation]

Driving old school black metal. Limited to 97. £7

MORKHIMMEL - Ostri Cerne Kosy Zni LP [Insane Society]

Crust core with an early 90s swedish death metal guitar tone. £8

MORKHIMMEL / THE TOWER - Split LP [Insane Society]

Dark crusty hardcore from Morkhimmel meets doom metal from The Tower. I've had stuff in by them before and realy like em, they have a definite 90s euro-doom vibe to them. Weird combo of bands but a nice contrast! £8

MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL - Afraid Of... LP [Soleil De Gaia]

Excellent psychedelic acid rock from France. Very reminiscent of neo-proggers The Bevis Frond, maybe the more freak-out elements of masters like Cream or Jefferson Airplane. Definitely channel the late 60s spirit far more effectively than the anemic shite that passes for "psychedelia" these days. A couple of puffs of low-grade weed, a Grateful Dead album and playing the same boring riff while pretending to be out your tits for 20 minutes do not a psychedelic band make, Tarquin. Fuck off. This is the real deal, though. £10

MURDERS CALLING - All You Need Is Violence LP [Death Crush]

Old school grindcore from Italy heavilly influenced by Terrorizer, Phobia, early Brutal Truth etc. Features members of Ultimo Mondo Cannibale. Sleeves are damaged at top, price reduced accordingly. £3

NACHTHEXEN - Nachthexen 10" [Harbinger Sound]

Amazing all-girl post-punk rager here. Saw them with Sleaford Mods a wee while back and they were superb. £6

NADJA & VAMPILLIA -/imp?'f?k??(???)?n/ LP [Throne]

I've never been a great fan of Nadja (as is probably obvious from any reviews I've given them on here) and that's probably as much to do with my musical tastes than actually thinking they're bad....I just find the kind of music they make really, really boring. So this is a collaboration and I'm writing this very sentence before even listening to it so gimme ten minutes to give it a blast...........(10 minutes elapsed)........This is less "shoegaze" than Nadja's usual stuff, sounding a LOT like early (Absolute Go)-era Boris or Sunn, but it's not got the nice beefy, heavy tone they have and sounds gratingly high-end. Vampillia add strings giving quite a cinematic feel to proceedings. Honestly, I'm still bored and cannae make it all the way through, but I do listen to an awful lot of Graham Bonnet so maybe if you're into this kinda gear I'm not the chap you should be asking. £6

NAILBITER - The Bait LP [La Vida Es Un Mus]

Gloomy metallic hardcore very much in the vein of Anti Cimex (they do a cover here actually!) and maybe Japanese bands like DEATHSIDE. Dark and intense. £8

NAKED STAR - Bloodmoon Prophecy 10" [Voice Of Azram]

There aren't any wheels being re-invented here, but if you like your wheel to sound solidly like doom metal then yer onto a winner here. Pretty cool Ozzy-wannabe vocals, heavy, thick tone and songs where Satan is mentioned every so know the score. Definitely worth a listen if doom's yer thing. £6


Pretty much exactly the opposite that you'd expect from a former member of Hijokaidan, but then, the Japanese noise scene was never best known for its predictable characters! This is pretty much gentle folk guitar, whispy vocals and the odd flourish of lush strings. £8

NECROS - Conquest For Death LP [Fanclub]

Fanclub boot of one of THE classic first-wave hardcore records, and one of the few to release a proper full-length at the time. This is just absolute raging, totally intense stuff from start to finish, and has some of the most memorable tunes from that early first wave. The second record on Touch and Go and never reissued on wax so unless you want to pay over a ton then the only way to get it on vinyl. I checked it against my original and sound isn't quite so great (its clearly been mastered off a good vinyl copy) but totally acceptable for a tenner and it's not exactly a Steinman production in the first place is it? £10

NEGATIVE NULL - Kajegorisch Aggressn LP [RSR]


THE NEW BLACK - A Monster's Life LP [Voice Of Azram]

So just looking at the design of this album cover automatically has me reaching for my shotgun for crimes against composition, but as of now I have not listened to any tunes. Let's Google em and have a go at a song on Youtube. This is total shite. Seems like these guys have a budget behind them? Maybe they're really big and I've just not noticed cos I don't listen to boring bumcore metal. Well, I kinda just have cos I made it through 30 seconds of one of their bent tunes. Honestly, avoid. I'll get rid of these on Discogs. Weird choice for the othrwise ace Voice of Azram. £4

NOFU - Qui Ed Ora 10" [ZAS Autoproduzioni plus more]

The cover of this makes it look like a thrash record but it's very much NOT! This is post-hardcore, but in the "Revelation Summer" idea rather than sounding like fuckin Coldplay which I think most modern "post hardcore" does. Reminds me loads of stuff like Embrace and The Faith (Subject To Change-era), or maybe a wee bit of mid-period Husker Du. Vocals on this one can get a bit grating mind you, after two songs I wanted whatever 5 year-old lassie who sings for them to put a fuckin sock in it. £6

NOMADIC RITUALS / TOME - Split 12" [self-released]

Saw these guys a few weeks ago when my pal put them on in the Note and they were pretty cool. In fact very cool cos they asked me to take a couple of copies of this record to flog. This is slow, ponderous doom which isn't quite sludge, isn't quite funeral doom. I mean...does it fuckin matter what it's called? It's dead slow and sounds like it was recorded in that big creature in Empire Strikes Back that they think is a cave. Tome are dead good. Really repetitive riffing. Very lofi, dirgey sound with vox pushed way back with lots of haunting reverb. Good gear! £8

NOTHING CLEAN - Cheat LP [Superfi etc]

Ultra-intense grind/HC here. There's a fine line between stuff like this which rules and stuff like this which is generic and bland. And honestly, I cannae put my finger on it. But I think this rules! Check them out. £8

OD VRATOT NADOLU - Mercury LP [Superfi/Fuck Yoga]

This absolutely blew me away when I had it in before, so glad to get another bunch of copies in. If you like the brutality of Man Is The Bastard and Zeni Geva, check out these Macedonian mentalists! Face-ripping sonic torment of the best kind. £5

OGRE - The Last Neanderthal LP + 7" [Pariah Child]

Everything comes around; the stoner/doom hybrid is back in style, big time! These guys play a total hard-rockin' style that's equally influenced by Budgie and Thin Lizzy as it is by Sabbath. Catchy, riff-heavy bluesy heavy metal with great Ozzy/Gillan vocals. Comes with a bonus 7" and quality comic book-style art. £12

OMISSION - Pioneers Of The Storm LP [Emanes Metal]

Total old school third-division heavy metal/thrash. Excellent teenage cover art. £10

OMMADON - V 2xLP [Burning World/Dry Cough/Domestic Genocide]

Very slow, ponderous and ultra-heavy doom from Glasgow. These guys were half of Snowblood but this strips back all the post-rock elements of their previous band and focusses entirely on utterly flattening you. Total holcaustal winds of death. Double LP with two songs; if yer into Boris when they were good, Sunn, Corrupted etc this will be yer bag! £10

OMMADON - Empathy For The Wicked LP [Golden Mantra]

Interesting one, here: not quite a proper album, the first side of this was originally released as Ommadon's contribution to the ace three-way tape they did with Coltsblood and Horse Latitudes. Seeing it as too good a tune (all 20+ minutes!) to be just on a limited tape, they decided to make a record of it, with a B-side that comes across like a kinda more esoteric analogue to the more riff-heavy flip. Much as I really like it when Ommadon go for it with the meaty riffs, I quite like the expansive sound of the B-side and it's that one I've been giving more attention to since getting this. The artwork is ace to, black and white etching I think of what seems to be an underground cave, which fits the claustrophobic subterranean sound of this record perfectly. Recommended. £8

ONE VOICE - Break Free LP [Crucial Response]

Total youth crew here. I kinda like how a lot of these modern hardcore bands just carry on like music hasn't progressed in any way for the past 30 years, there's a something quiet nice about picking up a record where without even listening to it everything is exactly the same as a Youth Of Today LP. So, if you're looking for some new and interesting tunes, well, look elsewhere. If you like youth crew and know all the obvious records and want something cheap that won't dissappoint, spend seven quid on this! £7

OPEC/JAZZKAMER LP [Posh Isolation]

Only 50 copies! Fuckin' hell! £7

ORGANISMOS - Manejos Invisibles 12" [Me Saco Un Ojo]

The first time I got this in I wrote a reasonably garbled review of this and wasn't really sure what to make of it. "Doesn't sound quite right...heavilly-processed vocals that sound slowed down"...I was listenig to the thing at the wrong fucking speed. Note to labels: if you release a 45 rpm 12" WRITE IT ON THE LABEL! Anyway, this is quite off-the-wall death metal. At root it's got the South American sound (these guys are from Columbia) but it deviates from traditional song sturcture often. Vocals still remind me of Brujeria, pretty smart. Apparently these guys include a member of PARABELLUM, great underground band! £6

OVERCHARGE - Speedsick LP [Insane Society]

Metal punk which is pretty much just Motorhead. If you dig Motorhead I'd be astonished if you didn't at least enjoy this fleetingly. It doesnae have the charm or tunes of Motorhead but it's enjoyable to chuck on! £8

PANTA RHEI - Panta Rhei LP [Acme]

Early 70s East German jazz/soul/prog fusion here. Pretty cool stuff, reminds me a wee bit of the first Frumpy record or even maybe early Colliseum. £10

PARADISE LOST - Lost Paradise LP [Peaceville]

Debut album which is pretty much the definition of meat and potatoes death metal. I personally love it! Gothic will always be where they blew the doors off for me, but this ne has a dry, ponderous sound to it that just totally captures the raw sound of early death metal. £17

PASCAGOULA - The Path/Cross/The Aftermath LP [Dry Cough]

Really dig this, sounds like Jesus Lizard but heavier and with slow, sludgey bits. £10

DON PEAKE - The Hills Have Eyes OST LP [One Way Static]

Brilliant synthesiser score to Wes Craven's cracking Deliverance-meets-The beverley Hillbillys movie, this one is beyond tense and has that magic 80s synth sound to it. You may not know this but the guy who did this soundtrack also played guitar on River Deep, Mountain High, played in the Everley Brothers, and wrote the theme tune to Knightrider! Beautiful packaging from One Way Static, leading the way with soundtrack reissues. £10

PEEESSEYE - Sci Fi Deathmask LP [Human Sacrifice]

The final ever recordings from bonkers American ex-pat Fritz Welch's free-form trio. Primitive and never restrained, these guys come across very much as three improvisors with a tacit knowledge of what the others are doing, the sporadic noodlings coming together to some brilliant kraut crescendos. An excellent record to bow out on! True to form, the pro sleeves are all defaced with paint and have the logo hand-written in pen, along with various inserts. Mine had a letter written apologising to the neighbours for the noise. £10

GINO PERTOT - Jew Nails LP [Golden Pavillion]

Long-lost (originally only released in two presses of 100 copies) freak-psych-folk from Austria. Often bizarre and straddling a line between whimsy and an acid-freid dark tone, this one is a real underground 70s gem! NOTE: all my copies of these have wee bumps to the top right corners. £9

PINE BARRENS - Kingmaker LP [Superfi]

Firstly: cracking band name! I assume they're named after that episode of The Sopranos where Pauli and Christopher get lost in the woods overnight chasing the mad indestructible Russian guy. Anyway, I digress. This is savage hardcore (with Calum and Shane of the sadly-gone They Are Cowards) with a black metal touch: ultra-fast tempos, stacatto riffing, screamed vocals. Great stuff! £5

PIOGGIA NERA - Danze Dei Miserabili LP [Kalashnikov]

Their debut album is one of the best things I've got in this year so I had to track down the second album and here it is! This takes up just where the debut left off; totally gnarly as fuck evil gothy punk. Really nasty, horrible stuff. I absolutely love it. Proper dark thoughts man. Brilliant. £8

POHJAMUTA / USKO - Split LP [Penny Whistles And Moon Pies]

Pohjamuta play slow sludge (occasionally picking up a wee bit of pace). It's not exactly redefining anything but the vocals are pretty cool early Burzum-esque howls and if yr a fan of sludge you'll find this perfectly acceptable. Usko play a mix of slow sludge metal with raging fast almost power violence-y bits with a total basement sound (the snare sounds like a biscuit tin and the vocals are way higher in the mix than everything else). I'd usually not be into this kinda gear but I kinda like it to be honest, think the total primitivism of it is cool. Limited to 202. £8

PONTIUS PIRATE - Pterodactyl Island LP [Wheelchair Full Of Old Men]

Food and Poopy of Sockeye meet up again to continue their abject stupidity with this new band. Maybe a bit more "psychedelic" than Sockeye, this sometimes comes across a bit like someone with mental issues trying to play Hawkwind. Which is kinda also a description of the Butthole Surfers, ha! As with everything these guys have ever been involved with, ace! £7

PROTESTANT - Reclamation 12" [Halo Of Flies]

Dark and intense hardcore from a band who have spearheaded this style of music, in the past few years there's been TONS of this kinda gear passing through the distro. This is pretty short and sweet, abotu 20 mins runtime I think, but keeps you wanting more. Never lets up at all! £6

JOSEPH PUSEY - In My Lady's Chamber LP [Mandrax]

Originally a private press ultra rarity from the late 70s, this acid-folk masterpiece gets the reissue treatment courtesy of the excellent Mandraz label. Pusey is American, but the sound here is very British, with a big Incredible String Band influence. Some incredible guitar playing going on here, fans of the first Comus record will be all over this! My copies of this have a wee seam split on the bottom of the sleeve. £7

YVES RAKOTOMALALA - Ce Matin Encore LP [Golden Pavillion]

Another weirdo slab of wax from Golden Pavillion, this one is a french guy who recorded an album that sounds exactly like After The Goldrush era Neil Young. Quite a bizarre thing to come out in 1981 it must be said but if you're a fan of Shakey or just like weirdo obscurities then this comes highly recommended! £8

RAMLEH - Conquest Play / Clockwork 12" [Entropy]

BRILLIANT new 12" from Ramleh. One side is a rhythmic post-punk repetitive chug-a-thon that's as memorable as anything they've ever come out with, while the flip is the absolute definition of "industrial": thundering, terrifying metallic noise that is an totally all-encapsulating war on the lugs. Sounds great as a 45. Only 200 copies, get em quick - highly recommended! £8

RANK/XEROX - Rank/Xerox LP [Blast First Petite/Sabtoage]

Post-punk in the vein of old Wire. £7


These guys are a kinda ultra-eager hardcore bands who play fast and have grindy guitars. It's ok but nothing you probably haven't heard from about a gazillion support bands in the past couple of decades tbh. £8

RAVEN - Who Do You See... LP [Golden Pavillion]

Hard-driving mid-70s prog from the USA which brings to mind a more aggressive, to-the-point Yes. This was never released at the time and finally finds a proper release from the vaults of Golden Pavillion! £10

REACTORY - Killed By Thrash 12" [Death Crush]

German thrash that sounds like....german thrash. Very straight-forward Kreator worship here (particularly the gargled/rasping vocals are very Mille Petroza), these guys aren't breaking any new ground at all but if you want an injection of old-school thrash and have worn out your Destruction records then these guys are well worth a listen. £5

THE REALITY SHOW - Liberation Eschatology LP [Face Your Gods]

Blazing metallic hardcore from Finland. Lim 300. £3

ROBANERA - Meco Discordia LP [Death Crush]

Really great punked-up sludgey metal. Definitely a cut above the usual boring sludge bands, this reminds me a lot of early Buzzov.en material. Limited to 300 copies. £3

HARRY ROBINSON - Twins Of Evil OST LP [Death Waltz]

Solid gold classic Hammer flick, this is a great soundtrack, being a kinda odd mixture of austere, almost baroque orchestral sounds and near-spaghetti western stylings. GREAT! £12

ROEDELIUS - Offene Turen LP [Bureau B]

Pretty avante offering (originally released in 1981) from Cluster/Harmonia man. More in the vein of Cluster's more experimental and "difficult" work of the late 70s/early 80s I guess than the more listenable hip gear that most folks are into. I personally dig it! £12

ROTTING REPUGNANCY - Harbingers Of The Last Judgeent LP [Locust Amber]

Decent death metal from the Midlands. Good tight riffing. It's not gonna blow any minds, but total solid stuff. Limited to only 100 copies! £7

RUDOLF BRAUER SEXTETT - Die Schleife LP [Rock O Tronic]

Basement recordings of kinda weirdo avant punk tunes. Dead murky no-fi recording. £4

SAGA - Saga LP [Acid Nightmare]

Sole album by these early 70s prog monsters, formed from the ashes of the genius NOVEMBER. There's a much more heavy and progressive sound here than in their previous band and this album showcases some truly exhilarating heavy prog. Top marks. £9

SAISON DE ROUILLE - Caduta Dei Gravi LP [Heart & Crossbone]

Raw industrial racket comes clattering out of the deep bass throb from this French underground supergroup. Hear the whole thing here: The corners of the sleeves on these are all bashed a wee bit thanks to poor packaging from the label to me, hence the cheaper price. £4

SATURN - Beyond Spectra LP [Rise Above]

Second album from "heavy metal space rockers from Sweden". Honestly, I'm not hearing much space rock here. It's not bad, ut reading the write-up on the Rise Above website about these guys being "IN STARK CONTRAST TO SO MANY RETRO-THEMED BANDS OF THE DAY".....are they, aye? So nay retro-themed bands of the day, aye? Like every other record on Rise Above then. Sorry, I'm being snide, just get tired as fuck at how putting out records has just descended into a really cynical advertising campaign and little else. What's this sound like? It's much more well-rounded than the first album, with a beefier, more "metal" production. I'm thinking kinda Sad Wings songs with a Sin After Sin sound. It's not bad to be honest, but if yer looking for a) space rock or b) something in stark contrast to every other Rise Above band....then buy In Search of Space by Hawkwind. £17

SECOND GRAVE - Antithesis 10" [Pariah Child]

You may know Krista Van Guilder as being the original vocalist/guitarist for doom band WARHORSE back in the late 90s. This sees her resuming both roles in a doom band and the two tracks on here are hopefully a sign of things to come! First song is a bit of a heavy metal galloper, with shades of NWOBHM in the Sabbath riffing. Second track and side is a bit more of a doomer, with a real Hellhound-ian influence apparent. Great powerful vocals too from Krista that will go down well for fans of Wounded Kings, Uzala, Blood Ceremony etc. A top class EP and can't wait to hear what these guys hit out with next! £6


Collaboration between a Slovakian noisecore band Sedem Minut Strachu and noisers Supraphon Family. SMS are one of my favourite recent noisecore bands and are helmed by my pal Rado who is one of the coolest guys I've come into contact with since starting the label, definitely someone who gets what an underground label is all about. This collaboration is absolutely fucking brilliant, totally savage noisecore blasts, blurr meets electronic wipeouts. Not since (Man Is The) Bastard Noise or Endless Bloackade (and various offshoots) has anyone been so successful with this merging of styles. Highly recommended, record of the week! Hluk off! £5

SENSUURI - Hulinaa LP [Svart]

Hook-driven, raw punk rock from Finland. This originally came out in 79 and is definitely one of the best of the bunch of the early Finn-punk scene. £9

SEPTIC TANK - Rotting Civilisation LP [Rise Above]

Old-school hardcore from Lee Dorrian, Gaz Jennings, Scott Carlson, and some other beard. It doesn't live up to the promise of the amazing debut 7" for me, but it's still mroe than decent and blows most new "crust" out of the water. Do find it a wee bit hilarious mind you that we;re getting lyrics here railing against the capitalist system and folk spending all their time on Facebook from a guy who runs one of the most cynical, expensive and un-punk labels about, who give their bands fuck all copies of their wn records and have treated several people I know like shit. I guess what's more punk than being a complete fuckin let-down though, eh? LIMITED EDITION white vinyl! £17

SERPENT VENOM - Carnal Altar 2xLP [Church Within]

Despite being named after one of my favourite doom tracks of all-time, these guys don't really sound very much like Bedemon at all, but are bevertheless very doom-orientated. They come across as quite similar to recent US bands actually like Samothrace and their simplistic but really powerful approach reminds me loads of the great Hellhound band BLOOD FARMERS. One of the best doom metal records to come out of the UK in recent years! Great packaging too like an old pulp book. £18

SETE STAR SEPT / UNHOLY GRAVE - Split LP [Bringer Of Gore]

SSS continue their quest to do a split wih every one of the most prolific bands around by teaming up with Unholy Grave. Got to be hoenst, I'm massively surprised they never did one with these old-school grinders already to be honest, but there ya go. Black vinyl. Sleeve got wavy as a result of water damage in transit. £4


Rough (I guess this gets called "crust's not) hardcore here with kinda death metal vocals. It's far from offensive to my lugholes but it's not gonna change anyone's world. If "blackened crust" or whatever it is they call this kinda thing now is your bag or you just really really wanna hear a vaguey Swedish-sounding guitar but for some reason the first Entombed record doesnae do it for you any more, be my guest! £8

SEX DRIVE - Sex Drive 12" [Crucial Response]

This is what I'm all about! Naming yer band after a Necros's song is always gonna get my attention and these guys are like an agressive mix of them, SSD and maybe early Die Kreuzen. There's plenty of proper metallic pummeling riffs in there and a real disjointed, violent and not-all-there sound to it that makes me think VOID. Recommended! £5

SHEEVA YOGA / DOG EGGS - Split 12" [Dead Heroes]

Power violence/fastcore from both bands. Dog Eggs make me think of a faster Lawnwmower Deth, they're a bit daft really. £8

SHIFT / HH - Full Weight Of The Opposition 10" [Unsound]

Collaboration between the master of expertly-constructed industrial noise and the master of clattering the absolute fuck out of metal stuff. The result is pretty much what you'd expect! £10

THE SICKNESS - Complete Sickness LP [????]

Well this was album of the update before I even listened to it! Absolute legendary dirge-punk band here, Sickness came pre-Groinoids and pre-Kilslug. They released one 7" (which I have but it doesn't have a cover....anyone with a sleeve message me thanks!) but there'd been talk of a bunch of unreleased stuff seeing the light of day at some point....well, here it is! Here we have two more tracks recorded properly during the 7" session. The A side has two more unheard studio tracks for a radio session. The flip is three live tracks, including a rare rehearsal from 1979. Think about it, coming out with shit like this in '79, unreal man! This is totall deranged stuff, not a million miles away from Flipper who I guess most folk consider the masters at this gear. Personally think Sicness/Groinoids/Kilslug are every bit as good if not better. If you have to get one record in this update, go fer this one. If you have to get two, get this and the Bloody Head LP to hear the masters and apprentices together! £10

SIGIRIYA - Return To Earth LP [Church Within]

These guys are formed from 4/5ths of stoner legends Acrimony but this is a little less psychedelic than the aformentioned Welshies and they adopt a more straightforward stoner rock approach that nevertheless nods to classic 70s rock and doom. Doesn't quite hit the heights of Tumali Shroomaroom but then....what does? £12

SILMIENVAIHTAJAT - 1985-1986 LP [Svart]

Total under-the-radar stuff here, know absolutely nothing about these guys but thoroughly enjoying this! I cannot find any info about the band at all but it doesn't look like they ever released anything while they were going. This collection contains over 90 minutes worth of great post-punk with a hard, almost metal edge and the odd foray into widdling weirdness. Maybe a hint of noise rock about them too, I think the closest comparison I can think of is maybe Lubricated Goat? Great stuff anyway and highly recommended. £10

SIORAI GEIMHREADH - Sitting Patiently LP [SuperFi]

Wow, this is fuckin wild. Not sure what to make of it to be honest. It's totally free-form and utterly fucked, it sounds like there's a flushing toilet going on the whole way through it, the guitarist is just playing anything over the whole lot, the drums occasionally start blasting and everything else joins in, and the vocalist (there might be two actually) just sounds like a ranting maniac who's wandered into the recording studio and is trying to ask everyone to stop playing and give him some cider. Think this might be the best release of this update, cos it's completely fucking mental. £8

SKY:LARK! - Skylark 3 LP [Superfi]

Noisy, angular post-hardcore racket. £8

SLEAFORD MODS - Live At SO36 LP [Harbinger Sound]

Mods are an absolutely brilliant live force and this LP captures them at their most visceral. Mainly culled off the latest album but with all the hits on there too. Top stuff! £12

SLOGUN - A Breed Apart LP [Urashima]

Another entry into Urashima's series of reissues of rare Slaughter Productions material, here comes the turn of Slogun, and one of John Ballisteri's earliest releases. This is grinding noise which has a lot of parrallels with contemporaries Bloodyminded. Very influenced by the caustic early 80s wave of power electronics - but much less sparse - with layer upon layer of horrible noise, samples and feedback. Harrowing but brilliant stuff. Lim 99. £13

SLUMP / LIFE ENDS - Split LP [Vulgar]

Slump are grind with mid-tempo sludge parts. Life Ends play fast and harsh grindcore. £4

SLUTET - Livet Dodar Min Sjal LP [Insane Society]

Dual-vocal crust-core from Sweden, featuring members of Warcollapse. £8

SNOWBLOOD - Snowblood 2xLP [Superfi]

Posthumous final album from Glasgow's post-doomers. Really nice chipboard gatefold packaging. £7

SODB - Don Seantalamh A Chuid Fein 12" [Into The Void]

Haunting, minimal, repetitive black metal. It has a real droning quality that's maybe not a million miles away from the american bands like WITTR etc. £7

SOFISTICATOR - Camping The Vein LP [Deathcrush]

These guys are alright: absolutely the opposite of being sofisticated (sic), they play straight-up scuzzy thrash metal with a huge Venom influence. In fact, if Venom had done an album of songs all in the vein of "Teacher's Pet" it probably would have sounded like this. You've got to respect a record with a song titled "Total Flatulence War (When Beans Attack)". Black or green vinyl (lim 100). £6

SONS OF ISHMAEL - Mimsy With The Borogoves 10" [Sell-Out Activities]

Managed to get my hands on a bunch of dead stock of this rager from 1990, all unplayed! Sons Of Ishmael were a hardcore band from Toronto who came out as the first wave of hardcore was dying (their debut 7 came out in 1985), and unlike DOA who left Canada altogether, or Nomeansno who got major distribution and toured all over, SoI remained under-the-radar, and like a lot of later-80s HC bands found more of an audience in Europe than North America. Their Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice is to me one of the finest Canuck hardcore LPs ever recorded, and whilst this isn't uite as good, it's got some great tunes and real dry humour. Bargain, gettit! £5

STRATO'S - Lo Sbirro, La Liceale, Il Maniaco LP [Retro Vox]

There's a kinda trend at the moment for fake film scores (fuck, I even got in on the action....though to be fair the Repeated Viewing record was actually conceived about 5 years ago just took ages to sort it out!). Anyway, this is one of them, dunno the band but looks like it's meant to be a Politzioteschi. Sound-wise it's not far off the money; there's a bit of tape hiss, funky bass, Hammond organ going on, samples. Like a lot of these things the art isn't up to snuff, have hardly ever seen anyone get art to look like an actual old record, presumably because....they don't actually know fuck all about old records. SHOTS FIRED! £8

STRIKE - Back In Flames LP [Jolly Roger Records]

Holy shit this is a fuckin' belter! These guys are famous for having released the first heavy metal LP from Italy it is, along with four bonus cuts! Listening to this as I type I'm astonished these lads never got much of a big name for themselves because this is really top class heavy metal. Really sharp production that brings to mind the best Judas Priest albums (Sad Wings to Killing Machine now you ask!) everything about this record is bang on point and while the obscure weirdo demos from Italy are often amazing, it's nice to head and actual proper album from the country produced within the key period. Highly recommended!! 200 copies on black vinyl. £10

SUBORDINATE - To See Their Demise one-sided LP [Anarchotic/Suburban White Trash]

Heavy crust/d-beat with a very metal sound from Ireland. Covers have a wee bit of wear to them caused by the irritatingly regular slapdash packaging job. £3

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - Pursuit Of Pleasure LP [4iB]

Absolutely brilliant new album from long-running power electronics duo SJ. Taking a similar approach to later Whitehouse, this sets itself apart from the primitive, early feedback experiments in that it is very well-recorded, varied and heavy noise. Dense drones are counter-balanced with ultra high-end feedback and metal clattering, brilliantlly constructed and held together by superb production values. Packaging is great, heavy gatefold sleeve and heavy coloured vinyl. Limited to 300 copies on red vinyl with gold splatters. £14

TAPIMAN - Hey You + 3 12" [Guerssen]

Comp of two 1973 singles from "Barcelona's greatest hard rock band from the early seventies", and it's hard to disagree with that description based on the first track on here: a real heavy-hitting stomper, total high-energy bonehead material with some rolicking moog at the end. Right on! £7

TONY TEARS - 30th Anniversary EP LP [Bloodrock]

New EP from the master of Italian occult horror doom, Tony Tears. He's very strongly influenced by Paul Chain of course, but he's been doing this for 30 years now and arguably while not as out-there as Chain (and I personally LOVE the more out-there Chain moments!), he has honed that creepy horror vibe better than any other band on the planet. This is four new tracks: the two on side A are horror doomers and the other two on the flip are more ambient organ-led tracks in a similar vein to early Jacula/Antonius Rex. Album of the month for me! £12

TELLUSIAN - Collision LP [Pillowscars]

Techy, grinding hardcore/death from Sweden I think. £5

THE TEMPLE / ACOLYTES OF MOROS - Strength For A New Dawn / The Bitter Wind 12" [Topillo]

Temple: these guys rule, absolutely great epic doom metal! No screaming vocals or feedback here, just total hymns of solemnity and twin leads with soaring chorus vocals. Love it! Acolytes Of Moros is still doom but has a much rawer production and harsher vocals. It's very bleak but the thin sound is totally blown away by the majesty of the Temple side. Worth it for them alone, though. £8

TEMPLE OF PAIN - Lord Of The Undead Knights 12" [Bloodrock]

Great, ultra-heavy trad doom from Italy. This is mostly dead slow and incredibly sinister funeral dirges, but not in the snide "DOOOOOOOOM!" beard-and-baseball-core way, just proper heavy-duty tunes for a funeral. Ignore the crap cover art and you've got an utter belter on your hands here! £7

TERRORAZOR - Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust LP [SMG]

Ripping old school grindocre with death and thrash influences. £8

TERVEET KADET - Lapin Helvetti LP [SPHC]

Final LP by one of the finest hardcore bands of all time, period! And they've left on a high note; this record is just as pissed-off and heavy as their early stuff. Never lets up from the start and the riffs are great. Just top notch Finn hardcore, recommended. £8

THISCLOSE - Thisclose 10" [Antisociety]

First release of dis-core with screeching metal vocals. £6


This Ends Here: decent stuff, reminds me quite a bit of Word As Law-era Neurosis. Heavy bits but still with an edge of kinda-melodic punk. Very "crust" production! Conqueror Worm: barberous, savage grind. £7

THOU / HIRS - I Have Become Your Pupil LP [Feast Of Tentacles]

This is a real weird one: two bands doing a split LP with absolutely no information on it in any way at all, and both sides are only Nirvana covers. I've never heard HIRS before so no idea if they've changed their style to accomodate the Nirvana tunes. They do a kind thrash take on the originals with some pretty cool screamed vocals. Not sure if it's two singers or just double tracked. Not greatly fond of the Thou tracks, those vocals man....sound fuckin brutal doing this kinda music and the older Nirvana tunes weirdly sounded miles heavier when Nirvana were doing them. In Bloom is no bad cos a lassie sings it and her vox suit the tune much better. I'll be honest....this record just kinda annoyed me a wee bit and made me want to listen to Nirvana. If you're into either band, really like covers or enjoy novelty records, then wire in! Pink vinyl. £10

THROAT - Short Circuit 12" [Kaos Kontrol]

New EP from the best noise rock band going right now! This is the first record they've put out that I've not been involved with in some way but that's no indication of quality: quite the opposite, it's the absolute business and follows on perfectly from the previous two. Savage, unrelenting, driving dirge. GREAT! £5


Totally on-point raging d-beat from SWEDEN. Alright! £8

TOE TAG - Toe Tag LP [Behind The Mountain]

Essentially The Accused under a different name (they are now known as "Accused AD"), this recording originally came out as a split CD nearly 10 years ago and is resurrected as a single-sided 12". Musically, it's really not a million miles away from The Accused and is much better than the "new" Accused with BRAD from Burning Witch (!) on vocals. It does have "tribute" artwork (Earth AD) which I'm never a big fan of. Yer legends yourselves guys, no need to pay homage to anybody else eh! £10

TOKYO KARANKORON - Go Nin No Entertainer LP [Specific]

Kinda post-punk-ish angular guitar pop from Japan. This isn't my thing at all it must be said, but if yer into jangly, hook-laden pop-rock then this will certainly be yer bag. I know some people tend to like stuff simply by virtue of the fact that it's Japanese. To those people I said: it's a tenner. £8

TOME OF THE UNREPLENISHED - Cosmoprism: The Theurgy - Act I LP [Order Of Theta]

So I guess this is pretty much dictionary definition of "pretentious". Tome Of The Unreplenished....what does that actually mean? A book about things which need refilled? Maybe there's some sort of cosmic origin story....honestly, I could not give half a shit. Anyway, this is actually really pretty decent. Reminds me quite a bit of TOMB. It's mainly a thick murky fog of noise with blasts of black metal occassionally emerging from the gloom. I daresay these guys think they're probably cutting edge and honestly, Abruptum were doing it much more simply and effectively 25 years ago, but this was nevertheless a decent listen and no doubt loads would get more out of it than me. £8

FRANCOIS TUSQUES - La Reine Des Vampires 1967 LP [Finders Keepers]

Superb experimental, improvisational soundtrack to Rollin's earliest vampire films. Really quite disquieting, this is jazzy, fractured and off-kilter and drifts in and out, and adds to the odd, surrealistic atmosphere of the film perfectly. Highly recommended. £12


Inspired, cool-as-you-like jazz soundtrack to early 60s Italian hip-fest Smog, a day-in-the-life-of-an-Italian-stranded-in-LA which more than doffs its cap to the French New Wave style, both cinematically and in this slick score. Great vocal theme as well by Helen Merrill. £10


Long-awaited vinyl reissue of the debut album (there were only 30 copies of their debut put on on CDr...and I got one!). I don't think this album has the tunes of Bloodlust or the songwriting sensibility of Mind Control, but you can hear from a cursory listen that this guy knew what he was doing. Ok, there were a gazillion rubbish sound-a-likes coming in their wake, but to give credit where credit's due, Uncle Acid are a massive cut above the rest! £17

UZALA - Tales Of Blood & Fire LP [King Of The Monsters]

Restock. New Uzala - yes! This is the follow-up to their excellent debut which I had the greatest pleasure to release a year or so ago, and I'm glad to say this one lives up to the incredibly high standards of its predecessor! There seems to be a more epic vibe about this one, with most of the songs coming in at quite lengthy playing times, and there is more of a concentration on atmosphere than riffs, which is no bad thing. Darcy's soaring, siren vocals are even more stunning here, and having only her taking lead on all songs gives the album more of a sense of coherancy than on the debut. One of the best bands around and absolute unequivocal proof that you can do something new with doom! Lovely Tony Roberts artwork and nice tip-on Stoughton sleeves (like the debut). £10

VANEXA - 1979-1980 LP [Jolly Roger Records]

This is a new one to me! Here is a collection of early material from one of Italy's pioneering heavy metal bands. These guys have a total NWOBHM (I'd say NWOIHM but I don't think such a think exists, ha!) sound, with the chugging riffs and punky attitude. The singer even sounds a bit like the gravelling bark of the legendary Paul Di'Anno! Been giving this heavy play the past few days, top notch driving 'eavy metal! There's some wear to the sleeve so price reduced accordingly. £6

VARIOUS - Avon Calling LP [Radiation]

Reissue of this excellent statement of intent from the Heartbeat label, showcasing the best punk bands Bristol had to offer in 1979. Includes Vice Squad, Glaxo Babies, X-Certs, Private Dicks and The Stingrays. £10

VARIOUS - Clone: Play Slow Die Fast Volume III LP [Streaks]

Compliation of sludge/doom bands doing covers. Includes , Fistula, Habsyll, Sollubi and Crowskin amongst others doing some really bizarre covers. Nirvana, Dead Kennedys, Kiss, Neanderthal....some of this is decent. Nice packaging with embossed and die-cut recycled sleeve. £8

VARIOUS - Communal Grave No. 3 LP + zine [Dead Heroes]

Third in this always-excellent series of LPs/zines features big features on all the bands and more. This one features music by and words on: ACxDC, Horsebastard, Fissure, The Kill, Bloody Pheonixand more. £8

VARIOUS - The Few, The Proud: A Tribute To Negative FX LP [RSR]

Excellent tribute to one of the best Boston bands, remarkable for the fact that I think there's more material on this tribute than they ever actually recorded (didn't they only play like 3 shows or something too?). Anyway, 19 songs here, including covers by Pignation, Cripple Bastards, Voetsek, Ruination, Voorhees and Extortion plus many more. £8 £6

VARIOUS - Monomaniac Volumes Two & Three LP [Blastbeat]

Great idea for a comp: 19 bands all doing songs around a minute long! They're all fast of course, but good bunch of styles documented here. Bands include Dephosphorus, Ravencult, Dodsferd, Necrosadist and Witchrist. £8

VARIOUS - Monomaniac Volume Four LP [Blastbeat]

Even better than the last one, this has a few big names on it: Bolzer, Column Of Heaven, Archagathus, Lobotomized and Yuyvr all blast out 1-minute (or so) tunes. £8

VARIOUS - Sepulchral Voices LP [Locust Amber]

Great 4-way split here with Master of Cruelty, Fetid Zombie, Nocturnized and Vomit Church; an EP's worth of material from each! Limited to 250 copies on white vinyl. £8

VARIOUS - Thrashcoreball VI-Live In Ludwigsfelde LP [TVG]

Excellent compilation of some of TVG's best, taken from their annual Thrashcore Ball. Featuring Bizarre X, Wormrot, Saywhy?, Idiot's Parade, Entrails Massacre and Yacopsae. £8 £5

VARIOUS - Tribute To MSBR LP [Urashima]

K2, Sshe Retina Stimulants, Macronympha, Richard Ramirez, Haters and Government Alpha pay tribute by their interpretations of material by one of the classic industrial acts. £12

VARIOUS - Valkoinen Kohina LP [Urashima]

Urashima's output of new bands is of infinitely more interest to me I must say than the constant stream of snide reissues, and this collection is a great example. Focussing on Finland and directed by the stern master Finn behind Sick Seed, Pekka PT, this is a superb collection of contemporary Finnish noise/PE that shows well.....the Finns do it best! Featuring Chloroform Rapost, Edge Of Decay, Silence Of Vacuum, Sick Seed, Snuff, and Unclean, this is a rivetting collection of the highest quality depraved, grimy, power electronics with a very distinct regional sound. A couple of these bands are new to me and I will be keeping close tabs on them cos there's not one act on this comp who isn't superb. Lim 99. £17

VARIOUS - Wild Angels Vol. II LP [Tower]

Second instalment of maybe the most famous biker movie/biker movie soundtrack of all time. Plenty of ultra-fuzz from the grand masters, Davie Allen And The Arrows. If you don't know "Blue's Theme" by now you need to sort yerself out maaaan! £12

VILE INTENT - Machine Into Flesh LP [Dead Heroes]

Power violence from Canada that's very Infest. £5


Violent Frustration: violent fastcore with dual vocals from Germany. Cavernicular: erm....kinda the same but not as fast. £8


VG - hyper-speed grind core, pretty rotten, loose sound. MA - pretty catchy goregrind but with those absolute shit vocals that sound like a wee pig getting bummed. £6

VISITOR - High Speed Savage 12" [Imminent Destruction]

Total fuckin raging, destructive, savage metallic hardcore from Japan. Absolutely NO let up at all in its short run-time! If you dig Gism, Outo, Warhead, Framtid, you WILL enjoy this! £7

VITAL REMAINS - Let Us Prey LP [Peaceville]

Superb debut here, one of the less talked-about death metal classics in my opinion. Maybe not a million miles away from say, "Human"-era DEATH, this isn't a speed-fest but has enough twisting riffs, tempo changes and diabolical lyrical passages to keep any DM fan interested. Great murky sound here and top growls. Essential death metal listening. £17

VUIL - Hell 10" [Alone]

10" version of the best FAST METAL band on the planet! For an in-depth review, go to the "releases" page, cos I released this un on CD! £7

VUYVR - Eiskalt LP [Blastbeat]

Intense, blasting black metal that has an intricate metallic hardcore backbone. £8

VUYVR - Incinerated Gods LP [Blastbeat]

Blasting, unorthodox black metal from a bunch of guys who've come up the ranks of metal/hardcore bands (the drummer was in Knut). This influence shows a lot: there's a full, heavy production and the playing is excellent, and the technicality adds to the cold black metal sound. It's not as atmospheric as I like my black metal personally, but if you're after a full-on metallic rage then this is a good place to go. £8

VYST - Try Again, Fail Again, Keep On Trying, Keep On Living, Gain While Living LP [Vendetta]

Dark metallic hardcore in the vein of His Hero Is Gone. £3

WANKYS - Weapons Of Musical Destruction Plus Wank Mag 8" + Zine [La Vida Es Un Mus]

Nice wee release here; an EIGHT INCH record along with a 12 page booklet featuring comic art, discography and interviews, all in a plain paper bag! 100% pure ultra-distorted noise punk in the finest tradition. £6

WANKYS - Knock One Out LP [SPHC]

Third LP of Jap-style noise punk from these scene vets. This one isn't quite as abrasive as their previous stuff. Mind seeing them for the first time, basically the guitar didn't seem to be playing any tune at all in any way, it just sounded like "sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". So this is well more "musical" I guess, some good tunes going on here. My favourite bit about this record though is the peurile schoolboy snakes and ladders board game enclosed, which seems to be mainly about wanking. £8

WARD - Ward LP [Ramekuukkeli/Tuska & Ahdistus]

Doom metal with gruff death growls. Chugging heavy-duty riffing with quite a mournful sound that is very reminiscent of the Finnish death metal scene and just after I wrote that I see these guys are from....Finland! Great grim serial killer-looking painted artwork. Most copies of this have tiny wee corner dings to a corner. £3

WATER TORTURE - Collection LP [Dead Heroes]

Excellent intense power violence/grind. Pretty standard Dropdead/Siege/Infest worship but with a nice ear for melody (honest) and proper heavy parts. Do it almost as well as AWWFN's own MANGLE! £8

WEICHE - Weiche LP [tons of labels]

These guys rule. Driving heavy duty metal; at first it came across like kinda mid-paced rolling sludge like early Corrupted but there's bit of more rocking material going on there too. Very listenable, good tunes! £6

DAVID WIFFEN - Live At Bunkhouse Coffeehouse, Vancouver, BC, 1965 LP [B13]

Reissue of the debut album by this american folker. This is a great example of sparse, early american folk music. Clear screenprinted sleeve, yellow vinyl. £5

WILD EYES SF - Get In To It! LP [Who Can You Trust?]

Hard rockin' riff-heavy rock from San Fran (duh!). Bit of a throwback to the glut of garage/stoner bands coming out in the mid-to-late 90s, this is decent enough stuff with strong, gritty female vocals and a nice sparse, tough sound. £7

WINTER SEVERITY INDEX - Slanting Ray 2xLP [Bloodrock]

Something a bit different here from Bloodrock. These guys play dark post-punk/goth. The singer sounds like a female version of Robert Smith in The Cure's 17 Seconds/Faith/Pornography period, and in fact the tunes aren't a million miles away either. Think Clan Of Xymox, Xmal Deutchland, maybe the more gothy periods of Siouxsie And The Banshees or Depeche Mode. Dark! Very recommended from me. £12

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS - Light Rotting Out LP [Streaks]

Restock! Claustrophobic tortured doom from Ireland. Very gloomy stuff highly recommended! Lovely gatefold sleeve and heavy inner too. £7

YACOPSAE - Tanz, Grosny, Tanz... LP [Vulgar]

Full-length from one of THE most intense, full-on powerviolence bands around. I remember getting their record on Slap A Ham back when I was at school and - despite being heavy into Napalm, Carcass and all them, thinking "jeez, this is a bit much, innit?". And by that, I mean...this is fucking great! £8

AHMAD ZAHIR - Volume 2 2xLP [Guerssen]

A fascinating blend of traditional Afghan music with a late 60s/early 70s psychedelic edge and some excellent crooning from the man Zahir. £8

ZEPPO - Mue LP + 2xCD [Action Ecoanarchiste]

Superb anarcho punk from Switzerland. These guys have been going for 20 years now and this is a great idea: a new LP of raging, angry Euro punk with plenty of gang choruses and razor-sharp guitar leads, along with a CD version of the album, as well as a 21-track retrospective CD with tracks covering their entire two decades as a band. Great value package! £5

ZODIAC - Menschenstaub 12" [7 Degrees]

Sort of a cross between hardcore and death metal with the odd ambient soundscape thrown in for good measure. £3

ZODIAC - Rasierter Affe 10" [7 Degrees]

Intense and powerful metalcore from Germany. £3

ZOS KIA / COIL - Transparent 2xLP [Cold Spring]

Essential early document of the creation of Coil, when membership, aesthetic and style was still very embryonic. This double LP set reissues the tape credited mainly to Zos Kia, featuring at the time John Balance who, along with John Gosling, was still playing in Genesis P-Orridge's (oc)cult-obsessed free-form collective Psychic TV. Their ultra-dark, tribal tracks are total early industrial in their sound and execution, and fit well with the first Coil recordings: Manson, Crowley, Spare are the obvious inspirations and thematic touchpoints. The music here can often be a wee bit aimless but it represents a time of total juvenile musical and artistic freedom, and showed Balance what he was capable of and where he could take Coil in years to come. £17

VINYL: 7"s


ACTIVE MINDS - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum 7" flexi [Looney Tunes]


ACTIVE MINDS - Behind The Mask 7" [Looney Tunes]


ACTIVE MINDS - Recipe For Disaster 7" [Looney Tunes]


ACTIVE MINDS - The National Lotta E 7" [Looney Tunes]


ACTIVE MINDS - Bury The Past: Build The Future 7" [Looney Tunes]


ACTIVE MINDS - New Puppets: Same Old Machine 7" [Looney Tunes]


ACTIVE MINDS - The Storm Before The Calm 7" [Looney Tunes]


ACTIVE MINDS - The Freedom Of The Borough 7" [Looney Tunes]


AENAON / SATANOCHIO - A Parallel Zoetrope 7" [Floga]

Another day, another death metal split seven inch with an utterly redundant title meant to sound clever but which actually means nothing at all to anybody. Aenaon are driving, mid-paced death metal whilst Satanochio (where do these guys come up with these names?) play quite lo-fi death-ish chugging metal. £2

AGATHOCLES / PAUCITIES - Split 7" [Loads of labels]

More noisecore style from Agathocles. Paucities sound more Agathocles than Agathocles do! £2

AGATHOCLES / CUM SOCK - Split 7" [Vulgar]

You have to wonder how people come up with their band names. I mean, when people in the real world ask about my record label, I feel a bit of a twat saying "oh it's called At War With False Noise", cos they look at you like "ah, very good mate". Now, let's be clear, I don't give a floppy shite what people think about me, but if I was to get speaking to someone and ask what their band was called, and they said "Cum Sock", I'd probably say "ah, I realise you are a total roaster. Goodbye!". Cos only a total roaster would call their band Cum Sock. So anyway, I've just put Cum Sock on my stereo and they are total turd. The Agathcoles side is much better, actualy some decent grindcore rather than a lot of the sub-par plop they've been churning out the past few years. £4

AGATHOCLES / MPG - ....And The Loser Still Is.... 7" [Rodel]

Always find it amazing how AxGx make themselves to be proper right-on then release records by bands who have songs like "Magic Johnson Has The Good AIDS". So MPG are basically a bunch of children making boring music that sound like Spazz if they were a bunch of children. AxGx is as boring as they have been really since they gave up trying about 20 years ago. I see Ratgirl Records is involved in this one too, people still happy to deal with that snidey wee thieving cunt? RIGHT ON! £4

ALI AGCA / WOJTYLA - Split 7" [COPSA/CYC/Drop Out/etc]

D-beat meets grind, from Spain and Poland. £ 2


Anarchus are one of the earliest grind bands from Mexico and their "Total Hate" demo is a lofi grinding classic. This track, honestly, is isnae. It's a Lords Of The New Church cover (?!) and it's a kinda black metal-sounding novelty and little more. Disrotted give a song of plodding heaviness that works better than the big long songs; Corrupted and Grief showed that brevity can work for slow music, not everything has to be an epic slug-a-thon! £3


Kunal calls this side from AOBW "a sped-up Keelhaul partying with Motorhead". I'll go with that! Harrowed play a pretty 90s-sounding PV with some dbeat and slow parts. £4


AOBW are as great as usual: noise rock, complex hardcore, top class. Nervous Mothers are quite Coalesce-esque seering walls of hardcore noise. £4

ATOMIC CRIES - Suspended Between The Mouth Of God And The Fist Of Man 7" [Svart]

Debut 7" of lo-fi doom. It's nice to see a new doom band coming out with something that deviates entirely from what's "cool" at the moment and there's no horror samples from films the band members have never seen or a goaty tit on the cover art anywhere to be seen. Given that Andy from Persistence In Mourning is involved here, PIM isn't a bad starting point as this is total troglodyte sludge, sounds totally out of tune (but in a good way haha) with great solemn gothy vocals. Actually the goth/doom comparison isn't a mile wide and they bring to mind the two best proponents of that style, namely SEVENCHURCH and STILLBORN. Top marks! £2

AXESLAUGHTER - Of Catharsis And The Dying World 7" [Against Audio]

Fucking great death etal from Finland. Primitive, simplistic, with a rotten sound and deep, filthy, heavy tone and funeral dirge to coffin-splintering speed at the drop of a hat. Even the band's logo is fuckin cool, not enough people have an arm wielding a weapon in the logos any more! £3

AXT / BLUTHUF - Split 7" [Bluthuf]

Powerful grindcore from Axt meets slower crust(core) from Germany's Bluthuf. £2

BASTARD - Bastard 7" [RSR]

Excellent crossover from Caper of Righteous Pigs and Tony Costanza (original Machine Head drummer/Crowbar) £2

BASTARD NOISE / THE COMMUNION - Split 7" [Haunted Hotel]

Tribute to the Communion singer Lee Altomare who sadly died. Communion side is the final tracks he recorded with them: dense, precise grind/PV. BN do a haunting soundscape in tribute. £4

BEAST AS GOD / CROWS - Split 7" [Feast Of Tentacles]

Beast As God: really heavy kinda early-Neurosis-meets-mid-period-Neurosis. If you remember the ace Logical Nonsense these guys sound a wee bit like them! Crows: pummeling sludgy hardcore. £4

BEELZEBEAT / KAMISORI - Split 7" [ZAS Autoproduzioni plus more]

Beelzebeet sound like the Cramps playing grind. The closest comparison I can make is the genre-fucking CSSO. It's interesting! I hear a lot of pretty meh stuff these days so it's cool to hear a band just playing something weird. £3

BEG - EP 7" [Superfi]

Members of Afternoon Gentlemen and Art Of Burning Water hit out with a proper grinding chug-fest. Decent! £3

THE BLACK COFFINS - III: Graveyard Incantation 7" [252]

Decent rocking stuff here, reminds me loads of mid-period Entombed, with harsh throat-stripping vocals but really catchy riffs. £4

BLACK TEMPLE BELOW / AUSTERITY - Split 7" [Bubonic Doom]

Black Temple Below: mid-paced, driving doom, pretty twisted and with a great clarity of sound. Top! Austerity: snail-paced doom-death. £4

BLUE HOLOCAUST / EXPURGO - Split 7" [Troskot/Zas/Shove/High Voltage]

BH play Giallo-inspired goregrind before it became in-vogue to do so, cracking stuff! Their album is well worth checking out too I should mention. Expurgo play top-notch punky grind with that hi-hat snare really high in the mix sound with ultra-harsh vocals. Highly recommended split! £3

BOMBANGREPP - Forradd Av Samhallet 7" [Phobia]

Great fast hardcore with raw vocals. £3

BROKEN BRAINS - Broken Brains 7" [Our Future]

Great ultra-fuzz hardcore/noise punk from a fabled Japanese hardcore band who may or may not exist! £3

BRUMM BRUMM BOESE - Endliche Platte 7" [TVG]

Intense grind punk from Germany. £2


No-frills, gutteral old school grind, grinding like it's 1989. £2


Relentless death metal from the USA and Poland, very Suffocation-like. Breakdowns-a-hoy. £4

CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE - Chili Con Carnage 7" [Bringer Of Gore]

Live recordings from this grind/gore outfit in the vein of Last Days Of Humanity. £2

CHAMBRE FROIDE - Des Allies Et Des Rats 7" [Wee Wee]

Great driving, mid-paced, lo-fi, filthy black metal from France. £4

CIBO / AIRLINES OF TERROR - Split 7" [Hecatombe/Zas/Underground Pollution]

Cibo play a kinda grind 'n' roll style, pretty catchy. Airlines Of Terror play a very Eastern block style of punk rock that reminds me a bit of The Pogues, bouncey punk with a big folk element. £2

CLOSURE - Closure 7" [Feast Of Tentacles]

Infest-style PV/HC from Leeds. £2

CONSPIRACY OF EQUALS - Grand Illusion 7" [Dog Day Sunrise]


JESS COX - One In A Million 7" [Neat]

Cracking debut single from ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang singer Jess Cox. After recording their debut album, Wild Cat, Cox left to pursue a solo career. It never went much further than an album and a couple of singles (this being the first one) but this is decent hard rock which covers similar ground to mid-period Rainbow if not maybe with the god-like guitar playing. Warehouse find - mint original from 1983 (wee bit of storage wear to the sleeves) £5

CRYPTIC REALMS - Eve Of Fatality 7" [Bloody Productions]

Dead old school death metal that reminds me loads of Obituary; same rolling sound, sick guitar tone and the vocalist is even reasonably similar (though not as good obviously!) to John Tardy. Definite hints of MASSACRE in here too (hey!). Really like these guys, will be keeping an eye out!! £4

CSMD / AxSxHx - Split 7" [No Fucking Labels]

Sci-fi monster noisecore vs pissed-off fastcore. Red vinyl with bi centre hole 100 copies. £2


Excellent live tracks from my favourite sci-fi noisecore band meets new NC guys on the block, Nekromantiker. Excellent split! £3

CSMD / NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU - Split 7" [Ratgirl/Jerk Off]

Great new sci-fi blurrcore from CSMD - they always deliver - versus long-running noisecore heroes from Brazil. I'll state now clearly that these came in trade from Jerk Off and he'll be getting fuck all in return from me, hopefully sales of these 7"s will go some way to paying for the dosh he shafted me over from the Agathocles debacle. Note to labels: don't ever work with this shady little weasel. £3


As-always, brilliant space age noisecore from CSMD. Harsh, cavernous-sounding noisecore from ED. £3

DADDY NO! - Daddy No! 7" [Chipped Teeth]



Dark Mother: supoib doom which brings to mind Acid King loads, not just cos of the vocals (which are DEAD similar), but the general crushing heaviness/soaring melody. Top! Shrykull: pretty good raw sludge with screeching, tortured vox. £4

D-BEATLES - D-Beatl:s 7" [Rakalevyt]

That name.....fuck sake. I fucking HATE wacky names. I fucking hate wacky anything actually. People especially, do my nut. "Here's my friend Tony, he's CRAZY!". Bet he's no. Sure fire sign of an absolute wank. Anyway, this isnae d-beat at all, there's the odd bit that sounds like 80s Finn or Swede hardcore which is cool, but more often than not it's just pretty bland euro HC/"crust". This came in the batch with the tanned sleeves, so free if you buy something else. £0

D-BEATLES - D-Beatles 7" [Rakalevyt]

This 7" is a complete departure from the one above, where the D-Beatles take you on a musical oddysee of light and shade, peace and war, fragility and violence; Moog tones pushing through complex, eccentric twin guitar interplay and jazz drum fills. A musical tour de force based on themes from Proust's "À la recherche du temps perdu". Only kidding, is it fuck. Sounds like the other one. Free. £0


DU: mid-period Husker Du stylings; Credentials: quite late-80s Dischord sound. £2

DESGUACE BENI - A Tumba Abierta 7" [Truco Esparrago]

Driving instrumental garage rock from Spain, bit surf-ish in places. £2

DISCARD - Death From Above 7" [Insane Society]

Reissue of early Discharge worship (was this the first Dis- band?) from members of Mod 47. GREAT! £4

DISCHARGE - Never Again 7" [Havoc]

This is post-"Why?" and maybe my favourite Discharge 7". To me, it was them at their most potent, and is probably the blueprint for the Dis-sound that so many bands rip off nowadays. I got this when I was in my early teens and the impact of it is still pretty much the same when I stick it on now. If you don't have this record in your collection you ain't no punk, punk! £4

DS-13 - Aborted Teen Generation 7" [Havoc]

Top class late 90s hardcore from Sweden, but more in the USA angry-youth vein than the usual raw D-beat sound of most Scandi hardcore. £4

ELDORADO / SCALARE - Split 7" [Heavy Chains]



Restock! Really catchy, punky grindcore from Embalming Theatre that's very reminiscent of the Razorback roster from a few years back. T-13 play very a sort of thrash metal/grindcore fusion, that remains chaotic enough to be very much on the "core" side of things! £4

EMERSON - Something Special/Stars In Hollywood 7" [Neat]

Another one-single wonder from the early days of Neat, whilst a lot of bands did a cracking 45 and things conspired against them, in Honesty Emerson are probably best consigned to the bargain bin. This isn't really very NWOBHM at all and kinda plunders the depths of Journey-esque AOR, resplendent with naff keyboards and big hair. Worth it as a curio but little else really. Warehouse find - mint original from 1983! £1


Un fuckwith-able pairing here. Wadge are the most original grind band going and EB were the most forward-thinking PV of their time too. Restock on orange vinyl. £3


Crusty grind from Endless Demise (ex-Nausea/Excrutiating Terror) and old-school no-nonsense grindcore from SOTI. £2

ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS - Endless Grinning Spirits 7" [Viral Age]

New EGS, yes! Brilliant anarcho-inflected raw hardcore, and as you may have noticed from the title, there's a definite Japanese influence going on here too. Great stuff as ever. £4

ERECTILE DEMENTIA / MADRE COCA - Split 7" [No Fucking Labels]

Fast grinding noisecore from ED meets out-there psychy blasts from Madre Coca. £3

EVIL SURVIVES - Judas Priest Live/Dragonslayer 7" [War On Music]

Speed metal from Canada, sense these guys' tongues firmly reside in their cheeks. Nevertheless good stuff, with wailing tight-codpiece vocals and Ed Repka artwork for added authenticity. £2

FANTASTIKOLHOLE / YATTAI - Split 7" [Obskure Sombre]

Complex "mathcore" (sigh) meets raging grind, both from France I believe. Blue vinyl. £2

FAUX PAS - Stoy = Gull 7" [Turgid Animal]

Collaboration between Lasse Marhaug of Testicle Hazard and everyone else, and Sten Ove Toft, who I had over to play once a few years ago and who pissed himself whilst asleep on my rug. True story. Music: very harsh, face-drilling noise, brutal stuff. £2

FLEURETY - Et Spiritus Meus Semper Sub Sanguinantibus Stellis Habitat 7" [Aesthetic Death]

Recent-ish 7" of avant black metal from this impossible-to-pin-down band. I'm not even sure what the heck you'd call this if I'm honest, there's BM-style tremelo picking, classic rock guitar licks and weirdo vocals, along with odd tempo changes and time signatures all over the shop. If you like your metal with a strange, off-kilter edge, these guys are yer new favourite band. £4

FORMBY CHANNEL - The Inimitable 7" [Noise Punk]

Great noise punk from Roddy of Atomgevitter and Mark from The Wankys. Blue vinyl £2

FORMBY CHANNEL - The Saucy Seaside 7" [Noise Punk]

Top class noisey punk in the Japanese style, in tribute to George Formby. I don't know what that's all about either! Clear vinyl £2

440 - 440 7" [RSR]

Very simplistic, repetitive caveman grindcore with one riff battered into submission. Works really well, I like it! £2

FROM THE ASHES - Heading For Dystopia 7" [TVG]

Razor-sharp, no nonsense grind! £2

GATTACA - Gattaca 7" [Dog Lovers/Halo Of Flies/Music For Liberation]

Interesting female-fronted crust from Czech Republic. This is very mournful crust and features cello at some points (!). It definitely fits the melancholic "vibe" though, an interesting listen. £2


Godeater play old-style power violence (Infest/No Comment style) whilst Kurt Russell (argh stop the comedy names!) play chaotic grindcore. £2

GODHOLE & CROZIER - Anthrophobia 7" [RRSS]

Collaboration between power violence/grind mob Godhole and long-running At War comrade Deek of Messiah Complex/Sufferinfuck etc. Deek's noise certainly adds to the grind, but I found myself enjoying the bits where he added his walls of static way more than the music if I'm honest. £4

GODORRHOEA - Zeitgeist 7" [Looney Tunes]

Mid-80s punk reissued, very Rudimentary Peni sounding. £2

GODSTOMPER / TERSANJUNG 13 - Split 7" [Fat Ass]

Long-running grinders Godstomper hit us with a new split not a million miles away from the old-school grind they've been doing for years now. Tersangjung 13 seem to be doing quite a lot of stuff these days, decent thrashy hardcore/PV-sounding grind. £2

GO WHITE BRONCO - Life As A Monument 7" [86'd]

Acoustic poof core. £1



GREED FORCE - 7 Inches Of Disppointment 7" [Suburban White Trash]

Starting off with a sample of Jeremy and Super Hans from Peep Show, this is fast crust/hardcore, bordering on grind territory. I think the vocals stink to be honest, Sounds like the guy's trying to make a screaming sound but without waking up his mum in the next room. £2

GRINDING HALT / SUFFERING QUOTA - Split 7" [De Graanrepubliek]

Faster than the other 7" above, on this one Grinding Halt are a bit more Iron Lung. Suffering Quota aren't a million miles away and have a bit of a screamo (fuck, did I just say that?) sound to em, remind me a bit of Orchid. £2


We Are Idols are punky death n roll band from Poland (and do a cover of the Fear classic I Love Living In The City). GPP are post hardcore/doom type stuff that I think sounds like fuckin' Coldplay but with shouting. £2

HAKARISTI - Hakaristi 7" [Legion Blotan]

Beyond primitive black metal from Finland, originally released on Filth And Violence on tape. Total raw sound and noisecore recording fidelity, love it! £3


EH: grinding hardcore/UV: blackened grind. £4

HARK - Mythopoeia 7" [Superfi]

Ex-Taint, who I saw about 20 years ago now! Think it was supporting Electric Wizard maybe? If any members of Taint are reading this, did you ever support Electric Wizard in Glasgow? Or maybe Cathedral? I dunno. Anyway, I remember them being quite good. This is also quite good. Heavy duty riffing, sludgy but powerful and with a hardcore edge. Nice printed acetate sleeve. £4


Ultra raw, lofi noisecore in the early 90s style by both bands. Great stuff! Cool smoke coloured vinyl. £2

HARVEST BELL - Wheel Of Foretaste 7" [Bloodrock]

Great retro rock from Finland. Total soaring power chord-a-rama. £4

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS - Minotaur/Trout Fishin' Man 7" [Heavy Baby Records]

Superb 7" here: absolute riffage! Repetitive uber-metal riffing, great heavy tone and vocals buried deep and swirling somewhere beneath the surface sludge. Top marks. £4

HOLY MONEY - Holy Money 7" [RSR]

Heavy as fuck sludge (Swans reference in the name there) from Alex of Hatred Surge/Mammoth Grinder/Insect Warfare etc. £4

THE HORROR / WAR ALL THE TIME - Split 7" [Zandor]

Absolutely storming split between two of the best hardcore bands in the UK right now. £2

HORROS - Horros 7" [Johnny Park Avenue]

Extreme Noise Terror worship from these Finns. Grey vinyl. £2

INFANT DEATH - Funeral Massacre 7" [Bloody Productions]

Really harsh, uncompromising black thrash from Italy. Rough stuff! A massacre at a funeral as well, what a shitter that would be, eh? £3

INSOMNIA ISTERICA - Alcoholarchy 7" [Dead Heroes etc]

Savage drunken grindcore. £3

IRON MERDA - Iron Merda 7" [Desorden/1984/Rodel/Old Kids Brigade]

This 7" starts out with exactly the same sample as Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast". So once we've heard that we should let he who hath understanding know the number of the beast and just before "I left alone, my mind was blank", we instead hit by the sound of a fart and then some lofi basement crust punk. Much as I live by the religion of Maiden and would never desecrate their legacy in such a way, the tunes on here are actually top fuckin drawer and you cannae argue with a record that has a wonderfully-rendered line drawing of a big curly jobby poking out the porcelain on the front. £2

JACK AND THE BEARDED FISHERMEN / HOMBRE MALO - Split 7" [Odio Sonoro/lots of other labels!]

Stoner/sludge and heavy rock. £3


Poland meets Germany in friendly combat in this grindcore split. £2

JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN / TORTURE PULSE - Lair Of The Wretched 7" [Funeral Industries]

Prolific Swede Rogga Johansson teams up with death metal legend Phil Speckmann for this uninterestingly-monikered band. Rollicking death metal is what's going on here, got a bit of a "death 'n' roll" sound to it. I really like the Torture Pulse side, more raw with quite a thin but jagged sound. They're from Finland but very much have an early-90s Entombed vibe. Limited to 300. £3

KALI VS ULTIMATE BLOWUP - Split 7" [7 Degrees]

Spastic hardcore from Kali meets heavy grind from Skatat members. £2

KARANTEENI - Haluan Toimintaa 7" [Svart]

Restock! Melodic Finnish punk rock, this is their second 7" from 1979. £4

KEITZER / DAS KRILL - Split 7" [7 Degrees]

Keitzer play black/death metal-influenced grindcore. Das Krill aren't a million miles away from stuff like The Locust with keyboard-driven chaotic grind. £2

KOBORY / GODDAMMIT - Split 7" [Khhapspmch]

Old old school grind meets all-out noise war from Goddammit. Again quite like Hellnation, sounds like maybe a girl on vocals? Top notch! £2


Thrashing metal punk from Russia meets a great band from Finland with a ridiculously long name who shared a split with our own Filthpact last year. 80s-sounding Finn punk is the name of the game, and this side features, as the label says "Dik" from Oi Polloi on vocals, which I can only assume is DEEK. Crazy Europeans. Red vinyl.£3

LAHDON AIKA / FROGSKIN - Split 7" [Ramekuukkeli]

Heavy sludge metal from both bands. £2

LIFE POSSESSION - Miliony Let 7" [Aback]

Raw crusty d-beat from Czech Rep, very much in the early 80s UK/Finland sound. Blue splatter vinyl. £2

LOST BOYS - Work. Life. Regret. 7" [Trabuc]

Old school melodic hardcore from France. £ 2

LOVE POTION - Intimacy 7" [Hate Ape]

Excellent Danish hardcore with a bit of a crusty sound, comes across like Motorhead playing Lipcream songs. I think. £3

MACHETAZO / RAS - Split 7" [Equinox]

None-more old school grindcore from both bands. Looks like this may be the last Machetazo record too, shame! £2

MANGLE / FETUS CHRIST - Split 7" [Feast Of Tentacles]

Mangle are one of the best UK bands to come out in the past decade for me. Total stripped-down, brutal PV that sounds like it could've come out of the Slap-A-Ham days. Ace. Fetus Grinder are a lot more all-ver-the-place but still pretty raging grind/HC. £4

MATKA TERESA / SAKATAT - Split 7" + zine [Drop Out]

Restock! Grindviolence from Holland's Matka Teresa meets old school rough grind from Turkey's Sakatat. £3

MATKA TERESA / TERROR OF DYNAMITE ATTACK - Split 7" [ZAS Autoproduzioni plus more]

Furious grindcore from Netherlands and Indonesia. Matka Teresa always deliver the goods and Indonesia remains an absolute hotbed of blasting grind. £4

MAUSOLEUM / HAEMOPHAGUS - Split 7" [Equinox Discos]

Mausoleum offer up a pretty straight-up cover of gore legends' Impetigo's Intense Mortification whilst Haemophagus give us three new horror-inspired death metal numbers. Kinda went off Haemophagus when one of the guys from the band bought a sealed LP off me on Discogs then gave me bad feedback when it turned out to be a different colour than advertised. "But it wasn't as advertised" I hear your shrill wee girly voice pipe up from the back off the room. Fair point, sparky, but all these nu vinyl "collectors" want their shit sealed these days (presumably cos they're not gonna listen to it) and the description did say "I DON'T KNOW THE COLOUR" in capital letters. It's got to be put under SOME listing, right? I realise I've given more time to moaning about why this guy's a fucking tool than I have to the reasonably boring music on this 7", but honestly the five minutes I spent sending him a message calling him a twat through the Discogs messenger system had more impact on my life than his music is ever likely to. £4


Mellow Harsher....jeez, they really are pretty harsh! Dead fast, every song under 40 seconds, full-on stuff. Internal Rot are punky grind from Oz, quite good but not matching the intensity of Mellow Harsher. £4

MEN AS WITCHES - Drone & Domination 7" [Witch Bukkake]

Excellent power violence with loads of slow sludgy parts and gruff, deep vocals. Took me back to the late 90s this one did! £3

MESMER - Peace In Progress 7" [Svart]

Took a punt on this and was a bit gutted when it came in wih a piss-takey Bathory Goat sleeve. Then I heard the music and it was worse. Psych-y, hip, tight-trouser-wearing nonsense. Watch out, Rise Above Records! £1

THE MILD - Left To Starve 7" [RRSS]

Reasonably good wall-of-noise grindcore from Italy. £4

MOB 47 - EP 7" [Insane Society]

AKA Karnvapen Attack. One of the absolute best Swedish hardcore records (my personal favourite!), this is just brilliant fast, crushing hardcore from start to finish. It's just insanely fuckin pissed off. The tone of it is just perfect, I absolutely fuckin LOVE this record! £4

MOLOCH / DISROTTED - Split 7" [Feast Of Tentacles]

Sludge/drone doom. £4


Goregrind double bill. Yellow vinyl. £4

THE NEFARIOUS INTEGRATION - Articles Of Execution 7" [Inverted Inhumation]

Right good raging death with a bit of a stenchcore sound. Mid-paced with plenty of "oogh"s. I really like this total simplistic sound, sometimes that is all you want from death metal! Lim 200. £2

NOISE COMPLAINT - Fuck Off And Thrash 7" [Suburban White Trash]

Noisy, snotty hardcore that reminds me very much of Charles Bronson and a lot of those mid-90s "thrash" bands. Decent stuff. £2

NUCLEAR CULT - Internal Aggressor 7" [Rodel]

Really good gear here, gloomy hardcore/grind, very dark but with great tunes. £4

NUNSLAUGHTER / SLOTH - Split 7" [Hell's Headbangers]

Reissue of a 10-year-old 7" with hideous artwork: an terrible cartoon of a sloth-like ninja slaughtering nuns (gettit? clever!). Sloth's tune is an absolutely amazing tale of a "nerdinja" (@you are a nerd and you are a ninja - nerdinja!"). Nunslaughter side is some boring death metal. I guess this is just coming out so Hell's Headbangers can get some instant coin from yet another Nunslaughter picture disc that people seem to be desperate for, for some reason. Doubt they give half a shit about the brilliant SLOTH. £4

PARANOID - Praise No Deity 7" [Konton Crasher]

"The loudest 7" you will ever hear" proclaims the liner. Dunno about that (have you heard SPENDING LOUD NIGHT?!), but not far off! In-the-red metallic punk fury, the fuckin best!! £4

PATARENI / BUREK DEATH SQUAT - Split 7" [Haunted Hotel]

Unrelased gear from 2002 from legens Patareni meets a Patareni side-project (I think) wih Guilio The Bastard on vox. Not bad, I think the songs are all Japcore covers but info on the sleeve is hard to understand. £4

PAUCITIES / CHULO - Split 7" [Inverted Inhumation]

Excellent mincecore-style grind from Paucities (who feature one Adam Jennings of Winters In Osaka on vox) meets even more buzzing ultra-raw grind from Chulo. Material on this 7" is some of their strongest yet, even better than the 7" I helped put out recently in fact! Total face-ripper this one. £2

PERMANENT DEATH / PISSDEADS - Split 7" [Bringer Of Gore]

PD are ultra-fast grind, verging on noisecore, Pissdeads are just all-out, in-the-red racket! £2

PLANES OF SATORI - Son Of A Gun/Dichotomies 7" [Who Can You Trust?]

I read a review of this describing it as a mixture of Can and Echo And The Bunnymen and that's a startlingly bang-on summation! Laid back drumming, sparse guitar flourishes and very, very Ian McCulloch Ocean Rain-era ultra echo vocals. Shouldn't work by does, really well in fact! £2

PRISONER 639 / KADAVERFICKER - Split 7" [Vleesklak]

Raging PV from P639, long-running (early 90s) death grind from Kadaverficker. £3

PROGERIA / DYSMORFIC - Split 7" [Zas/Death Agony and Scremas/Nucelar BBQ]

Total repressed rage outletting from Progeria, when you say "raging grind" this is pretty much it! This band was fronted by Aimee from Bastard Noise and Eric Wood appears on vocals here too. Very old school grind from Italians Dysmorfic, who have had a few cracking 7s out the past few years (and appear on At War's own grind comp "Incident At Ape Canyon". Red vinyl £2

PURSON - Leaning On A Bear 7" [Rise Above]

Theatrical organ-led pop-prog from these Rise Above retro-worshipers. Better choice of single than the previous "Rocking Horse" (which I found pretty boring), wish they'd chosen "Spiderwood Farm" though, that tune is a belter! Black vinyl. £4

RELENTLESS APPROACH - Juicy 7" [World Trade/Give Praise]

Fast and furious hardcore with plenty of chuggy breaks and RIFFS. £ 2

REVEL IN FLESH / THE DEAD GOATS - Split 7" [Self Made God]


RIISTETYT - Kahleet 7" [Havoc]

Classic Finnish hardcore. £4

RIISTETYT - Tuomiopaiva 7" [Havoc]

Primitive, brillant early hardcore from Finland. £4

THE ROGUE NATIONS - Regi Mentle Rides Again 7" [Wheelchair Full Of Old Men]

Really good late 70s-style American melodic punk. Featuring art and lyrics by Regi Mentle, who was part of the Germs' circle back in the day and who spent time in prison for murder I think (?). £4

ROMAN CASTEVET - 16H! 7" [Odio Sonoro/lots of other labels!]

Fast hardcore £2

RUNGS - Rungs 7" [Cool Your Jets]


RUN RIOT - Break Mirrors 7" [Give Praise]

Youthful and energetic hardcore £2


The corpse of Rupture continues to get picked right down to the bones here with three songs from their last show. Which you can get in full for free from Mortville. Opposition Party: long-running but pretty obscure metal punx from Singapore. £3

RUPTURE / NIHILISTICS - Split 7" [Haunted Hotel]

That last Rupture live gig must be the most plundered-from recording in the history of music. I don't think there have even been as many boots of the last Sex Pistols gig as there have been splits made up of tunes from this Rupture set. Anyhoo, their two songs ARE belters, "Normaloid Void" being one my my fave tunes by them. Nihilistics have one of the worst-taste covers I've ever seen and they continue to play raw, horrid punk rock. You wouldn't show this to your gran (or indeed anyone), but the tunes are good. £4


New Satanic Malfunctions isnae really Satanic Malfunctions. It's not bad in a kinda generically crusty way but doesn't compare at all to the early material. Famine is pretty standard fast/breakdown grind. £4

SBS - Grinding Under The Influence 7" [Skullhouse]

Half covers/half new songs. Grindcore! Weird choice of covers: Judas Priest, Rotten Sound, Haemorrhage and Venemous Concept (eh?). £3

SCHNAUZER / DOKTOR BITCH - Split 7" [Vulgar]

Restock of a very popular title. Great batch of new Schnauzer songs, these sound a lot like early SLOTH to me, which is never a bad thing! Doktor Bitch is really catchy Celtic Frost-style riffing but with a daft sense of humour. Ex-Sockeye should tell you all you need to know! £3

SCHNAUZER / SOLIPSIST - Split 7" [Vulgar/Shifty/Haunted Hotel]

New Schnauzer! Cracking. This one is really pretty rough sounding and has an almost power violence feel to it. Solipsist is quite savage grindcore with overt death metal influences. I got limited red vinyl copies of this one! £3


SMS are maybe my favourite of the current crop of ressurgent noisecore bands coming out right now. 100% old-school, adhering strictly to the teachings of masters Cripple Bastards! Adolf Shitter: rapid-fire feedback noisecore assault. £3

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU / PERCY JERK-OFF - Split 7" lathe [Self-released]

Machine-gun noisecore from SMS meets an unrelenting barrage of noise from PJO. Limited to only 66 copies on a lathe, get em here before they're gone! £4

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU / PTAO - Split 7" [Psychocontrol]

SMS's trademark full-on old-school noisecore meets their forefathers here as they share a split with one of the best 90s noisecore bands, countrymen PTAO. Great split! £3


Straight after the amazing LP on AWWFN, new split from SMS meets insanely harsh white-noise grind from Japan. Sheesh! £3

SENSUURI - Kaupunki Nukkuu 7" [Svart]

Restock! These Finns have a bit more of a post-punk bent than the others of the scene. 1979. £4

SENSUURI - Kirjoitan Seinaan 7" [Svart]

Restock! This one is a little more abrasive than the "Kaupunki" EP but still sounds a bit to me like Gang Of Four played on 45. 1979 £4

SETE STAR SEPT / ANXIETY DISORDER - Split 7" [Legs Akimbo/Vleesklak/Warfare]

Sloppy avant-noisecore from SSS and speedy but groovy grind from AD. £3

SETE STAR SEPT / GRINDER BUENO - Split 7" [Bringer Of Gore]

Noisecore/grind split. £3


This is more on the "song" side of 7MON on display here. II are quite groovy grind, not altogether dissimilar to Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium. £2

SHE - Never Surrender 7" [Neat]

Typical mid-80s singalong-chorus female-fronted (SHE! Gettit?!) polished rock with a chorus that sounds EXACTLY like "More Than A Feeling". Definitely worth a listen, it's fuckin class. Warehouse find - mint original from 1985! £2

SHIFT / ANEOMONE TUBE - Split 7" [Unrest]



Shitfun: dirty rotten grind duo from Brazil. Industrial Holocaust: long-running legendary noisecore also from Brazil. £3

SLAG - Slag 7" [RSR]

Fuzzed-out bass/hi-lo vocals, blasts-a-hoy from this San Jose grind outfit. £4


Restock. Decent hardcore-grind from Holland meets long-running old-school grind from Germany. Pink marble vinyl. £2

SLAVE HANDS - Slave Hands 7" [self released]

Very Grief-sounding sludge here from Finland. I have a few things by these guys and they're always pretty on point. £4



STARVE - Black Sludge/White Sludge 7" [Badger]

This sounds a little heavier, more anguished and slower to my ears than their LP. Extra points for referencing Black Mama/White Mama and having Pam Grier and Margaret Markov on the cover too! £ 2


Stuntman play twisted venomous nearly-grind. AOBW are playing at top speed here, like noise rock played on double speed. £4

SU19B / TERROR FIRMA - Split 7" [ZAS Autoproduzioni plus more]

Some of the best sludge going now from SU19b meets raw crusty grind from TF. £4

SUSPIRAL - Dawn Of Kezef 7" [Equinox Discos]

Amazing, void-conjuring death/black metal. Utterly chaotic and with a dense, thick sound this is truly unholy music. Strongly recommended! £3

TAETER - The Hunt Has Gone Full Circle 7" [Narcolepsia]

Wow, this is REALLY good. Ultra-menacing minimal power electronics from Nicola of Fecalove/Turgid Animal. Reminds me loads of Whitehouse's classic Quality Time era. Total perverse menace. Very highly recommended, best 7" of the month! £4

TENSE REACTION - Black Hole 7" [Bong]

Fast, loud, pissed-off hardcore from members of Vitamin-X. £2

TERRORAZOR / SLAPENDEHONDEN - Split 7" [Negative Care Outcome/loads of others]

Fucking great grind! Terrorazor are amazing, remind me a bit of demo-era Repulsion. Great fast old-school grind with the occassional mid-paced riff thrown in for good measure. Slapenhonden are good too, bit more modern-sounding.£2


Early Earache worship from Terror Firmer (including an Agathocles cover) meets American duo Eating Machine who hit us with five blasts of ultra-fast machine-gun grind. £2

TERROR FIRMER / INSOMNIA ISTERICA - Split 7" [Audio Lesion/Grindfather/Ratto/Zas]

Thrashing old school grind from Italians TF (including a Fear Of God cover!) and raging drunken grind from Swiss band Insomnia. £2


DP are absolutely blistering fast blur/grind, fucking amazing stuff. Just doesn't give an inch at all! TM have a bit more of a tune going on and a bit of a gore-grind feel to them. £ 2

THISCLOSE - Burnin' Anger 7" [Antisociety]

Restock of this 7" from Scotland's premier Dis band, thundering out metallic Discharge riffs with Roddy's absolutely fucking weird mad wee lassie shrieks. £4

THISCLOSE - What Glory? 7" [SPHC]

New 7" of old Discharge riffs meets shrieking girl vocals from Rodney Shades. This is Thisclose lineup mk XVIII I think now. £4

TOUGHSKINS / ZITSQATCH - Split 7" [Wheelchair Full Of Old Men]

Great Oi! parody band from Sockeye guys (their LP is brilliant by the way) meets noise punk with Steveggs and Poopy from Sockeye. Great! £4

TRAUMA 84 - Pachut Silenosti 7" [tons of labels]

Superb pitch-black punk. Reminds me loads of Terveet Kadet. Love this!! £4

UNHOLY GRAVE - Fake World 7" [Haunted Hotel]

New 7 from predictably solid Japanese grinders. If you know them, you know the score! £4

URUTU - Urutu 7" [Nada Nada]

These guys are really weird but I really like them. They play punk ostensibly but have a total NWOBHM influence, twin leads all over the shop! Really like this, not much stuff around that sounds like em. £4

USKO - Kullankukkula / Liipola 7" [Penny Whistles And Moon Pies]

Rough-as-a-badger's arse sludge. Limited to 100 copies (I think) on marbled white vinyl with nice vellum inserts. £4

UTANFORSKAPET - Skarvor Fran Livet!! 7" [Phobia]

Superb raw punk from Sweden. Total direct, face-tearing stuff. £4

VARIOUS - I'm Going Ape #2 7" [NFL]

Restock of a great and long sold-out comp featuring CSMD, Gorgonized Dorks, Straightedge Kegger and NOYFB. £4

VARIOUS - Monomaniac Volume One 7" [Blastbeat]

First edition of this excellent series of short, sharp blasts; this one being on the best format for short, sharp blasts: the 7"! Featuring Sete Star Sept, Head Cleaner, Diocletian, The Howling Wind and more. £4

VILLAINY - The View From My Ivory Tower 7" [Inverted Inhumation]

Top class stuff here, melodic thrash with some magic classic metal leads and elements of more extreme influence here and there. £2

WANKYS - Wankys 7" [SPHC]

Noise punk a-go-go! £3

WARM NEEDLES - Pretty Tambo 7" [86'd]

Very melodic punk, not really sure what to make of this, has a kinda upbeat "running around a mall" kinda vibe to it. Gave a listen through side one of the first Amebix LP to make get myself back to normal again though so all is fine. £2

W>A>S>P>S / Nacht Und Nebel - Split 7" [self released]

W>A>S>P>S are an unknown quantity to me, but on the strength is this side they're worth keeping an eye out for. Very distorted and bass-heavy with a Gieger Counter atomic decay sound, this crackles away like nobody's business. Top stuff. Henry Davies (he of Army Of Flying Robots and Moloch fame) has been doing Nacht Und Nebel for a good few years now - in fact I put him on at Glasgow Implodes in what was one of his first performances under that moniker. Proving that there's more musical smarts about hardcore kids than most give credit for, he manages to make more interesting sounds from a cello and an effects pedal than most dopes get from an army of shit computer sound effects. Very dark and dirty-sounding grinding soundscapes that aren't a million miles away from the early-80s Italian scene. Plus he's one of the most sound guys I know, so support his debut vinyl release! £2

WINGS OF WAR - Prepare For War 7" [Legion Blotan]

Blasting, imperious war metal from Poland. £3

WISHMASTER - Far Away From The Sun 7" [Bestial Invasion/Floga]

Quite melodic trad-y sounding metal with rasping vocals, closest comparison I can think of is maybe Edge Of Sanity? Definitely has the Scando-melodic DM sound going on, good stuff. £2

WIZARDS OF FIRETOP MOUNTAIN - Sonic War/Dollar Hips 7" [Into The Void]

Hard rock with a bit of a stoner-y vibe to it here from Ireland. Not really my kind of thing if I'm honest, bit too naff for my liking (any song where the singer says "oh baby" more than once usually has me gone). Keeping a copy for my dad though, he'll be right into this. imited to 250 copies for Record Store Gay. £3

YACOPSAE / SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Split 7" + Communal Grave No 2 fanzine [Dead Heroes]

Great combo here. Slight Slappers are one of the best of the early power violence bands, coming from Japan they have a bit of a Japcore influence going on and play really manic PV. Yacopsae play ulta-intense grind, one of the best! Comes with an absolutely cracking wee 7" square zine, really thick and professionally done, with articles on both bands on the split, Backslider, TFD, Despise You, tons of reviews etc. Highly recommended to all PV/grind fans! £4



ABATUAR - Perversiones De Muerte Putrefacta CD [Dunkelheit]

This is cracking stuff, dead fast and quite amateurish-sounding one-man black/death that I guess many would probably call grindcore. The riffs are absolutely top-notch, and this guy does the rolling mid-paced bit followed by a heavy duty breakdown absolutely PERFECTLY. Superb. £5

ABBOT - Between Our Past And Future Lives CD [Bloodrock]

Retro rock/heavy metal from Finland that sounds really like Uncle Acid. There's a tiny wee bit of the Hellhound sound going on here too. Not too sure about the vocals, which are delivered in a knda Southern states drawl, which sounds kinda stupid knowing that these guys come from a country which sees the Sun for 3 weeks a year. If you can get over that this is decent retro-rock. £5

ABISMO - Ventos De Eter CD [Obscure Sombre]


ACCURST - A Phantom's Noctuary CD [Serpene Heli]

This is really weird. It's kinda like a Tesco Value Current 93, but made more strange by the guy doing the vocals intonation being kinda like Fish from Marillion. I'm being a bit harsh to be honest cos this is pretty atmospheric and darkly gothic, is just kinda difficult to take seriously! £3

ADAMENNON - Le Nove Ombre Del Caos CD [Boring Machines]

Another week, another "soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist". Now I know I participated in this fucking nonsense with the Repeated Viewing record but 1) we came up with the idea to do that years ago and 2) to be fair, I think it was executed absolutely bang-on, conceptually and with an eye for detail of people who know what they are talking about. 99% of this stuff however, is just some goon with a midi keyboard and a Photoshopped random Italian film poster from the 70s, for a film they've probably never even seen. Which is pretty much what this is. If you like Simonetti's "new" Goblin you'll like this. I do not. £3

ADMLITHI - Tyrants CD [Armellodie]

Wow! Admlithi is Adam Cresser, who played on many Seppuku records and released music on At War previously as Rejectamenta. Admlithi sees him doing somehing more "musical" yet even more forward-thinking. It's hard to describe this as it genuinely sounds like nothing else; informed by industrial, shoegaze, maybe a bit of goth and electronica, everything is tied together with some proper heavy metal bass. Some of the melodies are the absolute business and despite some songs traversing several genres, there's a cohesive sound to this which gives one of the most satisfying listens I've had from a full album in ages. Amazing stuff! £5

AGATHOCLES - Mincecore History 1996-1999 CD[SMG]

More cuts from the crypt from one of the most influential grind bands of all time. £5

AGATHOCLES - Mincecore History 1997-1999 CD[SMG]

Comp of late 90's 7" material from the band who showed us all how DIY was done! £5

AGATHOCLES - Black Clouds Determinate CD [Selfmadegod]

Reissue of Agathocles' second studio album, this is more grind than their debut, the death metal-influenced Theatric Symbolisation Of Life. Classic mincecore! Missing the bonus tracks of the last reissue of this mind, and new updated cover art, something I am very seldom a fan of! £5 £4

AGATHOCLES - Peel Sessions 1997 CD [SMG]

Cool Peel Session from the late 90s on a nice easy format (I used to have the double 7" in ridiculous packaging that was just a pain in the hoop to play quite honestly!) £5

AGATHOCLES - Cliche/Pressure CD [Haunted Hotel]

Reissue of a couple of Agathocles records here, somewhat random though. Cliche? (they've taken away the ? symbol, haha, apt!) came out on vinyl in 1992 and is a great live set at a time when AxGx weren't just papping out every fart they made. Pressure was originally half an LP with Deadmocracy from 1998. Decent gear. Dunno why these have been paired together to be honest, but I'm sure AxGx don't give half a shit as long as they've got some more records for the merch table. £5

AGATHOCLES - Superiority Overdose CD [SMG]

Solid 7th full length from one of the longest-running grind bands going. £5

AGATHOCLES - This Is Not A Threat, It's A Promise CD [SMG]

Newer album odf lo-fi grind, though this one has quite a lot of hardcore sound to it I reckon. £5

AGATHOCLES - Commence To Mince CD [SMG]

New studio album (new songs!) from the longest-running of the grind bands. This is decent stuff, I guess as with a lot of bands Agathocles palm off their shite on the split 7"s and keep the good stuff for the albums. £4

AGE OF AGONY - Death Metal Artillery CD [Metal Or Die]

Well, there's a title that means business eh! These guys are from Hungary and the guitar sound is total later-period Bolt Thrower. Very aggressive, direct and in-your-face death metal. Like it a lot!! £3

AGGRESION - Forja Infernal CD [Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos]

Superbly catchy death metal from Brazil here, reminds me quite a bit of Sarcofago's incredibly under-rated "Laws Of Scourge" LP. Lots of varied tempos and some truly fantastic riffs that the more well-known bands of the genre would kill to write! Recommended. £3

AMORPHOUS - A Perfect Evil CD [Seven Gates]

Really good thrash with a distinct grind sound (and often tempo) from Poland, featuring members of Polish godfathers of death metal, Vader. Apparently these guys have been going since 1991 and have only in recent years actually put out any music. Decent stuff! Digipak. £3

ANGEL REAPER - Angel Ripping Metal CD [Metal Or Die]

One of the original Hungarian metal bands, this release collects the three earliest demos, from 1987, '88 and '92. As with countrymen and peers Tormentor, these guys pushed thrash to its extremes-perhaps more because of a lack of musical aptitude than anything else. Nevertheless, the music contain here is great: ripping, lo-fi thrashy metal with a weird guitar tone that sounds a bit like the keyboard sound from the computer game Castle Wolfenstein. Top marks. £3

ANGUSTA TAURINORUM - Giochi Fatui CD [ZAS+tons of labels!]

Intense, savage hardcore from Italy. £2

APOSTATE - Trapped In A Sleep CD [Metallic Media]

Decent death/doom that sounds very eastern-European mid-90s to my ears. This sort of thing used to be ten a penny a few years ago but these guys do mid-paced growl/clean vocal heavy/trad quite well. £2

APOTHEOSIS OMEGA - Vama Marga CD [Godeater]

"Anti-hipster black metal from Aachen". Oooh, you have my attention! Went to Aachen on a pilgrimage to Charlemagne's seat of power a couple of years back and it was a great place. Anyway, is this as good as the palace of Europe's greatest-ever ruler? Course it isnae! That's not to say it's bad mind. It's ok.....vocals are a bit guff - sounds like a teenager who's been sent to his room and is shouting to his mum to hurry up with the dinner - but there are a few decent riffs on the go here. Mostly mid-paced atmospheric tremelo guitar. One for the die-hards, really. £3

ARCANEGOAT - De Profundis CD [Thanatology]

Not where you'd really expect to hear traditional doom metal, but this one-man band from China play exactly that! Really enjoyed this one, actually comes across like a slightly less bombastic Church Of Misery in fact. I'm always intrigued by bands playing somewhat odd music from countries where there is no discernible scene, respect due! £3

ATOMIZER - Grave Disturbances CD [Arkham Chronicles]

Early years compilation from this solid black thrash band, this CD includes their early demos and singles/splits from the late 90s/early 00s. £3

ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN - Scumdogs Of The Universe CD [Scrotum Jus]

Bizarre cosplay grind focussed on forest animals. All the songs are themed around their favourite beasts (Morbid Angler, Squirrel Vs Glen Benton etc) and the fron and back covers show the band dressed as various animals nicking about the trees. It's daft of course but probably more sensible than a lot of the cod-political crap so many grind bands come up with, or boring songs about rape and murder from basement-dwelling virgins. Musically, this is as good as their first record: total single-minded, savage, sharp grindcore. Very (surprisingly maybe) focussed, pointed fast grind. Recommended! £3

BALLO DELLE CASTAGNE - Surpassing All Other Kings CD [Bloodrock]

This fuckin rules man. It's like heavy psych/prog with a really doomy edge and is really absurdly dramatic. Similar in tone to Antonius Rex I guess. It's quite absurd, but if you have even a passing interest in Italian heavy prog then this will not worry you one bit. Fits right in with the Black Widow roster, superb! £5

BAND OF PAIN - Sacred Flesh OST CD [Cold Spring]

I've got to be honest, I think Nigel Wingrove is a total tool. Not only is he racist twat (see his views on MUSLIM'S TAKING OVER THE WORLD AAARGGH!) but he's also responsible for the fact that whenever I bought a cool Redemption video (like Shiver Of The Vampires) as a teenager I'd get a funny look from the girl behind the counter at HMV for buyng something with Emily Booth on the cover with her top off, wielding a machine gun or something. Anyway, I digress. This film is utter guff for stupid goths who want to be in Cradle Of Filth BUT the soundtrack's not bad, and was done by Steve Pittis who runs Dirter Promotions. I'm really selling this one, eh. £3

BATTLESTORM - Demonic Incursion CD [Deathrash Armaggedon]

Essential debut album from this brilliant Singapore death metal band. Total old-style bestial DM in the vein of the classic Asian bands (Impeity etc) and the classic South American first wave (Sarcofago, Vulcano etc). BRILLIANT STUFF! At War will be releasing this on vinyl in 2011! £3

BEAST IN HEAT - The Real Fonzie... CD [Mortville]

Rough as a badger's arse punk side project from Rupture. Think this is Stumbles and Zombo and two other guys. Or maybe it's all of Rupture playing different instruments. It's fuckin ace anyway. £4

BEDSORE - Bedsore CD [Inverted Inhumation]

From the (excellent) cover of garishly-coloured mountaints with eyes framed by a gigantic gaping maw, I assumed this would be old-school death metal. Maybe that kinda psychedelic BM that's popular at the moment. This is however somewhat rambling black metal at times, dramatic space rock, or close to ambient atmospheres with often lengthy guitar workouts. I think these guys have been listening to the first Ulver album. Or maybe they just do whatever the fuck they want, which is cool. Really like this, definitely something a bit more out-there. £4

BILLY CRYSTAL METH - Meth Metal CD [Mortville]

Excellent instumental rif-a-rama from Andy of Mortville Noise/Captain Three Leg etc and a couple of other fellas. £4

BIOPSY - Fractals Of Derangement CD [Transcending Obscurity]

Brutal death metal here from Mumbai. Think Suffocation or Devourment more than the "slamming" style; the riffs are pretty precise. Good gutteral vocals, all in a decent death metal EP. £2

BLACK BLEEDING - The Awakening CD [Nihilistic Holocaust]

Reissue of this death/black metal band's demo. £3

BLACK DEPTHS GREY WAVES - Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart CD [Aesthetic Death]

Multi-layered, crushing power electronic/industrial holocaust here. Total holocaustal wind of death sound going on here, brutal and unrelenting stuff. £3

BLACKLAND - Extreme Heavy Psych CD [Bloodrock]

This isn't just heavy psych.....this is EXTREME heavy psych. I don't know what makes this extreme really; it's neither extremely heavy not extremely psychedelic. I guess calling yer album "Reasonably Heavy Psych" might not get the punters in the door. Anyway, I digress. This isn't really what I'd call heavy psych if I'm being honest: it's kinda up-beat space rock with a pretty stoner sound. The off-kilter tempos and weird vocals bring to mind mid-period Cathedral quite a bit. Good gear! £5

BLACK ROAD - Black Road CD [Bloodrock]

The moment this starts out with the bass sound from NIB you know what you're getting. Think Church Of Misery have gone off the boil in the past few years and could maybe do with a lassie singing instead of Scott Carlson? Well, give Black Road a wee go! £5

BLAZING CORPSE - The Universe Shouts My Name CD [Death Voice]

Keyboard-heavy atmospheric black metal from Brazil. Reminds me of HOTH from Portugal. £4

BLOOD - O Agios Pethane CD [Dunkelheit]

Blood were a great band. Coming out in the late 80s, they played a very death metal-heavy version of grind with some heavy punk influence. This is their third and probably best album, just totally oozing evil atmosphere. Reissued finally after years of being out of print! £5

BLOOMING LATIGO - Esfinteres Y Faquires CD [Feretro]

Off-kilter noise rock with weird screeching vocals, lots of stop-starts and jagged, off-kilter riffs. Definitely one for Melvins or maybe KARP fans. £2

BRAQUEMAARD - Pendu, Traine Par Une Olaie Jusqu'a La Potence Et Mis En Quart CD [Chaos In My Head]

This is really great, absolutely punishing death metal; vicious, violent and caustic. Top class gore-style vocals and cracking Morbid Angel ripoff riffs all over the shop. Reminds me quite a bit of gore/deather countrymen Brodequin. If you're into ultra-intense death metal get this one snatched up. £3

BREAKING THE WILL - Choosing Death CD [Narcolepsia]

Fantastic ultra-harsh cut-up noise. Taking the "junk noise" sound that seems to have become really popular in the past couple of years, but informed by the Japanese masters and with a deft hand for piecing everything together, this is one of the best noise records I've heard in some time. Recommended. £3

BRETUS - The Shadow Over Innsmouth CD [Bloodrock]

No fuckin about doom metal, Lovecraft title....if you're into either of these things this shall almost certainly make you happy! £5

BURIAL HORDES - The Termination Thesis CD [Folter]

Members of Dead Congregation give us some black magic occultation here. Really dark atmospheric black death. Mid-paced and sounding like it was recorded deep underground, this is proper good stuff. On my way to see what else these guys have put out so I can get my paws on it! £4

BURNING SONS - Built To Fall: The Mystic Recordings CD [Drunk With Power]

7" comp from these American punks. Got a bit of a crossover sound that reminds me a wee bit of later Sick Of It All (Call To Arms: favourite SOIA record!) and cool vocals that sound a bit like a mix of Chris Notaro from Crumbsuckers and John Joseph from Cro Mags. £2

CALL OV UNEARTHLY - Blast Them All Away CD [Seven Gates Of Hell]

Call ov unearthly what? Blasting blackened death metal, has a bit of a South East Asian Impiety sound to it but think these guys are Eastern European. £3

CALM HATCHERY - Fading Beliefs CD [Selfmadegod]

Excellent modern death metal which is technical but has plenty of great riffs and nice melodic touches. Reminds me a lot of later period Morbid Angel or Hate Eternal, or maybe stuff like Nile (can even hear a wee bit of an eastern influence in there too!) £3

CAPTAIN THREE LEG - All Fours CD [Mortville]



C3L give us tons of noiscore tracks interspersed with harsh noise whilst Stinkhole hit out with a bunch of no-production noisecore nonsense. £5

CARMA - Carma CD [Dying Sun]

Melancholic funeral doom/dark ambient inspired stuff. £3

CIKUTA - The Golden Root Era CD [Cikuta]


CIST - The Frozen Casket CD [HTH]

This sounds really quite ridiculously like DEATH, particularly the guy on vocals is just an absolute dead-ringer (erm...) for Chuck Shuldiner. Is that a bad thing? Is it fuck - Death rule! I hear very few death metal bands these days who really manage to get that early sound down to a tee so these guys should get the requisite props for knowing what old-school death metal SHOULD sound like. If you love the first three Death albums get this. Magic! £5

CLOAK OF ALTERING - Manifestation CD [Crucial Blast]

Project of Mories/Gnaw Their Tongues which combines synth-led symphonic black metal with industrial blasts and extreme's generally all-over-the-place, bizarre, maniacal stuff. £3

CONCRETE BLOCK - Twilight Of The Gods CD [FOAD]

Decent muscular hardcore with plenty of headbanging parts....think Crowbar meets 80s crossover. I imagine a lot of cargo trousers went into the making of this album. £2

COMBAT - Napalm Sticks To Everything 2xCD [HTH]

So this is essentially the mid-late 80s thrash band NAPALM before they took that name, along with a full album's worth of newer material. It's unclear whether on the new stuff it's Combat or Napalm we're dealing with, fuck knows! Anyway, usually this would be my cue to say "sack the CD of new stuff, go straight to the demos", but actually the new stuff is good! In fact if this was a new band I'd be singing their praises saying something like "these guys sound like they came straight out of '87 New York".....well, these guy did, and haven't diluted their sound at all! The second disc is of live and 80s demo stuff and the sound is rough as fuck but totally listenable. Napalm are one of those total meat and potatoes bands that anyone except a real thrash afficianado will probably have ignored, but I'd strongly recommend giving them a shot. You cannae just sit listening to those same three Slayer records all yer life can you? £5

COTARD DELUSION - Le Delire De Negation CD [Pestis Insaniae]

Excellent mix of short, cold dark ambient tracks and longer, razor-sharp instrumental black metal. Very original and highly recommended. £2

CRUSADER - Skinclad CD [Shiver]

4th division euro metal here. I have to say I quite like it even though it is beyond naff, and the Casio keyboards are either utterly awful or genius. Some good flat singing going on too and a cover done by the same guy who did Dance Of Death by Iron Maiden I reckon. Give it a wee go! £2

D9 - D9 CD [HCB/Urban Decay]

Varied grindcore racket incorporating power violence elements and the odd electronic wipeout. £2


Power electronics/death industrial. £1

DAWN - Dawn CD [Bloodrock]

Superb "Italian dark sound" here. It has occult-ish elements and nods to doom and goth, lots of long ponderous notes intoning some terrible fate! Really like it loads. £5

DAYS OF BETRAYAL - Decapitated For Research CD [Shiver]

I can't say I listen to any deathcore - seems a made-up genre for twats who couldn't listen to death metal without having some kinda bent element to it to make it more palatable to their merch-core sensibilities to me - but then, that's me innit and you may not agree. In fact, I hope you don't, then you'll buy a copy of this record by Belgian metalcore band Days Of Betrayal and it won't be in my house any more! £1

DECREPITAPH - Forgotten Scriptures (The Collection) CD [Selfmadegod]

Compilation of vinyl-only and split material from this old school Razorback band. If you know yer death metal you know the Razorback MO - ultra-old school gore-worshipping death metal, no technicality or ultra-fast stuff, just grotty Impetigo-alike stuff that sounds like a caustic, soupy mess. Great! £3

DEDICTED - Argonauts CD [Shiver]

Melodic death metal from Belgium.£2

DEPROGRAMMAZIONE - Non Esiste CD [tons of labels!]

Sounds like Cripple Bastards playing Darkthrone covers; grindcore but with a very dinstinct black metal edge to it. Probably the most minimal album design I've ever seen to, White Album eat yer heart out! £2

DESNUTRICAO - Uma Discografia Punk DIY CD [Terceiro Mundo Chaos Discos]

Top notch hardcore with a metal edge to it, not a million miles away from someone like RDP. Complete discography collecting sporadic CDr and tape releases from between 1996 and 2005. £2

DESTINO/ENTIERRO - Cryptic Procession Of The Yellow Sign CD [Trauma]

This is one band, not a split! This album starts off with a song called "The Will Ov GG" and has a guru/deified GG Allin on the cover surrounded by various unsavoury accolytes. So already we know where these guys stand, cool. This is dirty death/doom not a million miles away from ABSCESS. I can't help but think it would've been cool with GG-like vocals rather than these horrible piggy "porno gore" squeels, yuck. If you can get over that, cool rotten death. £2

DETONATOR - Demo 1990 CD [Metal Or Die]

Wow this is amazing! Metal Or Die have hit me with some absolute belters that I wouldn't have otherwise known in the yars we've been trading, and here's another one. It's also become clear that there's a definite Hungarian sound: tremelo picking, fast tempos, rasping vocals. These guys have a really thin, tinny demo sound but it adds to the charm. Riffs, atmosphere, evil! Absolute belting. Massive recommendation from me! £4

DEUS OTIOSUS - Sis Mortuus Mondo CD [Godeater]

This is a two-track EP.....with the band's full debut album as bonus tracks. Which is odd. Anyway, this is quite upbeat-sounding, jumpy death metal. The odd mid-paced doomy bit is quite good, otherwise reasonably forgettable. £2

DIABOLICAL PRINCIPLES - Beyond The Horizion CD [Witchcraft Records]

Greek black metal. £3

DISCREATE - Contingent Development Of Inanimate Modifications CD [Metallic Media]

Technical gore grind from the Philippines. Pig squeely vocals and that tight snare sound, EP length. Pretty boring. £2

DOOMRAISER - Mountains Of Madness CD [Bloodrock]

Excellent doom metal here with the best cover art of this update. I actually went and ordered this for myself on vinyl cos it rules and just having that on CD wasnae enough! £5

DOOMRAISER - Lords Of Mercy 2xCD [Bloodrock]

Reissue of these doom metal masters' debut album, with bonus stuff aded to make it a double. This is a top-notch first record, really heavy with great epic but soulful vocals. Expanded version which includes their full "Heavy Drunken Doom" demo on a second disc. £6

DORMANT INFERNO / DIONYSUS - Beyond Forgotten Shores 2xCD [Transcending Obscurity]

This is kind of an odd one....a double disc split record. Why not just put out two different albums? I don't think I've ever seen a split CD go across two CDs before. Anyway, that aside this is absolutely class. Dormant Inferno are from India and play superb death/doom. It's melodic and melancholy but still heavy and with a bit of an agressive edge. Reminds me of the Asunder record A Clarrion Call. Excellent. Dionysus are from Pakistan and play a kinda gothic black doom. Again, it's executed brilliantly and complements the other band perfectly. These guys both sound like they could've come out in 1991 and if they had, they'd have been huge. Like the weird but strangely compelling cover art too. Favourite release of the month for me, very highly recommended! £4

DOWNSLIDE - Nowhere To Hide CD [Crucial Response]

Nice wee EP of aggressive hardcore in the vein of JUDGE. £2

DRUNKEN BASTARDS / ROTTEN - Global Nuclearism CD [Metal Or Die]

Thrash with a punk edge from both bands. Rotten are the better of the two for me, more thrash n' roll with a bit more swing and bite to em. I'll be doing their full-length on tape very soon in fact! £2

EARTH PLAGUE - Cult Of Damnation CD [Metal Or Die]

Sinister, evil black/death from Hungary with a hollow sound straight from hell. Excellent as with everything on this label. £3

ENCOFFINATION - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh CD [SMG]

Reissue of the debut of this masterful death/doom band. Absolutely crushing, suffocating ritual evil. £5

ENTRACE - Entrace CD [HTH]

Solid, no-frills thrash/speed metal from Russia. £5

EVIG NATT - I Am Silence CD [Omvina]

Jesus, "gothic metal". Got to be honest, I'd rather stick my plonker in a blender than sit through a full album of people in crushed velvet warbling away, but it very well may float yer boat, weirdo. £1


Excellent three-way split representing the Chilean scene, showcasing doom metal from MA, grim black metal from The Temple and death/doom from The Fallen. £3

THE FALLEN - Drowned In An Unknown Meaning Of Life And Death CD [From The Grave]

Excellent funeral oration here from The Fallen. Epic funeral doom with classic Solitude Aeturnus doom metal guitar lines. Smashing. £3

FANTOM / FANATIC ATTACK - Fantomania Ultra CD [Metal Or Die]

Whilst TORMENTOR are generally considered to be the most important Hungarian underground metal band, I think that might just be becaue most people haven't heard FANTOM, but thankfully the excellent Metal Or Die label is intent on fixing that by releasing tons of tributes to Fantom, and here's the best one yet: the first half is their classic first demo from 1987, and the second is that demo covered in its entirety by contemporary countrymen Fanatic Attack. Fantom are something else: really dirgey dank sound with great ultra-distorted vocals and black metal-before-black metal treelo guitar lines that those in the know will recognise as being really particular to the Hungarian underground metal sound. Honestly, the fact that this came out in 1987, before most of the "second wave" should be considered massively significant, I can't think of many band who were hitting out with shit like this back then. Total proto-black metal and 100% deserving of more attention!! £3

FATUM ELISUM - Homo Nihilis CD [Aesthetic Death]

Epic, majesterial doom. Fans of Warning will love this, absolutely class stuff. £3

FECALOVE - Great Northern War CD [Narcolepsia/Untergeschloss]

New album from one of the sickest guys in the noise underground! Straddling a line between dark electronics, PE and junk noise, Fecalove is most definitely a product of an informed mind. High quality noise as always! £3

FECALOVE - Void Chaos And Cum + artzine + poster set CD [Crucial Blast]

Insane perverted noise/power electronics from Fecalove, one of the best noisers to come out of Europe in the last few years. Comes with a DVD case with a wee booklet with loads of his garish sick art! £3

FLOORSHOW - Son Of A Tape! CD [Bloodrock]

This one is pretty uncharacteristic of Bloodrock's other stuff. It's kinda macabre punk rock, reminds me of maybe The Damned (mid period)or The Misfits. It's a bit too upbeat to be considered goth but I can see how those parallels may be drawn. It's good! £5



FOKEN ROTTEN NOISE - Wastedlands CD [Thanatology]

I love trans-literation. Foken Rotten Noise are from Chile and play old school, simplistic grindcore straight out the Rot songbook, with a heavy fuzzy guitar/group back-up vocals punk influence. The blurb for this release included this statement: "Rehearse means party for them, and they endow an unique and strong posture due to the use of drugs and alcohol along the way". Nuff said. £2

FORNACE - Pregnant Is The Night CD [Paragon]

Black/death metal with great morbid female vocals from Russia. £2

FRIEBAND - Replicas CD [Monochrome Vision]

Solo album from Frans De Waard of Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen and Shifts. He also gave a lot of At War releases some rather brutal reviews on Vital Weekly for not being experimental enough. Well if his definition of "experimental" is this boring shite then I'll stick with my own tunes, cheers. £1

FROZEN WINDS - Necromantic Arts CD [Deathhammer]

I can't imagine a less likely place from which frozen winds might emerge than this band's native country, Cyprus, but one of the best black metal scenes of them all came from nearby Greece so I'm willing to give this a shot. Glad I did because this is absolutely great. It's quite similar to Greek BM in execution; very atmospheric with ethereal female vocals and melodic guitar lines which cut through layers of tremelo picking and a constant barage of double bass drums. Truly diabolical stuff, highly recommended! £5

GALOPE MORTAL / THRASHERA - Split CD [American Line]

Galope Mortal play a kind of amateurish heroic-sounding trad metal that I've got a bit of a soft spot for. Dunno how many weird private press records (often from Bulgaria or somewhere like that) I have of this kinda gear. Thrashera are really good, got a definite sort of drunken practice room quality to them, really heavy bass throughout that makes me think Dan Lilker. Top class punky thrash metal, great titles too:"An Excess Night", "Metal In My Mind". Class. £2

GHAST / RAPE X - Split CD [Obskure Sombre]

Restock: drone doom vs brutal power electronics. £2

GOATPSALM - Erset La Tari CD [Aesthetic Death]

Absolutely revolting, subterranean black metal. £3

GOL - Appaller CD [Margin Art]

Brutal black death metal from Australia. £2

GORILLA BISCUITS - Lost Rehearsal Tape CD [boot]

Interesting curio, this is stuff from the classic first 7" (one of the best HC 7s ever and the soundtrack to my teenage years!). It's rehearsal quality and there are a few versions of a couple of songs as the band fuck things up and have to keep having another go. I love listening to stuff like this cos it really reminds you that bands like this were just wee kids who hadn't be playing music all that long, and that to me is cool as fuck. £3

GRAAL - Tales Untold CD [Bloodrock]

Heavy rock that's quite Deep Purple or Uriah Heep. Lots of organ and gutar interplay! £5

GRAAL - Legends Never Die CD [Bloodrock]

More rockin stuff from Italy. £5

GREEN THUMB - There Are More Things CD [ZAS Autoproduzioni]

Slow, melodic doom with ultra-echoey vocals. Reminds me quite a bit of At War's own Uzala. Decent. Slight wear on digisleeves so I've put them out cheap! £3

HAIKU FUNERAL - Nightmare Painting CD [Aesthetic Death]

Nightmare-ish droning soundscapes with avant elements. £3

HAISHA/MIZUKO - Split CD [Crucial Blast]

Back in stock at last! Excellent drum-machine grind like Fear Of God/dense dark ambient. £3

HEADLESS DEATH - A Hideous Warning CD [RSR]

Full-on grindcore with a raw sound but often quite complex song structures. £5

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS - Fistula Missile CD [Heavy Baby Records]

"lofi avante garde heavy metal" is the descriptor for this on their site. Is that what's going on here? Dunno really. I always think avante garde is a pretty bent term used to describe summat that....well, you can't describe. I'm not even sure this is "experimental", it's just weird. But good. Quite punk in places, shouty vocals, total lapses in structure and form. It's cool. Get the 7" and tape too, they're all totally different. £3

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS - Evely McHale's Psychedelic Freakout CD [Heavy Baby Records]

"lofi avante garde heavy metal" is the descriptor for this on their site. Is that what's going on here? Dunno really. I always think avante garde is a pretty bent term used to describe summat that....well, you can't describe. I'm not even sure this is "experimental", it's just weird. But good. Quite punk in places, shouty vocals, total lapses in structure and form. It's cool. Get the 7" and tape too, they're all totally different. £3

HELVETTE - Purging Of The Worthless CD [Infernal Kommand]

Total Darkthrone worship from Singapore. £3

HEWHOCORRUPTS - The Smell Of Money CD [Eugenics]

Eight minutes of frenzied grindcore. £2



HJARNIDAUDI - Psykostarevoid CD [Music Fear Satan]

One-man droning black metal project here, decent, cold and atmospheric stuff. £5

HOLY TERROR - Total Terror 4xCD + DVD boxset [Dissonance]

Amazing collection of everything perhaps the most under-rated thrash band of all-time produced, all in one handy and affordable place. Both albums, augmented with a shit ton of unreleased stuff, live and demos as well as two full sets on DVD. All for 24 squid! £24

HORRID - Beyond The Dark Border CD [Dunkelheit]

Total no-frills death metal from this long-running Italian horde. There's nothing fancy about this at all, but I guess that's this band's strength: just all-out chugging riffs start to finish. £5

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM - Gold From The Sea CD [Obskure Sombre]

Absolutely outstanding mournful old school doom metal. Bonus points for covering Hiding Mask by The Obsessed! £2

HOUNDS OF HASSELVANDER - The Ninth Hour CD [Black Widow]

I always though Joe Hasselvander seemed like the coolest guy. He's been in at least two majorly important metal bands (Pentagram and Raven) and I've long been a massive fan of his long-forgotten debut LP Lady Killer, which I somehow came across in Echo Records on Byres Road (that shop was class: they sold me their old racks when they went out of business!). Anyway, Hasselvander! This guy is doom metal royalty, and this is exactly as you'd expect. Totally blows away all pretenders to the throne with ease and is about a gazillion times better than the last Pentgram album. Remember, on the first two Pentagram comeback albums he played everything on them! He does a good Leibling/Ozzy impression and some of the guitar lines are just class. Gettit! £5

HYMENS - Suppertime CD [Heavy Baby Records]

Bizarro, punk-experimental-improv (?) from Texas. £2

IGNIS FATUUS - Pluje Na Twoj Grob CD [Old Temple]

Great raw black metal with a total early Emperor sound. £2

INFERIS - Obscure Rituals Of Death And Destruction CD [Old Temple]


INFERIS - In The Path Of Malignant Spirits CD [Old Temple]

New album of haunting, evil occult death metal. Some of the best of this style I've heard in some time, check out the artwork, stunning! £4 £3

INFERNAL CURSE - The End Upon Us/Ceilanic Exhumations CD [Trauma]


INFIDEL - Eviscerate Yourself CD [Old Temple]

No frills raw bloody black/death metal; mini album. £3

IN MEDITARIUM - Plexus/Uterus 2xCD [Old Captain]

Excellent comp of two early albums from 2001 and 2002 by this ritualist dark ambient act. Really nice thick digipak. £6

INQUISITOR / VIRGIN KILLER - Speed Metal Soldiers CD [Dead Centre]

Razor-sharp speed metal from both bands. £3

INSANE PROPHECY - Apogee Of An Inquisition CD [self released]

Here's an interesting one: a duo - identical twins! - from India, playing powerful, evil-sounding black/death metal! Bringing to mind early Behemoth or maybe later Immortal, there's a symphonic sound here without it being too flowery. £2

JESSICA 93 - Rise CD [Music Fear Satan]

This is a surprise, looking at the cover I thought it'd be shite but it's really decent goth with a bit of kinda sub-industrial influence. Definitely takes a lot from The Cure's trilogy of Faith, 17 Seconds and Pornography (all you need by them in my humble opinion!). Dead good. £5

KETCH - The Anthems Of Dread CD [Aesthetic Death]

Pretty standard doom/sludge here. Maybe the odd BM bit coming in. £3

KRUZR KEN - Addicts & Satan CD [RAIG]

This album is apparently meant to be a solution to alcohol addiction. Well I'm from Scotland so it'll do alright here, might just open my windows and play it loud out to the jackies currently taking up precious space and air in the park. What does it sound like? I dunno, the Butthole Surfers being bummed by Caroliner while listening to a Smell & Quim album. Comes (aptly) in a wee brown envelope. £1

LASHBLOOD - UnBeing CD [Aesthetic Death]

This is pretty cool. It's all-over-the shop black metal with saxophone and plenty of "not black metal" lounge-y breakdowns. Bizarre. I'm not sure it always works, and honestly it's not really my thing (the black metal parts still sound black metal....I dunno, if yr gonna be mad go ALL OUT) but if ya dig stuff that's coming out of left field then this may be up yr alley. £3

GOH LEE KWANG / TIM BLECHMANN - Findars CD [Herbal International]

Minimal squeeking electronics, with some nice creeping bass tone. £2

LEGION OF ANDROMEDA - Iron Scorn CD [Crucial BLast]

CD version of the brutal classic At War released last year! See "Releases" section for a full description. £3



LINE - They Took Great Proud In Their Work CD [Superfi]

Sort of acoustic indie with a hint of Krautrock. Not really my thing I must say but a bit of a departure for Superfi! £1

LITURGIA MALEFICARUM - Totus Tuus CD [A Fine Day To Die]

Really cool stuff, deep underground sound here, cavernous heavy reverb on the vocals and swirling, trance-like guitars. £3

TED LORSSON / CAULIFLOWER ASS AND BOB - Present A CD That Will Be Loved By Generations CD [Wheelchair Full Of Old Men]


LOST BREED - The Evil In You And Me CD [Shadow Kingdom]

Solid gold classic debut here from Lost Breed. Most of the "Wino Daze" demo which I released a couple of years ago is here, but with a much beefier sound, along with a bunch more anthemic doom-rock classics. No doom band comes close to the tunes Lost Breed wrote for me, these guys are just untouchable. On vinyl soon! £4

LOST BREED - Save Yourself CD [Shadow Kingdom]

Anyone who knows much about me knows that I LOVE Lost Breed. In fact, I consider this album to be one of the best albums ever recorded. It's absolute genius from start to finish, every song is just the best doom metal I can concieve of. I'm not even going to go into detail cos I'll be reissuing this on vinyl soon* and will do a gushing write-up then. In the meantime...may as well part with a fiver and give it a go! *(did ask Shadow Kingdom if they wanted to go in on a co-release, but got the class response "NOT INTERESTED IN LOST BREED VINYL". It's good to see a label with a lot of faith in their product! £4

MACHETAZO - Live At CBGB CD [Selfmadegod]

Excellent live recording of intense grindcore recorded round about the time this legendary venue was getting ready to shut its doors I reckon. Very chuffed I got to catch a gig there when I visited NY! £3

MAJESTY - Bestial Vomit / Demo 2 CD [Haunted Hotel]

Majesty were one of the earliest death metal bands, who went on to become grindcore master Nausea, which of course helped from the mighty TERRORIZER! This is their first two demos compiled and it's absolutely brilliant stuff. Early DM history here, gettit! £5

MANDIBULA - Sacrificial Metal Of Death CD [Caverna Abismal]

Right here we go, don't need to listen to anything else this update: best record of this month, hands down! This demo came out 9 years ago and I'd never heard of these guys. They fucking rule. It's kinda death metal, but it sounds like it was recorded at that time when labels and subgenres were all very fluid. The vocals are just brilliant, the guy is just like fuckin raging and ranting all over the shop; not trying to be "death metal", just brutal cos, well, he's brutal. Think maybe the closest thing I can compare these guys to is Root. I wish I knew what these guys were up to and if they ever did anything else. If I had the cash I'd be putting this record out on fuckin vinyl, it's THAT GOOD. £3

MARES OF DIOMEDES - Mares Of Diomedes CD [Heavy Earth Records]

New band and new label here and I'm impressed with them both! These guys are a two-piece (I think!) and play very heavy sludge/doom. Usually the sludge/doom tag coupled with cod-ritual artwork with skulls would have me running for the hills but this is good stuff. It's a bit all over the place - I could do without the stoner rock riffs and screechy vocals - but when these guys go for the epic, sprawling Neurosis sound they nail it. There's a tune on this one that has a few minutes of total monolithic, tarpit majesty, with a clarrion call synth line throughout and great heavy tribal drumming.....but it ends with some Iron Monkey riffing/shrieking that I cannae be doing with. Not perfect but have the potential to be a cracking band I reckon! Nice digipak. £3

LASSE MARHAUG - White Inferno CD [Narcolepsia]

Ultra-harsh and dense analogue noise from the Norwgian master here, this originally came out on tape in 1996 and appeared in truncated form on the Marhaug box from a few yars ago. This is fully remastered and contains a bunch of contemporaneous bonus material. Six-panel digipak, lovely package. £5

MARZURAAN - Solid State CD [Traqueto]

I was down in Newcastle last month with Vuil and got talking to Lee about distro-ing this when it came out nearly 15 years ago (!) and he told me he still had hunners of copies of it, cos back then you'd press 1000 copies of something no bother (check early AWWFN titles still very much available!). Anyway, since Lee is one of the best human beings there is, a few weeks later a wee parcel arrived at my door with the new Culver boxset, a bunch of new Matching Head tapes, and several copies of Solid State. So here we go, the best post-doom record ever, packaged in an amazing inverted-cross Stephen O'Malley sleeve. Heavy as it gets. Shortly after release I put these guys on in a (now legendary I think) gig at Cottier's in Glasgow, which I later released and later gave the catalogue number ATWAR001 to make it seem like I knew what I was doing at the start of the label. Highly recommended, best band! £3


Really decent grindcore from Mexico. These guys have that Bolt Thrower metal militia guitar chug but often speed it up to ultra-fast tempo. Has those mad shrieking pig vocals as well. Worth a listen! £2

MAZAKON TACTICS - The Entrancing Cage CD [Horror]

Great power electronics utilising scrap metal. Powerful, raw stuff. £3

MEGALITH TEMPLE - European PM CD [Loneravn]

Oh dearie me. This is "folk doom" apparently. It sounds like a cross between fucking Enya and the soundtrack to Golden Axe 2. Each song is named after a different European country, but they've got their timelines mixed up and put in France, Burgundy and Normandian. Geography, use of tenses, historical timelines all over the fuckin shop here lads. Pass me ma panpipes! £2

MEKIGAH - Litost CD [Aesthetic Death]

Jeez....I thought Bismuth had the heaviest bass tone ever when I listened to their album earlier today, but fuckin hell Mekigah come close! Nightmarish synthesiser doom metal? Fuck knows what you call this but it's bloody great!! £3

MEKIGAH - Autexousious CD [Aesthetic Death]

I really liked these guys' debut album from a couple of years back and this one is good too. There aren't too many bands who sound different these days, but these fellas manage it. Really dank, synthesiser-led, incredibly macabre-sounding music that there aren't too many obvious signposts to. Maybe a funeral doom GGFH is as close as I can think of. I'm not too hot on the croaky BM vocals and reckon this would have been perfect as an instrumental record, but I guess that's personal preference. Recommended. £3

MIND AND FLESH - Martyr Generation CD [Force Majeure]

Excellent, nasty death industrial/PE. If you dug the mortuary sounds of Atrax Morgue then this is for you! £3

MISTY GREY - Grey Mist CD [Out Of The Past]

Pretty standard doom metal here with female vox. It could be that I've been really enjoying the new Blood Ceremony, but everything is relative innit and this doesn't really cut the mustard for me. If I was feeling in a harsh mood (which I am), I'd say the music on here was as inspiring as the album's title. £3


Primitive raw black metal from Poland. £2

MONEYISGOD - M.A.R.K.Z. CD [Heart & Crossbone]

Crap name but don't let that put you off, this is seriously good stuff! MONEYISGOD is fronted by amazing 80s Japanese hardcore band ASBESTOS, so you get an idea of where we're coming from here. This is a very varied record, but to me sounds a bit like a less relentlessly-pumelling Zeni Geva, maybe later-period Crow. Really top stuff, been listening to this one a lot myself lately. £2

MORTE SUICIDA - Morte Suicida CD [Na Figueredo]

Punchy grind heavily-influenced by hardcore from Brazil. They kinda look like wiggas in the band photos, but can probably forgive em, sure a lot gets lost in translation. £1

MORTUUS CAELUM - Ad Libertatem Per Mortem CD [War]

This is okay. Pretty much very generic black metal, but that's kinda it's strength. Quite "dramatic", epic sound. Reminds me a bit of the second Moonblood album actually. If yer one of those guys who has everything and wants to lay two notes down on some meat and potatoes BM, here you go mate. £2

MOURNFUL WINTER - Demo I CD [Black Devastation]

Was sold on this just looking at the cover art tbh, but shoving it on it's the bollocks! Total Burzum worship, great repetitive riffing with Hvis Lysett-era vocals set high in the mix like Panzerfaust. Some smashing breakdowns with Frostian riffs ala Moonblood. Great cold atmosphere. Album of the week! £3

MOURNING DAWN - Waste CD [Aesthetic Death]

Driving black metal/doom hybrid. £3

MUMMIFIED - Embalming The Nazarene CD [Vomit In Silence]

Horror-inspired death metal from Costa Rica. £3

MURDER HOLLOW - Titan CD [Loneravn]

Great thunderous doom with savage death-raspy vocals from Finland. Decent! £2

MUSIIKKIVYORY - Tulemme Sokeiksi CD [Ektro]

Originally issued in 1981, this was recorded when the guy was a teenager in 1981. Atonal riffs, home electronics, randomly cut-up radio sounds, noise, and primitive industrial weltschmertz blend into a rough, highly personalized whole. £3

NAKED INCISE - Naked Incise CD [Thanatology]

Intense mid-paced grindcore from China with gore-grind style vocals and quite a lot of forays into more traditional metal patterns, maybe not a million miles away from Japanese grindcore weirdos CSSO or a less thought-out Sigh. £2

NASHVILLE PUSSY / ZEKE - Live At The Confederacy Of Scum Supershow 1997 CD [boot]

Full sets from these two great punk n roll bands, both at the peak of their powers. I saw Zeke a couple of years after this and they were RAGING. I have the original Confederacy Of Scum CD which featured a few tracks by other bands who played: Cocknoose, Rancid Vat, Antiseen and others; this is a great companion release. £5

NECROSADIST - Abstract Satan CD [Blood Harvest]

Psychedelic, raw occult black metal. £3

NECROTOMY - Inhuman Mankind CD [Metal Or Die]

Metal Or Die hit it out the park once again with this Hungarian obscurity. This is Necrotomy's only release (from 1991) and kinda chimes with a lot of Hungarian bands from the early 90s in that it's got a really all-over-the-place sound, drums and vocals well high in the mix, and informed by classic metal as well as the usual Hellhammer/Slayer/Death bits. It's quite schizophrenic sounding and all the better for it. If you dug for example Angel Reaper that I've had in for a while you will love these guys! Highly recommended. £3

NEE! - Does Noise Belong In Music? CD [Mortville]

The complete collected works of one of the best noisecore bands ever, Dutch masters, Nee! I was in touch with one of them years ago and used to trade stuff with him loads and he turned me on to loads of great stuff. This is 98 tracks of insane blurr/noise/grind that's much more listenable than a lot of this stuff, with riffs coming in, an actual grasp of humour, weird wee "musical" interludes. It's fucking ace and what noisecore is all about; it needn't just be a few talentless fucks making an unlistenable racket (though that's not always a disaster either!). Huge recommentation from me, I wish I'd released this!! £4

NIGHT GAUNT - Night Gaunt CD [Bloodrock]

How many Lovecraft references can there be in one distro update? At least five if you've got a shipment in from an Italian doom metal label is the answer to that one! This is horror-themed doom metal with great warbling theatrical vocals and some terrific riffage. Very thick production. Heavy duty man. £5

NIGHT LONER - Night Loner CD [False Profit]

Ultra-lo-fi bin-core here from the US. Think Flipper, Kilslug, Brainbombs but recorded by (even more) drugged-up tramps. I dig it! £3

THE NIHILISTIC FRONT - Procession To Annihilation CD [Aesthetic Death]

Pretty unstructured, crashing death-ish sludge metal. £3

NOCTURNAL DAMNATION - Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion CD [Dunkelheit]

Total nuclear war metal (TM) from South Korea. If you like Impeity, Blasphemy etc then this will float yer boat. Nothing new, but they do what they do well. £5

NOCTURNE - Ave Nortem CD [Do Or Die]

Superlative progressive death/black metal, all the more impressive in that it was all written and performed by one guy! Dark and morose but with melodic flourishes and an always progressive, probing sound and attitude. Top marks. £2

NOISEAR - Pyroclastic Annhiallation CD [RSR]

Tech grind insanity from New Mexico. Fans of Agoraphobic Nosebleed take note! £4

NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST - Overkill Commando CD [SMG]

Stomp-along raw thrash/death with great harsh vocals. £3

OF SPIRE AND THRONE - Sanctum In The Light CD [Aesthetic Death]

Great stuff: heavy funeral sludge from Edinburgh. Seen these guys a few times live and always decent and the album is suitably bass-heavy and thundering. £3

OGOTAY - Dead God's Prophet CD [SMG]

I LOVED their debut and this one is just as ace. Total second-phase Morbid Angel going on here. Proper brutal stuff. GREAT! £5

OHMU - Hive Mind CD [Thanatology]

Weird avant rock from Austria. Lots of jazzy rhythms, heavy guitars and bass coming together in plenty of smart driving jams, interspersed with creeping electronic passages and crunching noise. Worth a listen! £2

OSSARIUM - Emanation CD [Caverna Abismal]

Total cryptic (well, see their name!) death/black metal here. Love the vocals which sound like they were recorded a few feet under ground. It's not all just atmosphere, either, the riffs are good but it's totally about those fuckin vocals for me...amazing! £3

OSSUAIRE - Le Troubadour Necrophageophile CD [Nihilistic Holocaust]

Top class, gutter-level, diabolical death metal that reminds me a bit of the first VADER album. Really good stuff, highly recommended! £3

PAGANUS - Paganus CD [Total Rust]


PARANOID - Satyagraha CD [Southern Lord]

One of the best bands in the world right now for my money. Absolute total raw punk ferocity here. I guess this is the record that really put Paranoid on the map, and for good reason: it's entirely distilled punk/metal fury, just blasting with rage from start to finish. I also absolute love how these guys are proper punks; having worked with them now I can attest to that. I fucking love PARANOID! £5

PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI - De Anarkistiske An(n)aler CD [Haunted Hotel]

Unique insane one-man grindco attack. Brilliant! £5

PATHOGEN - Lust Of Evil CD [Old Temple]

Superb very old school thrash/death from the Philippines with razor-sharp early Slayer-esque riffs, pounding drums (and the odd d-beat in there for good measure) and frenzied, reverb-drenched screams. Exactly what old school death metal should be all about! £2

POSEIDON - Back From The Abyss: The Anthology CD [Dying Victims]

These guys are a new one to me. Only ever released on 12" back in 1989 and a limited demo, and they're both collected here. The crappy "muscular sea monster groping a naked lady" artwork shouldn't put you off (note to labels: these bands had a rough sound, did small press releases....polished, moden cover art is NOT befitting the music or aesthetic AT ALL!), the music is great. It's not quite full-on teutonic-sounding (though the rasping vocals are there), but more a wee bit of the Bay Area sound and informed by speed metal. It's fuckin great and I am going to add the 12" to my wantlist immediately! £3

POSITIVA - Prodigal Songs CD [Odio Sonoro]

Very retro-sounding rock, think Blue Cheer/Sabbath/Grand Funk. Good stuff.£2

PRELUDIUM - Redemption CD [Transcending Obscurity]

Solid blasting blackened death metal from Poland. Not bringing anything new to the table - and if you're into the Polish scene these guys are pretty standard - but they're on album number four now and they do what they do well. £2

PRIMIGENIUM - As Eternal As The Night... CD [Deviant]

(Un)holy shit! This is astounding. Absolutely never heard of these guys before but this record is remarkable in that 1) it came out originally in 1995 on Wild Rags and 2) the band are from Spain. Apparently they're one of the first black metal acts from the region and christ on a bike, the four songs here are the absolute bollocks! Totally not sounding like a demo, they're powerful, fast, brutal and with a great punchy production. Total violence. Reminds me loads of early Carpathian Forest but faster and tighter. A great find!! £3

PROFANE ANGER - Fall Of The Liar CD [Death Voice]

Very old school death metal from Brazil. Think the early masters: Sarcofago, Sepultra, Mystifier etc. £4

PROTESTANT - As Dead As We Look CD [Halo Of Flies]

Super-heavy grinding hardcore power violence. £2

PTAO - 4ka 2 3" CD [Kaz]

NOISECORE! Great 3" in an ace six-panel wee mini-size digipak. £2

PUTRID CHRIST - Burning Temples Of The Holy CD [Times End]

Decent, raw, satanic USBM. Nowt fancy going on here, just thrash riffing-influenced black metal. £2

REIKETSU - Cinza CD [Crust Or Die/etc]

This was quoted as being "gloomy stenchcore" when I ordered it in but I can only guess whoever wrote that was doing their bit for stenchcore and sniffing a lot of glue when they wrote that cos Deviated Instinct this is not. It's too polished, production is really clear, there are elements of kinda post-hardcore in there (euch)...the band are wearing matching shirt and ties combos for fuck sake. I guess on its own it's not really offensive in any way, fast melodic-ish hardcore bits and slow build ups, but if you're expecting some dank and horrible crust go somewhere else. £1

RESGESTAE - Etat D'Urgence CD [Force Majeure]

Total POWER industrial here, really grim and sample-heavy bleak stuff. £3

ROT - Nowhere CD [SMG]

Great new EP from one of the best grind bands ever. Total POWER! £3

ROT - Messiah Death CD [DOOM]

Not the Brazilian (and better!) Rot but this is reasonable blasting black metal which reminds me a wee bit of Bestial Summoning. £4

RUPTURE - Killing On The Brain CD [Straight Up]

I love Rupture but christ almighty, they don't half have a huge amount of releases that really would be better served as part of a coherent big collection boxset. This CD is three and a half minutes long and 3 of the tracks appeared on one side of a 5" on a boxset whos name I cannae remember which I used to have but sold ages ago. It's fuckin raging buzzsaw hardcore that only Rupture do properly. Do us a favour but: do a boxset of everything, collected together in order cos that would be the absolute business, and mean nobody has to listen to the shite nowadays bands who want a "split with Rupture"! £3

RUSTING SUN - Behind The Shadows CD [Black Devastation]

Almost avant black metal with the odd progressive bit, £3

SABBATH BLAATH - Sabbath Blaath CD [Heart & Crossbone]

Picked this one up on a whim. It was marketed as "re-edited and chopped-up" Black Sabbath songs so I thought it might be quite interesting. What we have here is half of Black Sabbath and Master Of Reality, with wee bits and pieces repeated and snippets taken and replaced at different bits of songs. It's quite frankly really, really, REALLY fucking annoying and one of the stupidest ideas ever concieved. It made me really want listen to Black Sabbath while repeatedly punching whatever idiot came up with this stupid idea right in the face. NEVER ACT ON YOUR WHIMS. Edit: I met the stupid idiot who came up with this idea when on holiday this year, and he's not a stupid idiot at all and I feel bad for calling him that. In fact I'm doing a record with his band soon cos most everything else I've heard by him rules! I still think this record is total gash mind :-) £1

SA BRUXA - From The Depths CD [Yoshiwara Collective]

Cinematic, grandiose death ambient. I realise that usually death ambient records are usually pretty understated and entirely about tension - and this very much is - but this guy really knows how to build up to something and have it crash back down again! Great. £5

SACRILEGIOUS RITE - Summoned From Beyond CD [Dunkelheit]

Raw, brutal black metal. £5

SADOTANK - Black Thrash Assault CD [Inverted Inhumation]

It's always good when an album's title does the description for you. Really have nothing to add. £4

SATANIZE - Apocalyptic Impious Command CD [Deviant]

Just total Impiety/Beherit/Blasphemy worship from Portugal. It's weird how these sub-sub-sub genres get so generic, from the way the band dress (short hair, hoods up, bullet belts), to the artwork (looks like Chris Moyen) to the sound. I mean it's not bad at all (I did release that Battlestorm LP remember!), but if you're looking for something new, this ain't it. £3

SHEMHAMFORASH - Luciferi Omnis Ysighda With Dolor Ante Lucem Dark Opera CD [Hellthrasher]

Very keyboard-based black metal with a grand, symphonic sound somewhere in the region of Summoning or perhaps HOTH if you're familiar with them. This is a reissue of a demo from 1998 and the epic, occultish vibe works really well. £3

SHINKIRO - Archive: Volumes I-III 2xCD [Old Captain]

Superlative collection of dark ambient here with shifting moods of beautiful texture and tone; totally engrossing stuff. £6

THE SHITTY LIMITS - Beware The Limits CD [Boss Tuneage]

Highly regarded UK punkers, sitting somewhere between punk, post-punk and garage rock, I can defiitely hear a bit of Red Kross and maybe the less "hardcore" end of early Dischord here...Marginal Man etc. Decent stuff. £2

SICK SEED - Technological Singularity CD [Untergeschoss/Filth And Violence]

Post-industrial power electronics from the Finnish master. Harsh and austere grinding metal abuse, this sounds like the scene at the end of Terminator. Successfully confusing matters beyond all recognition, the last track is a cover of my favourite Jethro Tull tune (seriously!), Heavy Horses. To be honest, it's kinda just in exactly the same style as the rest of the tracks (though the riff is kinda played at the end of the track on a synth!), with Pekka intoning in his well-pronounced clipped tones the lyrics to the song over an industrial backing. Fuckin bizarre man. Recommended, of course! £3

SIDUS TENEBRARUM - Born From The Dark Rib CD [Obskure Sombre]

Decent black/thrash hybrid, think early German stuff like Sodom, Kreator etc. £2

SILCHARDE - Cacolepsie CD [Obskure Sombre]

Creeping ambience which brings to mind the twisted experiments of Abruptum. Soundtrack music to being stalked down a long, dark corridor. £2

SLOGUN - Tearing Up Your Plans CD [Old Captain]

Reissue of an album that came out 20 years ago (!). One of Slogun's most full-on releases, this is basically descriptions of true crime shouted over a backing of a hundred filing cabinets falling down the stairs. It's not subtle, but then power electronics isn't exactly a genre famed for its lightness of touch. Recommended. £5

SOCKEYE - Retards Hiss Past My Window CD [Mortville]

Superb CD reissue of what is quite frankly THE "tard core" album for me. It's utterly absurd, with brilliantly insane and bonkers lyrics. It's not just a bunch of weirdos making a racket though, and whilst some of their early tapes are a hard listen, this LP had a bunch of old tunes and is a proper fully-formed album. High point might be their re-imagining of House Of The Rising Sun, dubbed "House Of Your Testicles". Class. £3

SON OF THE MORNING - Son Of The Morning CD [Bloodrock]

Bombastic retro-rock from Italy. It's got organ dead high in the mix and cracks on at some pace. Very similar to early Blood Ceremony or maybe Purson. £5

SOUL OF ENOCH - Neo Locus CD [Bloodrock]

Soul Of name. Opening with a massive fucking organ, a tolling church bell, a mournful guitar line and some grim Italian dramatic spoken word.....fuck me it's like someone made an album for me in a lab. Oh......and it's a Tony Tears project. This is just absolutely perfect. I can't fault it. If you di Euro doom metal, eerie sounds and power chords, then this is your thing. To make it clear: IT IS MY FUCKIN THING. £5

STORM BREEDER - The Knave CD [Paragon]

Solo recordings from Mournful Congregation's former guitarist, this is a million miles away from the depressive doomers however. This is very technically-adept thrash with a big traditional metal (almost symphonic) bent. The riffs and guitar sound are very Metallica (as are most of the vocals) and the gallop is total Maiden. It's often quite clumsy and a bit all over the place but I really enjoyed this, hardly anyone does music like this these days so it's good to see the banner still held high by someone! Good stuff. £2

SUBJECT - Inevitable. Inimitable... Unexcelled CD [Metal Or Die]

Another Hungarian obscurity here from the excellent Metal Or Die, Subject were an early 90s death metal band who recorded a few demos and a couple of full-lengths; this CD compiles their first demo and 7". This stuff is much more album-quality than a lot of the demos MoD put out, it sounds really full and heavy. Some brilliant meat and potatoes riffs going on, love it. The vocals are absolute top-class chest-ripping stuff and there are moments of proper whirldwind Autopsy doss goin on. Superb! £4

TAPE DEKAY - Decadimento Del Nastro / Decadenza Di Tutto CD [Narcolepsia/Old Captain]

Excellent first full length from what seems to be an intermittent project from Sweden (comp tracks going back to 1999 but little else). I see this described as musique concrete but it seems way too cohesive to be considered as that; this is very much industrial music in a very literal sense of the word: it's like a walk through an underground disused soviet factory. Cold, harsh, clattering, humming. Very textural. It's very much an 80s-sounding record to me. You know that when you put two labels like this together you're getting something special and these fellas very rarely dissappoint. Excellent! £5


Taste Of Fear have been going for years; they released a split with Disrupt on Off The Disk as well as a great debut, perhaps notable for featuring Nurse With Wound doing a guest intro (!). Anyway, their inclusion on this split is a bit of a gip, cos even though the tracks are great, they all appeared on the discography CD put out by Throne a few years ago. First time I've seen someone release a "new" split of material by a band who have a complete discography out! So, kinda pointless unless you've never heard the band and want to check them out (they are great!). Voice Of Hate I don't know but play old school grind, very Terrorizer-esque. £2

TENHORNEDBEAST - Death Has No Companion CD [Cold Spring]

Slowly-evolving, encompassing drones from Chris Walton, these three lengthy pieces (and his first album in what seems ages) perfectly capture the solitary nature of his work. Or, if you regularly catch a glimps of his Facebook feed, a man alone in the woods taking pictures of bird shit! £6

TERRA CAPUT MUNDI - Live In The Hive CDr [Self-released]

Pro-done CDr of decently-recorded live stuff from US thrashers. Comes in a slim-line DVD case. £2

TERRODROWN - Colonize And Regulate CD [Infernal Kommando]

Intense & dark blackened industrial metal. Limited to 500 copies. £2

TERRORAZOR - Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust CD [SMG]

Old school grind-core (they sound a WEE BIT LIKE TERRORIZER). £3

THORNSPAWN / ISTIDRAJ - Split CD [Infernal Horde]

Split CD from two long-running barbaric black metal hordes. £3

THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE - Piling Up CD [Selfmadegod]

Old school buzzing death metal from Rogga Johansson; think the rolling tempos of Bolt Thrower and brutalist razor riffs of Hypocrisy. £3

THROAT - Decade Of Passive Aggression 2009-2019 2xCD [Kaos Kontrol]

Complete discography of the best noise rock band of the past decade! Throat are just absolute fucking SAVAGE. Included here are all three albums (including the two on At War) plus 7"s, comp tracks and everything else. Lovely digipak packaging. Must-buy! £8

TIRESIA RAPTUS - Tiresia Raptus CD [Bloodrock]

Debut album from a sort of Bloodrock Records supergroup. This is very Italian-sounding, with elements of doom metal and prog, held together by a gloomy and dark atmosphere. £5

TIRESIA RAPTUS - Diaspora CD [Bloodrock]

Quite a bit more accessible than their debut, this one has a wee bit of a new wave influence maybe? Dunno, it's definitely smoother and with more listenable. Bits of it kinda make me think of the Hawklords album "20 Years On". Not sure if that makes sense or not! £5

TORBA - Musica Convenzionale CD [Edizioni Aaltra]

Excellent cut-up musique concrete from Torba. It's not quite got the same absurdist tone as Nurse With Wound, but is definitely similar in construction. Very atmospheric and jarring noise. One of the best guys going today without a doubt. £4

TOXOID - Aurora Satanae CD [Transcending Obscurity]

These guys are absolutely fecking great! Unashamedly old school, they play proper black metal in the vein of old Gorgoroth, Dark Funeral etc. It's vicious, feral stuff but still has melody. And to top it all off....they're from India! One to look out for definitely. £2

TRINAKRIUS - Massacro CD [Jolly Roger Records]

Decent doom-tinged heavy metal with an 80s-style Euro sound. £2

TYRANATH / KVAATHAN / EINGAR - Three-Way Split CD [Heidenwut]

Three pretty boring black metal bands here. Looking at the booklet for this there's a lot of "Support the resistance!", sunwheels etc. Sigh. These bands all seem to be part of the "Vinland" scene, which seems to be like the Cascadian thing - equally as lame but with the added bonus of casual racism! Quite how these chumps feel pride that for five minutes a small bunch of Vikings got lost on their way somewhere else and camped on a beach in Canada before presumably getting eaten by a giant prehistoric walrus is beyond me, or how indeed any of that equates to having black people sit at the back of the bus. I guess if you're Canadian you've got to try and manufacture some kind of bullshit to have a degree of national pride. Whoopa! Yeah so...two quid if you care. Can't say I do to be honest. £2

TYRUS - Tyrus CD [Arkham Chronicles]

Tyrus were the band Peter Hobbs was in before the legendary Hobbs' Angel Of Death. Finally seeing the light of day, this is their previously-unrelease demo. This was also subsequently released on vinyl by Iron Pegasus which I had in stock a couple of years ago just when it was released. Stylistically there's not a huge amount to separate them from HAOD (in fact three of the four demo songs appear on their debut album). Of course, they're a bit rougher around the edges and don't have quite the same razor-sharp thrash precision of that Oz classic but the barebones are there. £3

ULVDALIR - Soul Void CD [Black Devastation]

Raw, fast black metal with some great powerful screaming vox. £3

UMPIO - Pantanothing CD [Narcolepsia]

Junk noise meets throbbing electronics. £5

UNHOLY GRAVE - Grind Killers CD [SMG]

Like Agathocles, Unholy Grave are guilty of papping out an awful lot of stuff that in the grand scheme of things just isn't necessary. This is probably one of those. It's a "live in the studio" recording, and while it features a lot of their best tunes and has a decent sound to it, I kinda think there's something pretty horribly cynical about bands who pay lip service to bringing down the bloated capitalist system, whilst plugging up that bloated capitalist system with the same 30 songs that they happened to record whilst rehearsing one day. If you've never heard them and want to know what all the fuss is about (I mean, they ARE good), then fire in! If you've heard them before, put that four quid to some better use, like umm.....sticking a wee knife in the bloated capitalist system. £3

VALTAKUNTA - Valtakunta CD [Bestial Burst]


VARIOUS - Asymmetry CD [Total Rust]


VARIOUS - Aural Bowels CD [Soopa/Let's Go To War]

Compilation of artists who perform annually at the "ritual occult festival", Matancas in Oporto. Lots of different styles, from avant-metal to drone, noise etc going on here, all with a ritualistic slant. Decent stuff. £1

VARIOUS - Give & Take: Malaysian Hardcore Punk Compilation 2012 CD [Piss Art/Neryhous/Red Ink]

Does what it says on the tin really! Mix of new bands I've never heard of running the whole gammunt of hardcore/grind/punk styles. Worth a listen, a few real belters on there! £2

VARIOUS - The New Wave Of Grave New Beat Volume Two CD [Our Future]

Great budget comp (featuring real bands this time!) from Rodney Shades. 24 racks of raw punk, d-beat, crust, featuring (amongst others): Paranoid, Thisclose, Gaze, Endless Grinning Skulls, Sludge, Rodney Shades Band. CD with big booklet: top! £2

V/A - Noise.Il [Topheth Prophet]

Excellent comp of Isreali power electronics and noise acts. £2

VARIOUS - Sometimes...Death Is Better Part 2,3 & 4 3xCD [Shiver]

Massive triple disc box set from the mid 90s here, collecting mostly death metal bands from Europe. It's not got a 100% hit-rate and there are a few stinkers in here, but then there are a few absolute stormers too and a couple of early appearances by bands who'd go on to big things (Birdflesh, Enchanted, Evoke all spring to mind). Basically, pretty much every band here would get a deluxe double LP of demos on The Crypt and it'd be called a "seminal classic" retroactively. 4 hours of 90s death metal and a big booklet for 6 quid? Yer not gonna go wrong! £6

VARIOUS - What Pleasing The Lord Looks Like Marriage: Extreme, Noise...And Terror From Japan & Israel CD [HCB]

Feat. Cadaver Eyes, Moneyisgod, Ryokuchi, Zenocide etc £1

VIOLENT WISDOM - Dis-Order CD [Dissonance]

Comp of three demos from 1991,92 and 93 from this ultra-obscure US thrash band. If you think of the state of the big thrash bands in 1991, they were al pretty much releasig total fuckin plop, so the underground was where you had to turn to find people still puttin out razor-sharp brutal tunes like these guys. The 91 demo is more classical-metal sounding and production is quite rough but I love it. Wee bit early Armoured Saint going on. 92 demo is ultra-fast speed metal ala-Razor and absolutely fucking rips though sound is quit thin. The 93 demo has the best production by far is just rules. Total chug-a-thon. Try and think of any decent thrash bands going in 1993; it says a lot that nobody signed these guys up I feel. Superb stuff and a great discovery!! £5

VIVISECTION - 1993 - 1994 CD [ZAS Autoproduzioni]

Collection of splits, comp tracks and demo tracks from this under-heard and short-lived yet great 90s japanese grindcore band. Very old school, think mix of early Napalm Death and SOB. £4

VOMIR - Cloitrez Et Tuez Vous Tous CD [Narcolepsia]

New album from the harsh noise wall master. £4

VORKUTA - Where Darkness Still Dwells CD [Metal Or Die]

Comp of demo tracks by this great black metal band. Really lo-fi, haunting stuff, this brings to mind the classic second wave sound or perhaps the more "orthodox" LLN bands in its tone and basement sound. Great! £4

VOZ DE NEHUM - Sublimation CD [Aesthetic Death]

Another Cypriot black metal record here and it's also an absolute stormer. Weird droning vocals similar to Atilla Csihar, occult symbolism and esoteric art, harsh as fuck guitars: this is excellent! £5

WADGE - The End Of Ethnography CD [Mortville]

The final Wadge LP and it's an absolute belter. One thing I love about Wadge is the daft and frankly weird obsession with tiki culture, but this record has a much more serious sounds pissed off as fuck. The machine gun drum sound is there but there's a kinda experimental bent to this that brings to mind what Man Is The Bastard did at their best: push boundaries of what extreme metal" could be all about. The last track, "I Give Up" is my favourite and says it all, really: power violence blasting, repeated, simplistic lyrics, then descending into an avalanche of tortured screams and crumbling harsh noise. A real loss if this really is the last Wadge record. Needless to say, album of the month! £3

WALD GEIST WINTER - Teufelsfreise CD [Black Devastation]

Immortal-esque cold melodic black metal. £3

WERTHAM / MUTANT APE - Split CD [Turgid Animal]


WHELM - A Gaze Blank And Pitiless As The Sun CD [Aesthetic Death]

Pretty decent doom metal that sometimes goes down the funeral sludge path a bit but has the odd interesting time signature that has shades of PENANCE. Though never quite hits that band's highs! £3

WITCHCURSE - Fantomania III: Anti-Disco CD [Metal Or Die]

Excellent very NWOBHM style from Greece, these guys hit us with a bunch of originals and then do a bunch of covers of tunes by Hungarian legends FANTOM. £2

WITCHHELM - Jotunn CD [Mantratya]

Pretty standard drone-stoner-doom but has quite a cool heavy tone to it. £3

WOLFSSCHREI - Demons Of My Inner Self CD [Black Devastation]

Raw production, violent sound. Total early 90s black metal worship from Germany. £3

WRECK OF THE HESPERUS - Light Rotting Out CD [Aesthetic Death]

Claustrophobic tortured doom from Ireland. Smart A5 digi packaging. £3

WYVERN - The Red Flame Of Pain CD [Jolly Roger Records]

Excellent heavy metal from late 80s Italy. Around this period death metal and thrash were all the rage and those few bands still playing this style were either derided or just plain sank without a trace. Luckily Jolly Roger are at hand to re-release this cracking raw Italo euro metal. Recommended! £2

XEREXES - COllision Blonde CD [No Sleep]


THE YELLOW PAYGES - Yellow Payges Vol. 1 CD [Relics]

Amazing late 60s garage/beat from the US. Really raw, youthful and gritty sound. Recommended! £3

ZOMBIE BLASPHEMY / GHAST - Split CD [Lost Rivers Product]

Low-end blackened sludge assault. £2



ABIGAIL / WINDS OF GENOCIDE - Split tape [Inverted Inhumation]

Savage-sounding death-crust from Winds and punked-up scuzz metal from the masters, Abigail! £2

AEDH - Torches Of The Badb tape [Dying Sun]

Everything about this seems to be celtic, from the name and lyrics to the album art. These guys from from that famously historically celtic country, Canada. It's reasonable, catchy, fast black metal with some decent stacatto riffing. £3

AGASIA - Vieraantuneet tape [self-released]

Epic post-doom crust from Finland. Not a million miles away from the sound of the last Corrupted record! Lim 50. £2

ALLERGY - Smog tape [No Name]

Pretty lo-fi amateurish hardcore with a big Disorder influence going on. £3

GG Allin - No Room tape [bootleg]

Totally unnecessary and idiotic bootleg. The "No Room..." was the first boot to be released after GG died and a kinda way of letting racist goons cash in on the GG "anti-everything" philosophy. I guess when you're anti-everything, you're gonna attract people who aren't anti-everything but just dicks. Music-wise this has the original 7 plus a bunch of live stuff which is pretty unlistenable. I mean GG live stuff always sucks cos the sound of a microphone being shoved up yer hoop isnae all that interesting. Though I'm pretty sure there's a fella doin that in Cafe Oto next week. £4

ARAGON - Executed By Gibbet tape [DOOM]

Blasphemic, blasting death/black metal. £3

ASTRO - Colorization Of Sound tape [Irrational Arts]

Three superb live sets of swirling stabs of electronic psychedelia from the master! £2

AU-DESSUS - Au-Dessus tape [Godz Ov War]

Good black metal here from Lithuania, these guys have that cascading wall guitar sound of Drudkh and the melodic progressiveness of WITTR etc. I don't tend to really listen to this kinda stuff myself but it's done well. £3


Audicion Irritable are an early noisecore band from Peru and their side of this split was originally released in 1993. As per the South American NC sound, this is ultra primitive non-music; caustic, blasting stuff. Faecalgia are from Italy and play a style of deathy grindcore which verges on noisecore in its execution. Cool tape. £3

AVARUUDEN SAHKO - Avaruuden Sahko tape [Heavy Meditation]

Really cosmic (kosmiche) soundscapes here. Think a more harsh-sounding and dense Affenstunde. In construction, if not sound, similar to the Haare tape below, in fact this makes a great companion piece. £4

AXNAAR - Shite Inside Death tape [Legion Blotan]

Amazing ultra lo-fi black metal from Gaz Howells of Sump, Barbarians etc. Layers of really filthy-sounding racket all under a deep layer of tape hiss....perfecto! £4

AXNAAR - Crucifixion Mass tape [Legion Blotan]

Early tape of chaotic, raw BM. £4

BAD AURA - Animus tape [Winning Sperm Party]

This is the second release from Chas of Vom's new(ish) dirge punk band, and the second lineup. In fact, I'm pretty sure they're on the third lineup now. So this is proper grotty, reptitive, murky-sounding punk. And when I say murky, I mean it sounds like it was recorded in a bin, underwater. On a dictaphone. I can hear a lot of later-period Black Flag here for sure, the more fucked Flipper tunes, Hallows Victim-era Saint Vitus, maybe Fang in their heavier moments, possibly a bit of Brainbombs too. If that doesn't get you interested, I don't know what will! 50 copies I think. £4

BAD AURA - Notes From A Sinking Nation tape [False Profit]

Third full-length from Glasgow's premier dirge punkers and this one is a beast. I thought the production on the last one was kinda distractingly basement-sounding, but they're close to nailing it on this one, and I think (third!) vocalist Sandy is absolute class, delivering heavilly-distorted spoken word assaults with great caustic lyrics over the din. Absolutely great and should not be out in such a small edition! Limited to 32. £4

BATTLESTORM - Tempest of The Orient tape [Locust Amber]

Bestial death/black metal from Singapore: it was this demo which convinced me to sign these guys up to do a full-length LP! Top stuff and nice to see a pro-done repress. £4

BENZOATE - Hate The Living, Love The Dead! tape [Basement Records]

This stash from Basement Records in Malaysia has been absolutely great. Benzoate are bang-on raw punk with great gang oi! oi! choruses. Stripped-back, simple stuff. NO MESSING. £2

SINDRE BJERGA - Foreign Tongues tape [Matching Head]

Top-notch triple live set comp from my favourite Norse noiseman! £2

BLACK BLEEDING - A Bright Future tape [Nihilistic Holocaust]

Decent black/death here that reminds me of Nunslaughter. £2

BLACK PACKERS - Living The Dream tape [Tanzprocesz]

Jazzkammer side-project, this is relentless ear-bleeding electronic noise. £2

BLOOD OF SOKAR - Blood Of Sokar cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

Immense, walls-closing-in funerary doom. Organ-led with psychedelic, heavilly-processed tortured vocals, this is great stuff which - in a massively over-saturated genre - sounds pretty unique to me. Really nice library case packaging. £5

BLOODY HEAD - Failed Experiments In Kindness tape [Narcissistic Hypnotist]

Best new band going right now! Caustic dirge punk, raging! £4

BLOODWALL - Tonic cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

When I saw this cassette, the first thing that I thought was "In The Wake Of Poseidon" cos the weird floating heads and colours of the sleeve remind me loads of the creepy cover art of King Crimson's second LP. That's where the comparions end however! This is pretty cool, laid-back ambience, with minimal beats, synth and guitar loops coming together to form some nice laid-back, pretty chilling stuff. £3

BURIAL SUIT - Bare Hanger tape [Casual Seizures]

Sparse but heavy electronics which recalls the early Broken Flag/United Dairies/Come Org scene. Heavy reverb and blistering wipeouts. Pretty sure this is Gaz Howells of Roases/Sump/Axnaar/Iron Drugs etc etc. £1

CADAVERIC POSSESSION - Sanctity Collapsed tape [DOOM]

Primal, driving black death with amazing double bass drums and horrid vocals. Sounds like a total steamroller of WAR. Great!! £3

CAPTAIN THREE LEG / DYSMORFIC - split tape [Mortville]

Short-sharp grind from C3L meets old school grind from Dysmorfic. £3

CHOP OFF YOUR ARM - Chop Off Your Arm tape [NTS/Penny Whistles And Moon Pies]

Class stuff here; this is really neanderthal mid-paced grind. Total mongo riffing (I mean this in a positive way!) and gruff vocals. Rough as! Love it. £3

CICUTOXIN - Demo 2010 tape [self-released]

Excellent noise-rock-influenced sludge from Finland (where this scene seems to be most fertile!). Think of a more listenable Brainbombs. £ 2

CICUTOXIN - Delirious Excommunication Tape [Ramekuukkell]

New tape that follows on from their demo (see below, still got a couple left for sale!) from these noise rock Finns. Very repetitive, really quite hypnotic sludge, this one betters the demo recordings. Good stuff. £2

CLEAR FLUIDS - Canis Major cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

Cosmic trance techno? This bears the greatest resemblance to rudimentary stuff like the motorik beat of Neu! or the proto-punk drum machine minimalism of Suicide, overlaid with simple synth melody. Great! £3

CONFINE - C.I.O.D.E. tape [RRSS]

Decent hardcore from Italy here. It's not really got the Italian sound so much (apart from the great intonation on the vox....for some reason the Italian language just sounds cool as fuck in hardcore tunes!). It's a bit more Euro-melodic hardcore really with a wee bit of powerviolence maybe thrown in there. £3

CRUCIFIX EYE - Yokai tape [Forever Escaping Boredom]

Almost-wall (it's hard to tell sometimes!) from Belgium. There's definitely something goin on here, but it's buried underneath a very satisfying wall of crunching heaviness. Reminds me of that bit at the beginning of Terminator 2 when the big machines are driving over tons of human skulls. £ 2

CRUELTY - Cruelty cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

Repetitive, bummed-out drum machine/synth/vox here. It's like Suicide-gone lounge/horror. Pretty cool. £3

DEMENTIA FIVE - Revolt In The Fifth Dimension tape [Yoshiwara]

These guys are pretty cool: featuring members of OGRE, this is proper 70s psychy heavy rock. There's a bit of a desert vibe to it with some nice keyboard lines a cracking 70s guitar licks. Right on! £3

DEPLETION - Lost Signals tape [Matching Head]

Cold void emanations from Martyn Reid (aka half of Vampyres). £4

DEUSZEBUL - Abandono / Live At Natal tape [Death Voice]

Frantic, blasting chainsaw grind. £4

DEW OF NOTHING - Outsider tape [Locust Amber]

Decent death metal from Mexico here. These guys have been going since 1995 but only ever did one album at the time as far as I can see. This is pretty decent old school death metal, and nice to see a band who play in the old style without sounding like Autopsy for a bloody change! Pretty well played, well composed diabolical stuff! £2

DISJAWN - Social Anxiety tape [No Name Records]

Raw d-beat punk from USA. £3

DOGRELLA DECIDED UPON - Soggy Samsonite cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

The strange collage art (Napeleon with ham for a face) is as bizarrely bang-on a description of the music contained within than I could give using words. Really out-there creeping sounds that seem to be cut-up and pasted back together, coalesced through a murky, lo-fi recording regimen. £3

EGZEKWIE - Czarna Noc Duszy tape [Third Eye Temple]

Top class funeral doom: crushingly heavy and with brutal vocals. Excellent! £2

ENSACOSIS DEMONICA - Quotes Of A Dangerous Creation tape [Locust Amber]

Black metal from Greece which styas pretty close to the classic greek style really; fast but with flourishes of traditional metal melody and galloping rhythms and nice synth chords throughout providing the musical backbone. Great release from a label I'll be keeping my eye on. £2

ENSLAVED - Erbore Tyskland tape [bootleg]

Live boot from 1995 (Frost era). The first two albums are best in my opinion so this is a stellar tracklist, though qualty is sometimes not all that great, apparently the audio came from a VHS recording of the show. Regardless, well worth a few quid and smart to hear them do "The Freezing Moon" too. £4

EPIDEMICS - No Reply EP cassette [Cactus]

When I stuck this tape on I thought "I've heard this before very recently"....well reading up on them I have, this is pretty much the band Disconvenience (see CD elsewhere) under a new name! Very 77 sound with the odd UK82 fast bit with wailing girly vocals. £2

EXCORIATE - ...Of The Ghastly Stench tape [Nihilistic Holocaust]

Old school death/doom. £3

EXECUTED - Executed EP cassette [Cactus]

All-out, raging, ultra-raw fast and brutal hardcore from Malaysia. These guys take equal parts heavy-hitting Boston sound and the later Japanese fast raw punk, which equates to a no-frills, in-the-red hardcore shock. Top class!! £2

FADING CONTOUR - Violent Lives tape [Summer Isle]

Maximalist soundscapes, very keyboard-heavy. Sounds often like every note on the keyboard held down and layered. It's cool! £4

FECAL FETAL -Lopun Ajat tape [Against Audio]

Total high-end screeching, unpredictable noisecore. £4

FEMME – Alors Elles Accepterent Les Poisons Synthetiques tape [Tanzprocesz]

Excellent analogue explorations here which bring to mind the early brain experiments of the Kosmiche movement. £2

FONIK/FORD MADDOX BROWN - Split tape [Casual Seizures]


GHAST - Dread Doom Ruin tape [Under The Dark Soil]

Second album from Wales's finest doom band. These guys make some ultra-depressive, evil doom. Total suicide soundtrack. £5

GROTESQUE DEITY - Bloodream tape [Locust Amber]

Twisting, macabre death metal. £4

GRYLLE - Monstres Et Merveilles tape [Antiq]

This is a totally bizarre one. Sounds like medieval folk music, but with black metal vocals. I'm not sure if I think this is cool, terrible, ridiculous, stupid or hilarious. It's kinda all of the above. I don't know what on earth they were thinking when they made this. I'm absolutely positive this album came straight out a Monty Python sketch. Recommended. £2

HASSOKK - Kai Betonas Tampa Niekio Manifestacijatape [Narcolepsia]

Tense, claustrophic, immersive noise from Lithuania. Digging this. £4

HASTUR - Live In Fear tape [Sodomistic Rituals]

Real rough early black metal (1994) from these Italians. I really like this, but its the kinda thing that almost certainly went under everyone's radar back then, cos Burzum it is not! Keyboards are kinda amateurishly plonked into the mix and often it sounds quite death metal...and there are definite leanings to where metal was going in the mid 90s going on there! Which is cool I guess, cos this really is a product of its time. Worth a listen if not a classic of the genre (as everything these days is proclaimed to be!) £4

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS - 1950DA tape [Heavy Baby Records]

These guys are really class. This is nothing like the 7" I just listened to; it's an hour of weird, gonzo soundscapes. Brings to mind what would happen if Dylan Carlson had gotten really into Drome Triler Of Puzzle Zoo People by GASP. £4

HEFAISTOS - Hefaistos tape [Heavy Meditation]

This is a proper weird one, but I like it! Off-kilter late-60s sounding free-form psych with a kinda eastern edge to it, but with total drunken Abruptum-style black metal moans. It's off the wall but in a way a more listenable version of what a lot of the LLN were getting at. COOL! £3

HIDDEN FORCES TRIO - Out To Punch! Tape [Feretro]

When I heard this was made up of Orthodox members I assumed it was going to be either doom or at least some way rooted in metal, but what we have here is really loose jazz, sometimes going full-force into free jazz territory. Double bass, drums and clarinet (I think). I'm well out of my comfort zone on this one like! £2

HIEROPHANTE - Monument tape [Antiq]

Raw doom metal. £2

HYMENAL OPENING - Untitled tape + zine [Narcolepsia]

Creeping, sparse electronics here that has an early MB feel to it. Narcolepsia is such a good label cos like a lot of old labels there's very much a sound and collective aesthetic going on, and there are very few labels going these days (are there any?) where you could make a statement like "that Narcolepsia sound". I realise that my own label is entirely the opposite of this (deliberately), but I very much appreciate and admire the artistic process that goes in to curating such a label. And I know I just used the word "curating" there, but fuck it, I'm actually using it properly. Guess this is further illustrated by the zine that comes with this tape; page upon page of murky photocopied black and white images of grotesque sexuality mixed with chilling mundanity. As with everything on this label: recommended! £7

INFEKTIONSABTEILUNG - Luzifers Traum tape [Narcolepsia]

Primitive creeping analogue synth from Italy. Very old school in approach, very MB! Cool! £4

KARMICIEL WSZY - Teorema cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

Deep-tone shimmering ambient drone. £3

KAT - Oddech Wymarlych Swiatow Rehearsal tape [Wilczy Kutas]

Rough (but still more than listenable) rehearsal from one of the best Polish metal bands. A pretty over-looked band for me; their first few albums are absolute class. Played here last year but tickets were about 25 quid for some reason and I'm lef to believe they are now bollocks. Four quid will get you the good gear instead! £4

KNURL - Phenohalasin tape [Terror]

Great, dynamic harsh noise. £4

LAMENTATION - Lamentation tape [Equinox]

Nihilistic grindcore very much in the late 80s vein of Repulsion, Terrorizer, Napalm etc. Cool stuff! £2

LEAVER - Head Home tape [Serpent Eve]

Very sombre post-rock drone here. Even the really poofy title and band name rubs me up the wrong way if I'm honest. If you like solitary notes being struck by someone probably making a really emotional face then this is your bag. I like Iron Maiden myself. £4

LETHAL INFECTION - The Chant Of The Black Prophecies tape [Inverted Inhumation]

Wow! This is absolutely FERAL war metal from Chile. Just totally in-the-red (even the cover is in the red!) all the way through. Vocals are like ultra-reverbed into oblivion, drums are those kinda stop-start way perfected (?!) by Sarcofago and there are brilliant lead guitar lines throughout. Total Blasphemy worship. Superb! £3

LUNAR SHADOW - Triumphator tape [Inverted Inhumation]

Inverted Inhumation is a really cool label. Very much in the same way I always wanted to operate, they just put out whatever the fuck they want regardless of genre. There's little by way of common thread throughout the label's output and I think that's outstanding. The artwork of this tape is a muscley dude who looks to have saved a buxom lassie, most probably from a dragon or evil overlord. It's all power metal lead guitar and mad Manowar bass solos all over the shop. Excellent Euro-style epic metal. £3

MASADA - Hideous Rot tape [Serpent Eve]

Raw, unpolished death metal, mid-paced with gutteral vocals. This should sit well with fans of Immolation, Cianide etc. This is the limited tape version and will also be released on vinyl and CD on other lables. Pro sleeves, nice clear red tapes and shrinkwrapped (fancy!) £1

MASS SEPARATION / UNHOLY GRAVE - Split tape [Basement Records]

Absolutely great thunderous buzzsaw grind from Mass Separation. Unholy Grave in comparison doesn't sound half as brutal. The tunes are probably a bit more pro but gotta say there's not as much crunch to em. Maybe if you crank it up! £2

MAZE OF ROOTS - We The Vermin/This End Is Clear tape [Serpent Eve]

Wow, this is cool. Two long tracks of really basic funeral dirge here with sparse, howled kinda operatic vocals. It's a bit like a more stripped-down WARNING (second album-era). Really like this! Limited to only 50 copies too, so get them while you can. £4

JASON MILLARD - Tall Reeds cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

I really quite dig this, it's pretty out-there psych-folk in the rambling tradition of weirdo outsiders like Jandek, Manson even. The horrible production values shore up this idea of some kinda damaged freakout, sounding like the music's playing on a broken tape deck in a locked room far away. I really like it loads but approach with caution. £3

MOLOCH / VOIDSTAR - Split tape [Locust Amber]

Dark ambient split. £4

MUBLES / GRASSA DATO - Split tape [Truca Esparrago]


MURDER BOOK - Diary Entry #1 Stalked Walking Home tape [Narcolepsia]

Static, droning noise from George Proctor, not a million miles away from compatriot Lee Stokoe's Culver. £3

MUTANT APE - Urban Thieves tape [Matching Head]


MUTILATION - Massacre On Bodies cassette [Basement Records]

(Un)holy shit! Great demo expunged from the deepest of the seven hells here, the excellent Afterlife Productions bring us this underground gem from 1990. These Malaysians played really grimy brutal grind/death with an ultra-murky production and evil, haunting heavy-reverbed vocals. Some of the riffs here are superb, just check out the instrumental intro! A great shame these guys never made it to a proper studio to record anything else as this one is magic. This is a new reissue and has different art to the other one I have in, with original cover art but less in the way of liner notes. Choice, eh! £3

MYTRIP - Filament tape [Serpent Eve]

Decent stuff here, quite droning but with a real minimal dub sound to it. Kinda like techno without the beats. Reminds me a lot of Coil's Musick To Play In The Dark records. £4

NACHT UND NEBEL / BLACKCLOUDSUMMONER - Split tape [self-released]

Creeping tones, harsh ultra high-end and some weird spaced-out wails from Nacht Und Nebel and I continue to be astonished quote how the hell he makes these bloody noises with a cello! The less harsh tracks remind me of Maurizio Bianchi. Recommended! Blacksummoner sounds like a bunch of feedbacking in a big shed on their first track, and a someone wearing a contact mic in their clogs whilst going for a long walk on their second. I quite like it. £4

NACHT UND NEBEL - Shapeless tape [self-released]


NAPALMED - Live Performance tape [Pestology]

A3 packaging in ziplock bag £1.50


Necrostuprum is pretty weird death/black metal. Guitars are turned waaaay down and you hear pretty much mostly drums and (more than anything else) this kinda gargled deep voice for vocals which sounds exactly like that weird burpy voice from the first Sepultura record. I like it! Satanic Torment isn't a million miles away, reckon whoever recorded this had a button stuck on the reocrding device for the vocalists. Still pretty decent blasting death. £3

NIDERUNG - II: Nihtbealu tape [Legion Blotan]

A new project from Gaz Howells, this is still very lo-fi but maybe not with the same grimy sound of Axnaar. To be honest you could call it the same project and I don't think anybody would bother too much....the important thing is, the music is class! £2

NUNSLAUGHTER - Hell's Filth tape [Witch Sermon]

Restock! Excellent recording of a full live show from 2000 from one of the USA's most long-running and best death metal bands. £4

OBSIDIAN SEA - Dreams. Illusions. Obsessions. tape [Serpent Eve]

Tape version of this great psych doom album that Nuclear War Now put out earlier this year. This one has an other-wordly atmosphere, pretty trippy and weird at times. Decent stuff! £4

OFFICE SKIN - Slough cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

After reading the description of this on the label's Bandcamp and honestly getting absolutely nowhere (The only instrument to be heard on this recording besides the human voice & a standard drum kit is the Ansible. It has a purple gray face and sensitive ears that can reproduce anything it is told, within reason. A cluster of wires in the guise of a marionette...) the best way I can describe this EP is a couple of guys dicking around after listening to Neu. £3

ORDO BLASPHEMUS - Lemegeton tape [Angels Are Whores Of Satan]

So the cover for this has what looks like the guy off the Down album and uses that kinda "chilling" child-like "I'm a serial killer" writing on the front. You know the type, it's all scrawly and the "e"s are backwards. Immeditael I'm thinking, FALSE. Rather than stick the tape in I figured I'd go for the quick method and checked out a video on Youtube. The singer has short hair and was wearing a wife-beater vest. You can say all you want about it being all about the music, but these characters have failed miserably before I've even heard a note. As it stands, the music is totally boring, weak drivel for folk with short hair who wear vests. £2

OURANG MEDAN - Ourange Medan [self-released]

Crawling, rotten slo-core sludge from Brazil. £4

OVERSCAN - Time Erases Memory cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

Analogue melodic synth here that's a little too plinky-plonky nice-sounding and not enough spacey Kosmische for my tastes. £3

PARANOID - Punkdemonium Hell tape [No Name Records]

Raw fast HC/punk, tape edition of their great 7er from last year! £4

PATHOGEN - Lust Of Evil cassette [Afterlife]

Superb very old school thrash/death from the Philippines with razor-sharp early Slayer-esque riffs, pounding drums (and the odd d-beat in there for good measure) and frenzied, reverb-drenched screams. Exactly what old school death metal should be all about! £3

RORO PERROT / ANGOLA - Split tape [Poco Discos/Turgid Animal]

Ridiculous, retarded-sounding "ultra shit folk" from Roro Perrot AKA VOMIR. I fucking love it! Angola is ultra mega harsh noisecore, total Instruments Disorder GGGGG ripoff! Good release. £3

PESTILENT ENDEAVORS - Adult Onset Death tape [Wheelchair Full Of Old Men]

Great scuzzy noise rock/punk duo who definitely include Food Fortunata. If you dig Sockeye and all his other bands you'll like this, though this is some of the more listenable projects I've heard him do. Great stuff as always! £3

PRIMITIVE GRAVEN IMAGE - Psychedelic Episodes tape [Locust Amber]

I think these guys are British. They play a decent mix of black metal with some pretty heavy thrash influences. Lots of double bass drumming and tremelo picking all over the shop. £3

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Make It Through The Night cassette [Cactus]

Whooft, this blew my breeks off! Really overdriven, all-men-play-on-10 powerful 80s-style garage punk from Portland. I was gonna describe this as "frantic", but it's perfectly considered and everything sounds like it should for a reason: RAGING would be a more accurate descriptor. Stupendous stuff, gonna search for more by these guys definitely. £3

PROFANE ANGER - Fall Of The Liar tape [Death Voice]

Very old school death metal from Brazil. Think the early masters: Sarcofago, Sepultra, Mystifier etc. £4

PUTRID MINDS - Era Of Doom tape [self released]

Raw metallic, crusty punk from Chile. Side-project of the excellent Perversor I believe! £2

PYROX - Detach tape [Narcolepsia]

Really bright-sounding, well recorded harsh noise. Ultra-dynamic, this is ace. £4

QUARTZ - Fear No Evil tape [Under The Dark Soil]

First album in 20-odd years from these NWOBHM legends and it's not bad! You often find when these type of bands come back they''ve completely lost the plot and don't get what it's all about, playing some kind of bouncy, overly-produced snide metal, but Quartz hit out with a collection of heavy metal belters. Defo worth a listen if (like me!) yr into their earlier gear. £5

RAPE-X - False tape [Urgent Telepathy]

Reissue on tape of this stinking power electronics record originally released on this very label many years ago! Total dank criminal brutality that's probably best forgotten by all concerned if I'm being perfectly honest. £2

RECLVSE - Olde Gloom tape [Under The Dark Soil]

This fucking RULES. Total depressive doom metal that is proper early 90s old-school sounding. Grotty basement production abslutely blows away all the doom bands from these days who sound dead polished and too "heavy metal" for my liking. Basically, this would've fitted right in on the Dark Passages compilation. And that's as big a recommendation as I can give. Get it!! £5

RIGOR SARDONICUS Cassette [Witch Sermon]

Excellent live recording from this superb death/doom band from the US, this is really heavy stuff with top-notch deep gutteral vocals. Would make an excellent companion piece to the MOSS live album also released on Witch Sermon (which I also have for sale!!) £ 3

RIPRIDE - Demo 2015 tape [Against Audio]

This is class. Total raw thrashing punky metal. Total trash-sounding recording, like Mentors trying to play Motorhead but it ending up sounding like GG. Recommended! £2

ROT - Old Dirty Grindcores tape [Grindfather]

Reissue of a CD I got when it first came out. I'd have changed it to be a complete EP discography cos it's crap that the first two 7"s (which are AMAZING) are not included on this. Why?! Regardless, for four quid you're getting like 70 tracks or something by one of the best grind bands ever so it's not a disaster. £4

ROT - Kingdom Of Antigod Sodomy tape [DOOM]

NOT the masters of Brazilian grindcore (unfortunately), but a pretty generic blasting black metal band. If yr into Von/Blasphemy etc then this might float your boat. Bewar though, absolutely minging and really not-needed imagery in the booklet. £3

ROT IN PIECES / HYPOPTALASIAS - Split tape [Obscure Sombre]

Reissue of this 2003 grindcore split. Very old school in sound and presentation, excellent raw DIY grind! £2

ROTTEN RUCKUS - Social Control tape [Basement Records]

Raw melodic punk from Malaysia with female vox, it's very influenced by the late 80s East Bay punk sound. £2

ROUGH SEX QUARTET - Synopsis : Rape Victim / Bar / Slit Throat / Gas Station / Strippers 3xtape boxset [Narcolepsia]

Brutal, caustic walls of static from this long-running, mysterious and sinister four-piece. £15

SCYTHE - Subterranean Steel tape [Serpent Eve]

Thrash/black metal hybrid from ex-Usurper guitarist. There is definitely a really traditional heavy metal bent to this and it gallops away at a cracking pace, great stuff! £2


7 minutes long (that's well deliberate innit!) of excellen blurr/noisecore from both bands. Love the packaging with printed see-through sheets making the J-card. £4

SEKTOR 304 - Primary Interface + Transmissions 2 x cassette [Tunguska]

Excellent double tape reissue of decade-long albums. Junk noise perfection! £8

LE SEUL ELEMENT - Gin Pleos cassette [Dans La Vide]

Post rock from France. Some of the nicest, most inventive tape packaging I've seen in a long time! £1

SUMP - Dicta Hell tape [Bizarre Intoxication]

Recent live recording, good sound. £3

TABOO - Every Funeral Ever All At Once Right Now Forever 2 x cassette boxset[Lighten Up Sounds]

Absolutely amazing acid-fried lo-fi deathrock psych here. Double tape so this is lengthy, meandering stuff. Dunno if it's just got me at a certain frame of mind but this really hit the spot for me and I've just gone and bought every LP these guys have done. Totally recommended, check these guys out! £10

TEMPLE MOON - Demo I tape [Iron Bonehead]

A majestic funeral march through grim mist-enshourded trees to a desolate mystical cavern. Reminds me loads of the first Carpathian Forest record (ie the good one). Stunning dark, mysterious black metal £4

TERG/SCHMERZ UND ERLOSUNG - Split tape [100% Unsocial]


1349 - Demonoir cassette [Witch Sermon]

New album from these long-running secon-wave Norwegian black metallers, bit of a boon for Witch Sermon to get these guys on board, excellent! Usual high-quality and pro tape package from WS. £2

TIESE - Show tape [Terror]

Rough, energetic, harsh noise from Lithuania. £4

TOPON DAS / HARSH SUPPLEMENT - Split tape [Supplemental]

Topon Das: ambient harsh noise from Fuck The Facts guy. Harsh Supplement - lofi noisecore, very old school sounding. £2

TORBA - Dvott Stovn tape [Narcolepsia]

Great crashing metal junk noise here from Torba, who I released a 7" by a couple of years ago. If you dig Hal Hutchison then you'll be heavy into this! £4

TRANSYLVANIA - As The Wicked Prosper tape [Under The Dark Soil]

Melodic, majestic and almost gothicly-tinged black metal. Reminds me sometimes of mid-period Paradise Lost but with a much rougher edge. £5

TRYSTH - Soulchambers Reworked tape [Serpent Eve]

An interesting concept if not something I'm personally into. Trysth (I believe!) are a kinda post-doom band, and this tape sees six electronic artists remixing tracks from their album "Soulchambers". Some of the stuff is pretty cool; I'm not heavy into this kinda music but I like the harder more industrial stuff. Interesting. £4

24 REASONS - Why They're Starving While Others Gain Billions tape [Basement Records]

Reissue of 1996 Malaysian hardcore tape. This has a pretty NYHC sound, sounds to me a lot like the first Sick Of It All EP in fact! Fast parts and nice chuggy breakdowns. Dig it a lot! £2

TWIN WHIPS - Twin Whips cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

Creeping dungeon electronics here: unsettling tons, a fog of hazy synths and heavyprocessed vox lead to, as descirbed by the label "bad vibes all round". Reminds me quite a lot of the excellent Double Leopards. £3

UNKIRK - Burial tape [Tartarus]

Saw these guys play a wee while ago and was really impressed. Great drawnout droning and drums. I personally could've sacked the drums and jut listened to the swirling apocalyptic drones all night. The sound is great, excellent emulation of the brilliant Thrones And Dominions tone. Recommended! £5

VAMPYRES - Despondent Kingdom tape [Narcolepsia]

New tape of creeping electronics from the best new noise/drone band around. £4

VARIOUS - Descent Into Madness: Against Audio Complication Tape Vol. I tape [Against Audio]

Great cop of Finish bands, mainly raw metal of various genres. Includes Axeslaughter, Ride For Revenge, Usko, RIpride and Ghastly amongst others. £3

VARIOUS - Grind Makes Sludge tape [Posthuman / Sekac]

Grind bands playing sludge tunes. So many combine the genres these days, and often the tone and aesthetics are so similar that this actually works really well. Nicely packaged in an embridered sleeve, badge, patch and big insert. £4

VASECTOMY PARTY - The Wulfgar Command II tape [Forever Escaping Boredom]

Excellent harsh noise wall/power violence from Hal Harmon. Really really savage stuff, this is quite something! Gonna track down more from this project, one of the most interesting things I've heard in ages! £2

VELEMARA / HSSK / VR / FULMAR - Untitled 2xtape box [Terror]

Absolutely superlative stuff here from one of the best labels around; a label that doesn't get the credit it deserves quite frankly. The unifying theme of these four bands is "city" apparently, and the music reflects that: from the Cold Meat-style industrial of Velemara, raw power electronic blow-out of VR, harsh brutal electronics (Fulmar) and pitch-black soundscapes from HSSK. Comes in a kinda mini VHS-style box with inserts. Very smart! £10

VENENO - Gnihton Ot Syek tape [Tunguska]

This tape is so obscure it doesn't appear on Discogs and the font cannot be read, so the title is kinda guesswork. Even the artowkr is so badly pixelated to be nigh-on incomprehensible. The music within is equally as confusing and sounds somewhat like someone playing death metal for the very first time with only a rudimentary understanding of what it should sound like, and just dicking around with the same thing over and over again. Needless to say, I like it. The same band's CDr is great also! £2

VIDEODROME - Videodrome tape [No Name Records]

All-out violent hardcore/noise punk. Ultra raw sound. £3

VIOLENT FRUSTRATION - Peace Was Never an Option tape [Rodel]

Ultra-speed grindcore but with a total crusty Extreme Noise Terror sound. Give it a rest with the pinch harmonics though boys, nobody in the world has ever liked that. Nevertheless, decent gear. £4

VULGAR DISEASE - Testosterona tape [Narcolepsia]

Violent, grimy PE straight from the Sutcliffe Jugend early 80s era here. Honestly, I'd reach for my Whitehouse records before stuff like this, but if you've worn out yr old tapes this is worth a punt. £4

VUYVR - Eiskalt cassette [Monotonstudio]

Intense, blasting black metal that has an intricate metallic hardcore backbone. £3

WAVE SWINGER - Merciless tape [Heavy Baby Records]

I'm not really down with what's hip at the moment but I think this might be "synth wave". It's got a kinda 80s sleeve and has plenty of throbbing synth lines and pulsing beats with breathy girl vocals. £3

WEEPING WINDOWS - Weeping Windows cassette [Lighten Up Sounds]

Really weird, freaked-out ritual ambient here. Think the more "musical" end of early-mid 80s NWW. £3

WITCH TRAIL - Call From The Grave tape [Inverted Inhumation]

Black thrash from Belgium. Think early Bathory etc. The name's causing me some amusement/confusion though. Is it a typo (ie "Witch Trial"), or are they talking about a TRAIL of witches? Or a trail TO some witches? Either way, it's a trail I wanna be on, that's for sure! £4

WORMS - Worms tape [Till You Fukkin Bleed]

Loose, raw death metal here. Love the Oscar Garcia vocals and sub-Autopsy/early Death sound. Cracking band! £4

WRITHING / AD PATRES - Split tape [Nihilistic Holocaust]

Suffocation-style death from Writhing and a more modern, big-production deathcore from Ad Patres. Featuring members of Enthroned and Seth, these guys are pretty pro but not really my thing to be honest. £4



*****************************************************************************************ALL CDRS BUY ONE GET ONE FREE*****************************************************************************************

BBBLOOD/ECOUTE LA MERDE - Split CDr [Symbolic Prod]


BBBLOOD - Untitled 3" CDr [Small Doses]


BRB>VOICECOIL - Occupation By Killers 3" CDr [Muza Muza]


CAPTAIN THREE LEG - A Few Lixxx! CDr [Mortville]

Weird, not what I'm used to from these guys: longer tracks of instrumental rock. Maybe a precursor to Billy Crystal Meth? Lim 100. £2

CAPTAIN THREE LEG - All Fours CDr [Mortville]

24 tracks of sleazy rock. £2

DOCTOR LOXLEY PRESENTS - Mini Diamondstone And The Brian Meuter Experience: "Let's Be Frank" CDr [Hard Up And Parish Damned]

Utterly stupid weirdness from Newcastle. Myself and several other unfortunates were forced to listen to this in my living room after Glasgow Implodes this year. It's an hour or so we'll never get back. £0







KILT - Vaya Con Nada 3" CDr [Small Doses]


THE MIGHTY ACCELERATOR - Soccer Mom EP CDr [Mortville]

Really enjoyed this one, kinda metal-influenced 70s-style rock from members of Billy Crystal Meth, Captain 3-Leg and Grand Old Lady. £2

MURDER BOOK/ROSES - Split CDr [Casual Seizures]


PECUS - Purple Eggs 3" CDr [Casual Seizures]


PUMMELER - Ydre 3" CDr [Small Doses]

Meditative drone £2

ROSES - Spared The Lash 3" CDr [Casual Seizures]


MIKE SHIFLET - KO 3" CDr [Small Doses]


SMEAR CAMPAIGN - Nit Season CDr [Casual Seizures]


NICHOLAS SZCZEPANIK - A Stillness Rarely Seen CDr [Small Doses]


NICOLAS SZCZEPANIK - Astilbe Rubra CDr [Small Doses]


th. - Afflux CDr [Small Doses]


VHELVET - Home Is Where The Hate Is CDr [Symbolic Prod]



Russian noise. £3

VOSTOK - From Lofty Peaks CDr [self-released]

Amazing solo black/drone from my good friend Hamish of Haar. Beautifully presented! £4

WINCE/BACULUM - Split 3" CDr [Small Doses]




ENEMY SOIL - Smashes The State Live DVD [SMG]

Great quality live shows from 1996 and 1998, as well as their reunion gig in 2001 at CBGB, along with previously-unreleased live-in-the-studio recordings. Highly influential grind band who I was personally really into when they were going. Top stuff! £6 £5

FREE AS DEAD VHS [Lighten Up Sounds]

So Ive only seen the trailer for this because several years ago I sold all my tapes and got rid of my tape player. "How could you?" I hear the man in the mac cry at the back, but honestly, much as when I was a wee guy videos were how I watched all my favourite films, I don't have the same attachement to the format that I do to, say, vinyl or a lesser extent tapes. There's certainly no issues on it being better quality, which is honestly the best reasoning I can think of for getting rid of stuff for a shit-ton of money and replacing with DVDs costing a tenner each. Then selling them a few years later. Anyway, I've seen the trailer and this looks suitably bleak, disturbing and obtuse. The soundtrack is amazing and the packaging superb, so if you HAVE a working tape player, GET IT! Limited to only 66 and no Euro distro apart from me! £10

GMM: Beyond The Rockumentary DVD [Shiver]

Weird one this, it's a film made at the Graspop Metal Meeting (biggest metal festival in Europe they say!), featuring no music, just interviews with fans. I've not watched it, could be a good laugh or maybe just a bunch of tubby Germans in Helloween tshirts shouting "meeeetaaaaal!!!" a lot. £4

HERESY - 1987 DVD [Boss Tuneage]

Compilation of a bunch of live material filmed at four seperate gigs in 1987. Check out what it used to be like at a hardcore gig, before it was either a haircut contest or full of beefy nobs trying to start a fight every five minutes. £6 £5



THE HATERS - Move Over Lenin (Car Crash Mix) business card CDr [Quagga Curious Sounds]

Here's a blast from the past! Business card CDrs? Jeez about 15 years ago I used to have tons of stuff like this in distro but being an almost entirely pointless format these curious wee discs died a death. Quagga Curious Sounds are very much into keeping these dead formats alive and just for the sheer perversity of it I think they rule. Also the packaging and eye for a weird wee release reminds me of the early days of AWWFN and so I'm entirely sold on what he does! Music-wise this is classic Haters: a short, sharp shock or harsh noise, orchestrated perfectly with the military precision. It lasts 2 minutes. Great! £3

KOMMISSAR HJULER UND FRAU - The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Live At The Shiphorst Avantgarde Festival (Excerpt) floppy disc [Quagga Curious Sounds]

See comment below, minus the "I know what this sounds like" sentiment. £2

SETE STAR SEPT - Dead Leaves floppy disc [Quagga Curious Sounds]

This is a flopp disk and since I don't own a computer from 1994 I have no idea what it sounds like. Only kidding I definitely do: lo-fi noisecore recorded on a mobile phone. £2



ULTIMATE UNDERGROUND posters + CDRom [Galeria De Meurte]

Very weird release but a belter! This is essentially two gigantic posters made up of hundreds of covers from death metal, grind, black metal and thrash zines throughout the years, along with a CDRom featuring thousands of cover images as well as a ton of zines in PDF form. I think it was released as part of an exhibition on metal zines in Japan. I'd highly recomend grabbing one of these, been browsing through it since I got them in! £6


Absolutely smashing zine, wish I'd picked up the first one! The feature on the "X-Claim! 6" is well worth a read, it's good to find someone else who thinks Jerry's Kids "Is This My World?" is maybe the best hardcore record ever! Features and interviews on Hawkwind (!), Pollution, Spike In Vain and Milk music, a ton of reviews and wee bit on Flipper, Gut Instinct (yes!!) and some bits on a few good films (Turkey Shoot, classic) make this the best zine I've read all year. £2


Superb new issue of my favourite zine doing the rounds. Old school cut and paste layout, this blends old with new, with features on classic HC material as well as the newest bands doing the round right now. Includes interviews with School Jerks and Kremlins, Raw Power, film reviews and a feature on Black Sabbath album covers! £2


Excellent third issue, interviews with Gun OUtfit, The Lowest Form, Rational Animals and GLAM. Good wee essay on why "In My Head" is his favourite Flag album (fair play, was my first actually!), a feature on Ramones album covers, and loads of pictures of Poison Idea. What's not to like? £2


As above! This one features Archgoat, Asunder, Caina, Coffins, Cult Of Daath, Harvey Milk, Moss, Portal and Wold amongst others. CD with all featured bands. £8

PLOPPY PANTS Issue 12 + WANKYS - Please For Fuck Me 7" flexi [Ploppy Pants]

Roddy out-does himself with a great new issue of Ploppy and includes a flexi of the best noise-punk band going, The Wankys! Having seen them live earlier this year and been completely blown away by them I cannot recommend this enough. Loads of good features in the zine too, all centred around Roddy's tour with Wankys, zine and demos reviews. £5

SLASHER ZINE + CDr - Issue 10 [N/A]

Bizarre, fucked-up, crude artistry which reminds me a lot of Mike Diana's 90s comic Boiled Angel and a free noise comp. Never heard of bugger all of the bands on it apart from the lead track from the great DRUNK IN HELL which should be worth the entry price alone. £3


Hilarious and bizarre insight ito the contents of Phil Differ's head, this comic follows the downfall of a jakey high school head who happens across some seriously dodgy goings-on in his school's chemistry lab. Cracking! £3

TROUBLED SLEEP - Issue 2. Winter 2012 Zine [Narcolepsia]

Excellent second issue of this power electronics/rough noise zine, 100 pages in the old style with cut-and-paste interviews and images throughout. Features include in-depth interviews with: N., ALFARMANIA, TASKMASTER, SECOND SLEEP, HORRID CROSS, KNULLKRAFT, WINCE, COPROLALIAC PRESS, DIE REITENDEN LEICHEN and VETALA £4

TROUBLED SLEEP - Issue 3 zine [Narcolepsia]

Great new issue of the best fanzine around. Lengthy articles with Haters, Kakerlak, Mike Diana, Untergeschoss Records, Necrobutcher amongst others, all tied together by some amazing collage art. Such a great read with varied artists! £5

YOU POSE BUT WHY? #1 Zine + 7" flexi [Uranium Overdose]